What Happens After The NoFap Flatline? (Be Aware)

What Happens After The NoFap Flatline? (Be Aware)

So you're in a NoFap flatline and now you started wondering how things will be when you get out of it, huh?

Well, it's a good question and it's good to think ahead.

Let's jump in and take a look at it.

After the NoFap flatline you will notice an increase in libido

As most of you know, during your flatline there is little to no libido going on.

The feeling of being totally “dead down there” is scary to say the least, so when guys start noticing how the libido returns it is often a big relief.

Some may have had to push through a scary flatline that lasted for months.

Does the return of libido mean an increased risk of relapse?

Yes and no.

Yes, because:

The natural, biological, urges return and obviously that can make guys seek out ways to “scratch the itch”.  And some of them unfortunately fall back into the old fapping trap.

The natural urges never go away, so be prepared for that. (Related post: Why is NoFap so hard?)

No, because:

The flatline often last several weeks. During that time the addiction related brain changes start to reverse a bit. This means that when guys emerge from the flatline there will also be less addiction related cravings. You know those cravings that are more a cry for a dopamine fix than true horniness.

In conclusion:

So in conclusion, getting out of the flatline does not have to be as dangerous, in terms of relapse risk, as you might have feared.

Put your NoFap powers to good use….

You'll be alright.

Just as long as you make sure to use your newfound sexual energy to good use. Either by pursuing real relationships or by channeling the energy into other things in life. Like for example achieve your goals or becoming stronger in the gym.

After the NoFap flatline you will also notice more drive and energy

Your dopamine system will be functioning much better after you get out of the flatline.

The better functioning dopamine system can show itself by some, or several, of the following benefits…

  • Increased energy
  • More motivation and drive
  • Better mood
  • Better memory and focus
  • Less anxiety
  • More confidence

The first two are probably the most common. Increased energy and more motivation. Some people are lucky enough to notice all of them.

Again, make sure to put them to good use.

The worst thing you could do is to spend more time in front of your laptop and just try harder to suppress all the extra energy to avoid relapsing.

Please don't do that!

Look at the newfound energy kind like rocket fuel and then start thinking of some interesting things you could be using all that fule for.

After the flatline your penis might feel “fuller”

During the flatline many guys experience a total lack of blood flow to the penis. This might even make it feel cold and smaller ( I know, scary, huh?).

The good news is that it's only a temporary thing and when you get out of the NoFap flatline your penis will start feeling fuller and warmer again.

Note, it won't make it bigger than its potential. That's impossible. It's just that the complete lack of libido may have made it a bit smaller than what it should be.

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Remember your past

After your flatline has ended and after you have done a successful PMO reboot I think it's important that you also make a habit out of frequently reminding yourself of where you came from.

Never forget how bad it felt to be at the bottom.

Do keep it in fresh memory so whenever you start getting a tempting thought about firing up some good old porn, you can instantly dismiss it.

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NoFap after flatline
Final words

A lot of guys keep living a NoFap lifestyle after they get out of the flatline and after they've successfully rebooted. This is very understandable because, well, why go back to something that they fought so hard to get out of?

Some start introducing ejaculations in a natural way, i.e. when being with a real partner or by porn-free masturbation, while others try to limit or even stay away from ejaculations completely.

Both ways are totally fine just as long as the guys stay away from what got them addicted in the first place, namely; those super dopamine driven online adult sites.

Because one thing is for sure, if you're hooked on those, it's impossible for your dopamine system to function as well as it should.

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F.A.Q's About the NoFap flatline

Q: Is it normal to feel depressed during a flatline?

A: Yes. It's very normal. In fact it's more normal than to not feel depressed. Most guys are really struggling with energy, drive and mood during the deepest part of their flatline. But just keep going…one day at a time, all while knowing “this too shall pass”.

Q: Can I masturbate without porn during my flatline?

A: Porn-free masturbation isn't inherently bad. And some guys can indeed overcome a porn addiction while still engaging in it. However, if you are in the beginning of your reboot and you are flatlining, then your brain is really telling you it needs a break. So, try to avoid it. Give the sexual circuits in your brain their much needed rest. If you, on the other hand, are a long term rebooter and you are stuck in a never ending flatline (like if you're in month 15, for example) then yes, you could try “kickstarting” your libido with a few ejaculation. Long term rebooters sometimes end up in the unfortunate position that their libido remains “sleeping”.

Q: I think my flatline only lasted for 8 days. Is that even possible?

A: Yes it is. We are all different. You can find more info about this on the site yourbrainonporn.

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