Supplements For PIED (Some Of These May Actually Work)

Supplements For PIED

Wait, what? Are there supplements out there created specifically for PIED?

No no no, not like that!

In this article I'm simply going to talk about supplements I found helpful back when I was struggling with my PIED.  I will also share what kind of experiences my subscribers on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self have with supplements for their PIED.

But before we jump into it, it's time for the always appropriate warning…

Disclosure: If you have PIED you must understand that supplements are not a cure for it. Sure, they could potentially help you, but rebooting is, and will always be, the only real fix.

Alright, if you fully understand that, it's time to jump into the article and take a closer look at what may potentially help boost your libido and boners during your PIED recovery journey.

Could Ashwagandha be a supplement for PIED?

My rating: 4/10

Check pricing for a reliable brand on Amazon here.

About this supplement…

Aswagandha is an adaptogenic herb that grows in India, in some parts of Africa and in the middle east. It's an over the counter product.

For some people the herb Ashwagandha may work at least a bit for PIED.

My personal experience…

However, right from the start I have to say that I never really found it useful back when I was struggling with PIED.

It did reduce my anxiety a bit, which was good, but as far as increasing my libido and giving me harder erections, it did little to nothing.

Ashwagandha is mostly known for the following benefits…

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • A slight increase in testosterone
  • May potentially reduce cholesterol
  • Slight libido enhancing (perhaps due to testosterone increase and stress reduction)

Other people's experience…

Now, since stress and anxiety, on their own, are powerful enough to reduce libido and even create ED (performance anxiety) then it wouldn't be that surprising if some guys out there have found Ashwagandha to help a bit with their PIED.

For all we know, they might have had a combination of PIED and performance anxiety, and just by lowering the anxiety part, it was enough for them to be able to achieve and maintain an erection hard enough for sex.

That said, who am I to judge other guys experience. Maybe it really did help them with PIED.

Here's a poll I did in the community section of my YouTube channel, asking them about their experience with Ashwagandha.

Now, after that poll I asked them how many of the participants voting for and increase in sex drive and erection quality suffered from PIED and the answer was about 20%.

So, make of that what you want.

For me, personally it didn't work for PIED, but for a small minority of guys, it seems to be doing something.

My conclusion and rating: 4/10

My final rating for Ashwagandha is 4 out of 10. This is because of the fact that it seems to do at least something, for a minority of guys. And even though it's not that helpful for the majority of guys, just the fact that it does reduce anxiety and stress can alone help with libido and erection strength.

If you're interested in trying Ashwagadha yourself, then make sure you buy a potent kind that are standardized to contain enough withanolides (which is the active compound). Don't by the plain root powder, because you have no idea if that contains enough of the active compound.

Make sure it says either “ksm-66” or “sensoril” on the bottle as that means they are standardized to contain 5% / 10% of the active compound, respectively.

Where to get it…

For example, this brad on Amazon is a good one. (aff. link)

Okay, moving on to another, more potent supplement for PIED…

Is VigRx a possible supplement for PIED?

My rating: 8/10

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About this supplement…

Alright, now we're talking about something that actually works very well for a lot of guys.

VigRx is a natural product that is specifically designed for increasing erection strength and give a boost in libido. And just as the other products on this page, it's an over the counter item.

My personal experience…

My personal experience with VigRx is positive.

I used it with great success back when I was rebooting and even though I was pretty desensitized due to all my porn viewing history this supplement did indeed help.

Now, I should probably add that I did not have total PIED. Even in the beginning of my reboot I always managed to achieve at least some form of erection…

…however, my problem was that my erections were very weak (I sometimes only got about 50% hard) and oftentimes I wasn't able to maintain them for as long as I would have wanted to.

Why does it work?…

I suspect VigRx helped me with my PIED because of its unique extra strength formula.

A formula that targets several areas of our brain's and body's sexual mechanism:

  1. It stimulates the arousal center in the brain (increasing your desire)
  2. It increases sensitivity in the tip of your penis (making everything feel much more pleasurable) 
  3. While is also boosts nitric oxide and thus increases blood flow to the penis
    (This makes the 2 long cylindrical tubes in the penis relaxed so that they can better open. Resulting in significantly increased blood flow and thus gives you harder and much fuller erections)

Other people's experience…

Most people to whom I have recommended VigRx have noticed a significant improvement in their erection quality, both during and after their reboot.

Granted, there have been a few who have not seen any results at all, so it's not a magic pill. And as far as magic goes, I hate to break it to you; there are no magic pills that will work for everyone 100% of the time. If someone claims that they sell something like that, run away as fast as you can…

…and don't look back.

Still, VigRx is one of your best bets and if you are looking for a bit of extra help in the bedroom, during or after your PMO reboot, it's certainly wort giving a try

My conclusion and rating: 8/10

As a supplement for PIED, I will give VigRx a score of 8 out of 10 .

It was a pretty easy conclusion, as it has indeed helped a lot of people, myself included.

On top of that, I didn't notice any negative side effects either.

Where to get it…

In order to assure the cheapest price, it's best to order VigRx directly through the online vendor. They also offer a pretty massive discount if one order several boxes at once.

You can >>click here to check current pricing<<

What about Maca root as a supplement for PIED?

My rating: 5/10

You can click here to check pricing for a quality brand on Amazon…

About this supplement…

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is an edible biennial plant that can be found in South America. More specifically in the high mountains of Peru.

No prescription is needed, as it's an over the counter, health item.

Maca is known for having…

  • Potential energy increasing effects
  • Potential libido increasing effects
  • Potential erection boosting properties

There are some studies supporting all of the above, however, those are studies done on “normal people”, before PIED really became a world wide epidemic.

  • For example this study on libido, from 2002
  • And this study on its erection boosting properties, from 2009

There are more studies than those, and it does look like Maca can help. However, keep in mind that most of the studies made on Maca are conducted before internet porn became a thing and thus not made on people with PIED.

PIED can be strong enough to override the mild libido boosting effects…

In other words, today's highly stimulating adult sites can suppress both libido and the ability achieve a hard erection to such a degree that, compounds that normally would increase libido, have a hard time doing anything.

My personal experience…

Personally I have to say that I noticed little to almost no erection boosting benefits of Maca back when I was struggling with my PIED issues.

I have noticed its effects later on, after fully recovering from my PIED, but again, not during my rebooting years.

Other people's experience…

However, since I've been involved in the PMO addiction community for 10 years now, I have indeed heard guys saying Maca gave them a slight increase in libido and erection quality during their reboot.

My conclusion and rating: 5/10

Even though I didn't find Maca helpful for my own ED issue, I would estimate that the guys who did report some benefits may perhaps outnumber the guys noticing effects from Ashwagandha….

…but just barely.

This is why I give Maca, as a supplement for PIED a 5 out of 10.

Where to get it…

You should be able to find Maca at almost any high quality health store, but you can also click here to check pricing for a good quality brand on Amazon.

AlphaViril – potentially the best supplement for PIED?

My rating: 8.5/10

You can click here to check current pricing over at the online vendor

About this supplement…

AlphaViril is marketed and sold as a erection, libido and testosterone booster and I can assure you that it does indeed boost all of those. I have even confirmed the testosterone boosting effects with before and after blood samples, as you can read about in my detailed AlphaViril review.

My personal experience…

It actually works

At times during my reboot I had little to no libido at all, and even during those lowest periods, AlphaViril actually made me horny…

…and my erections were not slow to respond either.

Now, AlphaViril contains A LOT of ingredients and I'm pretty sure the reason for why it works so well for PIED is because, not only does it boost your testosterone, but it actually increases your dopamine levels to an even higher extent. And as you probably know, dopamine and testosterone are the two biggest players in powering libido and erections.

On top of this, it has several ingredients in it that increases you sensitivity in your penis, as well as significantly increases the blood flow “down there.

Sometimes after taking it, I swear I can almost feel my pulse in the tip of my penis.

It's like you feel this surge horniness pulsating in your veins…

…quite literally!

Other people's experience…

I'm not alone in my experience. I would estimate that perhaps 9 out of 10 people whom I've mentioned this supplement to have seen a very noticeable effect.

It seems to have an even higher success rate than VigRx.

Here's an example of what one guy emailed me…

“Hi Bob,
I hope you are well. I wanted to ask about the Alphaviril supplement as I am currently taking it and it has helped me with my testosterone levels and libido.

I want to know that if my testosterone is artificially increased through the use of such supplements, does it not mean that my body won’t work as hard to produce the same amount of testosterone and hence my testosterone levels would drop even further once I stop taking these supplements?

I am loving this supplement and am only using it for 5 days per week, however I am scared that it may affect me even more once I stop taking it after some time. I am taking it as I had severe PIED and PE and even after stopping porn for over a year, I still haven’t improved and had zero libido. This supplement ensured I have a decent libido and maintain a decent erection during sex. What's your thoughts, Bob?” -AW-

My answer:

“It will probably not mess with your body's own production of testosterone, but this is why we should cycle it, just to be on the safe side. Ther are SO MANY ingredients in it that, on a pure synergistical level, it becomes very difficult to know with 100% certainty everything it's doing to us. Try to give yourself some breaks from it every now and then, aside from the 2 days off. Like take two-three weeks off every now and again as well (as an example). Again, I don't think your body's own testosterone production is in much danger, however, it does raise dopamine as well, and there could be a slight risk of down-regulating our dopamine system if we keep the use constant. Cycle it, and there should be no problems, on neither front. At least; I have not seen any problems myself. Granted, I do not take it every week all year round.”

My conclusion and rating: 7.5/10

This is the most potent libido supplement I have ever tried.

It's even more potent than VigrX and I would actually give this supplement an even higher score if it wasn't for one small factor; it contains so many ingredients that one can not be 100% sure what the long term effects of using it would be!

It does increase increase testosterone and dopamine, and boy do you feel it, but here's the deal…

…if we regularly overconsume things that boost our dopamine levels, we could potentially run into the risk of  down-regulating our dopamine system (if we do it long term).

Now, of course it's not certain that you'll run into any such problems, but just to make sure you don't I have two suggestions for you…

  1. Use AllphaViril in cycles. That way you avoid any potential negative effects.
  2. Use it only as a confidence booster every now and then, perhaps every other time you have sex.

I still use it to this day…

Even though I'm fully recovered from PIED nowadays, I personally still take ALphaViril from time to time because, well it just makes you feel like a beast.

However, I do not take it on a daily basis and during the periods I take a bit more of it I still take it in cycles, just to prevent any potential down-regulation of my dopamine receptors.

A common cycle for me may look something like 2 days on, 3 days off etc.

Where to get it…

As far as I'm aware of, AlphaViril is only available through the online vendor. You can click here to check current pricing as well as read other real user reviews over there.

Using Supplements For PIED
Important final words…

Once more I want to remind you of the fact that the only thing that will permanently solve your PIED is to do a proper PMO reboot.

I can not overstate the importance of that, as supplements, or any other tools for that matter, can not fix the core driver of PIED. Namely; the sexual conditioning and the addiction related brain changes you have created by years of masturbating to porn.

Sure you might find supplements that help with both libido and erections, but they should only be considered helpful tools that can be sort of a “bandage”in the moment.

The only way to truly get rid of that sexual conditioning (pixels on a screen) and really get rid of those addiction related brain changes is, and will probably always be, to do a PMO reboot.

Still, in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with using a bit of “bandage” to help with confidence during dating and rewiring, just as long as we are aware of the fact that they are just that…bandages…

…and not a permanent solution.

Thanks for reading.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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