When Does NoFap Get Easier? (Here’s Your Answer)

When Does NoFap Get Easier? (Here's Your Answer)

If you have been walking on the NoFap journey for a while now then you have probably started thinking something along the line of.. “damn, NoFap is much harder that I thought it would be!”.

Well, in this article you are going to discover why it is so hard and if you can expect it to get easier.

So, when does NoFap get easier?

The first two weeks of NoFap are the hardest, after that it will become a bit easier. Then, when you get to about one month in, it will get easier still. However, the truth is that for most people it will always be pretty hard, because we are now talking about natural urges that are programmed into us, kind of like hunger and thirst.

There are a few other things you meed to know as well.

Let's take a look at those things…

The beginning is hardest – especially if you are addicted to adult entertainment

If you have developed addiction related brain changes, from years of eagerly enjoying online adult sites, (in other words, if you are addicted to porn) then the two first weeks of NoFap are going to be the absolute hardest part for you.

Perhaps you are unsure of whether you are addicted or not?

If so, you can click here to take the PMO addiction test. (PMO stands for porn – masturbation – orgasm)

Here are the NoFap levels (in terms of difficulty)

Let's take a look at what you can expect in terms of difficulty and at what point you can expect to reach a new plateau where things start to get easier on NoFap.

Keep in mind that these “levels” are just created from my own personal experiences in combination of what I have seen on all the rebooting forums over the years. In other words, since everyone's journey is a bit different…

…you mileage may vary greatly!

Also, these levels are assuming you have developed at least some form of addiction related brain changes, which in all honestly, most guys have.

For each new level you hit, it may become a bit easier for you…

  • Day 1-5  (Level 1)

Oh man, the first 5 days are usually very tough but if you make it to past 5 days, congratulate yourself because you have just passed the first difficult hurdle on your journey.

  • Days 6-8 (Level 2)

It might already be a tiny bit easier once you passed day 8. Day 7 is a day when your testosterone levels spike significantly (they come back down on day 8, by the way), you reach the next level. Be careful on day 6 and 7 though, the sudden spike in testosterone drops many men right around here.

  • Days 9-14 (Level 3)

Most people who make it past day 14 can expect the journey to become a bit easier still.

The two frist week of a no PMO journey is the absolute hardest part although many descend into a flatline sometime during the second week.

  • Days 15-30 (Level 4)

The urges become a bit less sharp and that makes it just a tiny bit easier now, however, don't think you're out of the woods yet because many guys descend into the so called flatline right around here. The flatline can, however, often start a bit sooner, as it's common that guys enter the flatline already in the second week.

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Instead of urges being very aggressive and sharp it is pretty common that they now become less sharp, but more dark instead. By now, they often transform into kind of a more depressing “emptiness” or “void”. This is probably due to low dopamine levels.

While it is a bit easier now, many guys still relapse just out of habit and because the brain feel it needs a dopamine fix. I personally used to call those my “void relapses”. This can be a really nasty period of rebooting.

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  • Days 31-60 (Level 5)

If you make it to 30 days you will most like reach a new level of “easiness”.

Not to say that it is easy now, but most people definitely starts noticing how the addiction is losing a bit of its grip.

You're not out of the woods yet, though, so you should sill keep reminding yourself, from time to time, of why you started NoFap in the first place.

  • Days 61-90 (Level 6)

I remember the first time I reached 60+ days. There was a specific day, I think it could have been day 74, (don't quote me on that, my memory could deceive me) when I remember thinking how the thought of fapping to adult sites just didn't really do anything for me.

I almost found it difficult to understand why I had been so drawn to it before. I had clearly reached another level in terms of how easy I found it.

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You will still have urges after this…

Even though things get significantly easier once you have made it though all those levels, the urges will most likely keep bugging you from time to time.

The addiction urges – you know, when the brain craving a dopamine fix form porn – will become less and less frequent, but your natural urges, the ones who are a direct response from your real libido, will always be there…

….and you know what?

You should be happy about that!

Be happy that you have a sex drive!


Well, because having a dead sex drive is not something we want.

Your sex drive is a part of you and losing that would be like losing some other important part of you…

…like an arm or a leg, for example.

Your sex drive is the most powerful biological force you have inside you and instead of trying to get rid of it,  you should start practicing the art of transmuting it into achieving your goals instead.

I talk more about this in the video below…

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When Does NoFap Get Easier?
Conclusion And Final Words

So to sum it up, the first two weeks are the absolute hardest part, with week one being even harder than week 2.

The first week has often more aggressive urges and during week 2 and week 3 it's common that guys start experiencing darker and depressive kind of urges.

These are the kind of urges that can cause relapses when they seemingly just “give up”. It is like they choose to relapse with that nasty mindset of “I kind of don't really care right now”.

But you actually DO care! Remember that, because everyone of those guys regret it when they wake up the next morning, having destroyed their streak.

So keep reminding yourself of that you actually do care, even though it doesn't feel like that in the moment. It is a phase of rebooting that you just have to power through, all while thinking, “this too shall pass!”

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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