Will NoFap Change My Life? (For These Guys it Surely Did!)

Will NoFap Change My Life?

If you are wondering if NoFap will change your life, then the short answer is…

…”yes it may”, but we are all different so there is no way to know in advance.

The only way to know for sure is to give it a decent try.

Why not commit to NoFap for a full year and see for yourself?

Heck, if it doesn't pay off, you could always go back to your good old fapping sessions and make up for all the lost “busting”.

All I can say is that NoFap sure changed the lives of the people you can listen to further down in this blog post.

Watch the videos on this page – They will blow your mind!

As we go along here, I will present videos with success stories from guys.

Please watch them carefully and also read the text in between videos.

Make sure to stay for a while, because there will be a lot to consume here. In fact, why not bookmark the page so that you can come back to it again.

Are you ready for it?

Ok, good, so let's jump in and look at just exactly how NoFap changed the lives of these guys.

Massive success! Increased energy, drive and confidence
Able to do 3x more work!

Short comment

I think it's beautiful to see how much closer NoFap made him get to his girlfriend. Noticed how he said that he is now also sharper and is able to feel stronger and deeper emotions.

The confidence increase and increase in energy and drive he experienced is also very common benefits people see when rebooting.

I also liked how he started spending less time online and more time in the real world, reading books and being more mindful.

This guy saw a massive increase in confidence and some strange and powerful female attraction, very quickly!

Short comment:

This is my oldest video in the NoFap changed my life series that I have on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self, so please excuse my heavy accent.

My English has gotten a bit better with time. Or at least I'd like to think so 🙂 You can check out my newest videos on my YouTube channel right here.

But what do you think about the guys NoFap success, huh?

I think it's amazing to see how his confidence grew from week to week. And it was not small change either, his confidence grew A LOT.

It's also very interesting to hear how good he became with women, just by giving up fapping to adult sites.

Next story: Anxiety and depression gone
Sky high confidence in 9 days!

Short comment

Not much to say here, other than it's just freaking amazing to see how NoFap can change lives.

He had to go through some rough periods in the beginning, thought, but boy did it pay off in the end.

He saw some pretty amazing benefits indeed!

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Will NoFap Change Your Life?
Some see better results than others – why is that?

There are some unlucky guys who experience little to no benefits from doing NoFap, but then there are also those who see completely life changing benefits.

So why is this?

Well, two reasons…

  1. We are all different and we all respond differently to everything in life.
  2. Some guys were severely addicted to porn when they started NoFap. I.e. they started from a position of pain and suffering, so of course getting a healthy “non addicted” brain is going to feel totally amazing for them. In other words, they often experience the benefits more profoundly than “non-addicts” who try NoFap.

Let's continue with the next story…

No more sexual problems
Sharper brain and less anxiety

The website I mention in the video is obviously this very website you are visiting right now.

Short comment

As you could hear in the video, this story is actually my own success story.

I wanted to include it here because, well, since I'm the owner of this blog and the YouTube videos, I thought what the hell, let's include myself 🙂

So if you were looking for answer to the question, “will NoFap change my life?”, I can only say that, for me it sure as heck did!

Enough about me, let's move on to the next guy…

Massive social confidence – deeper voice and restored sexuality
All in 90 days…

Short comment

No one can say that quitting porn wasn't a good decision for this guy.

Notice how he also said that success in his PMO reboot spilled over into other areas of his life as well.

That is something I hear again and again from rebooters out there.

You see, NoFap is really a keystone habit that, more often than not, also gives birth to other good habits, and before you know it…

…your life looks completely different.

I mean, how could it not? Good habits are not just inherently good, they are more than that and do more than that. They also create results.

New life – Anxiety crushed!

The online course he mentioned can be found right here.

Short comment

Another cool and inspiring story.

Notice how proactive this guys was during his PMO recovery. He took massive action and thus also overcame his addiction.

Disclosure: I didn't want to make this blog post into a self promotion post, so out of all the guys on this page, this is the only client of mine that I included (if you didn't know, I do one on one coaching for guys needing help with quitting).

So, again, know that all the other stories you can here are from guys who never had any coaching from me (this is important for me to point out, as I do not want to be accused of any “false testimonials”).

Also, the online course for overcoming porn addiction that the guy mentioned is called Dopamine Discipline and can be found here.

Can NoFap change my life?
Conclusion and final words…

So, will NoFap change your life?

Short answer: yes it can, but it's not a guarantee and it's also not a substitute for personal responsibility.

Fixing an addiction can indeed make a person start to feel significantly better, but if his life is completely messed up, then obviously he need to take action on multiple fronts.

For example, if you're deeply in debt, then how could just giving up busting nuts suddenly, and magically, fill your bank account with money? Of course it doesn't. Personal responsibility is, and will always be, needed in life whether you do are living a NoFap lifestyle or not…

…that said, overcoming an addiction does give most guys much more energy, motivation and drive. And all those traits are of course going to be of immense help when wanting to change your life, making it much easier.

So there you have it…

…will NoFap change you life?…

…why not try it and find out for yourself?

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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