Why Is NoFap So Hard? (The Truth You Don’t Want To Hear)

Why is NoFap So Hard? (The Bitter Truth)

How you been trying this whole NoFap thing for a while now only to fail over and over?

And now you start asking yourself, “why is NoFap so difficult?”

So, why is NoFap so hard?

NoFap is so hard because first, let's face it, a lot of guys are addicted to adult sites. And giving up any addiction is hard. Second, even if you're not addicted just the act of staying away from busting nuts makes NoFap hard in and of itself, because sexuality is the most powerful energy in human nature. To make NoFap easier you need to learn how to transmute that energy instead of repressing it.

Take a look at these 2 videos now to understand why NoFap is so difficult…

Take a look at them now to discover why staying away from fapping to adult sites can be so hard.

Your brain has a relapsing software…

So as you could see from the video above, if you have developed an addiction to adult sites, your brain is literally running a “relapse software” on repeat, that can be very tricky to get out of.

If you want to take an even deeper dive into the physical brain changes that happen when you form an addiction to adult sites, then also watch the second video.

Yes, your brain really does change if you develop an addiction. (It can be changed back, whoever, so don't freak out)

Brain changes in PMO addiction

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Okay, so if you watched the two videos you now have a very good understanding on why NoFap is so hard on the addiction side of things…

…but what if you are not addicted?

Well, NoFap is still hard for people who are not addicted.

Imagine that. If NoFap is difficult even for non addicts, it's even more difficult for those who are addicted. So now you are probably starting to understand why NoFap is so hard.

When does NoFap get easier?

The truth is that NoFap will always be at least a bit of a challenge, but it does get a lot easier.

4-6 weeks: If you are addicted to adult sites, that pull you feel from the addiction has definitely gotten a lot weaker about 4-6 weeks in.

So you need to really commit to getting over that first month.

Sure that addiction voice will still keep nagging you from time to time after that, but it's much easier to handle once you have more than a month under your belt.

Remember, even if you are starting to get a grip on the addiction, you still have the biological and natural urges left. And they are not going anywhere…

When does it get easier if you're not addicted?

Well you need to know that the biological urges are not going anywhere.

So if you overcome your addiction, or if you never was addicted in the first place, you'll still have to learn how to not relapse from the natural and biological urges.

Well, you don't have to learn it. No one has to do anything in life (other than pay taxes and die :) ) and there are millions of successful men out there who do not live a NoFap lifestyle. But if you want to do NoFap and semen retention, you kind have to learn it because if you don't, you'll just end up failing.

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Your biological urges are what's driving the NoFap powers…

You have probably read about the benefits of NoFap or the benefits os semen retention.

Well, a lot of those “benefits” are actually a result of transmuted sexual energy. So this means that you wouldn't even want to get rid of the natural urges.

Think about it. The sexuality is the most powerful force in human nature and if you can learn how to channel that energy into, for example, reaching your goals. It could help you achieve them much faster.

How do you transmute the NoFap energy?

Well, that is what my whole YouTube channel is about, living a NoFap lifestyle and building a stronger self.

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Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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