No PMO And Dopamine – Why Guys On NoFap WIN At Life

No PMO And Dopamine And NoFap – The interesting Link

You have probably heard about dopamine before, one of our most important and interesting neurotransmitters. But are you familiar with the fascinating world of no PMO and NoFap and how dopamine ties into it?

If not, then this article is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Heck, even if you are very familiar with the no PMO world you will still discover amazingly interesting things in this article.

So please, even if you happen to be the laziest blog post reader on the planet, at least skim through the subheadings because you are bound to find fascinating things here.

First, watch this video to see WHY men who do NoFap win at life…

After you have watched the video, please read the rest of the article as well, as there is more to discover…

Dopamine want's you to survive and carry your DNA to the next generation

As you discovered in the video above, when fapping to today's super stimulating online adult sites, it is easy to override your natural satiation mechanism and when doing so your brains reward system gets flooded by dopamine…

…so much so that it starts protecting itself by killing off a few dopamine receptors.

These receptors are what dopamine itself has to bind to, and if you are left with fewer dopamine D2 receptors, dopamine can not do its job properly and YOU are left with a disrupted dopamine system.

Fapping to adult sites can cause a disrupted dopamine system…

Did you watch the whole video?

If not, I urge you to do so before we continue.

As I talked about in the video, the motivation to achieve things in life is one of the biggest things that suffer hard if we get a disrupted dopamine system, and this is also one big reason why todays young men are falling so far behind women in universities around the world. They are simply using too much adult sites, video games and etc. causing them a numb reward system.

Now, women are also using adult sites, and they too can develop problems by doing so, but according to studies men are still using more of them and they also seem to get addicted to them at a higher rate than women. This is probably due to men being more visual oriented in their sexuality than women.

Adult sites can KILL men's ability to achieve hard and full erections…

Another very sad link between PMO and dopamine is PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction).

Millions of men around the world are now having problems in the bedroom because their rewired their sexual responses to pixels on a screen and have become so desensitized by all the adult sites, that they are struggling to maintain or even achieve a strong erection with a real life partner.

Younger men often need more time to recover from PIED than middle aged men…

PIED can be a a hard blow for young men. In fact, it can be a knockout blow for any man, regardless of age, but unfortunately the younger guys seem to take longer to recover from PIED than older men.

So how can this be?

How can younger men that otherwise heal faster when it comes to everything else, need more time to recover than older guys, when it comes to PIED?

Well, the answer is that today's young kids grow up using high speed internet. They get exposed to all that incredible high stimulation when their brains are at the highest plasticity. In other words…

…it get's deeper ingrained into their brains.

A lot of young guys get addicted long before they even have their first kiss with a real life girl…

Think about it, if you start programming your brain from a very early age, say 8 years old, and you start watching the hardest of the hardcore stuff that you can find online long before you get the chance to be intimate with a real life girl, do to think that could mess you up?

Well, yes it could!

That will definitely mess up your brains sexual responses more than if you first had a couple of normal relationships and you start using adult sites at age 25.

The later case is exactly where a lot of middle aged men find themselves today…

…and I should known, as I am one of them.

We older guys did not start out on internet, and while adult sites still affect us just as hard, more often than not, we got to start out with real life girls BEFORE we became addicted to adults sites and thus it's easier for the brain to rewire back to real life people once we give up fapping to porn.

If you find yourself having low libido for real life people and you are having sluggish erections…

If you think all the years of fapping to adult sites could have affected your libido for real life people and your ability to get aroused and maintain an erection, you need to do a PMO reboot.

A PMO reboot is where you cut out fapping to adult sites in order to rewire your sexual responses back to real life people.

Take a look at the rest of my articles here on this website for more info and tips on how to do just that.

In addition, there are a couple of natural supplements that may, or may not, help your libido while you are rebooting that you could try if you feel like it. If you're interested, you can read the article  7 PIED recovery tips to try right now as I talk more about what those supplements are over there. The supplement tip is tip #2 in that article.

Can NoFap Even Give You “Superpowers”?

If you are not entirely new to the whole NoFap world, you have probably come across the word “superpowers” a few times when reading about the benefits guys on NoFap are experiencing.

So is there any truth to this?

The word “superpowers” sound kind of childish as it makes us think of superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Superman himself, but the fact is that some guys actually experience such a big increase in life quality with benefits so pronounced that if they want to use the word “superpowers”, well at least I'm not one to argue with their choice of words.

It depends on where they started from…

You see, it depends on where they started from.

If you watched the video, in the later part of it I talked about how they depleted this young medical student of all his dopamine as an experiment. Well, that poor student experienced many horrible symptoms ranging all the way from feelings of shame, depression, anxiety to a total loss of motivation and more.

This is also what happens to many of the guys out there after years of fapping to porn…

…when they start their NoFap journey, they are far down in a “hell hole” to begin with.

Now, when they take the decision to finally put an end to their addiction and they stop using adult sites they slowly start climbing up from that hole. And once they overcome the withdrawals and the flatline period and they start healing the disrupted dopamine system, of course the new life will feel incredible compared to the the bottom of that hell hole. All the well functioning things in life may perhaps feel like “superpowers” in comparison.

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What about NoFap itself? Can we still get massive benefits from doing it if we are not addicted?

So, it's pretty easy to understand why No PMO and NoFap is a good thing to do to reverse the addicted related brain changes and we also understand why the benefits can feel so incredible for some guys simply because they get a healthy, well functioning dopamine system again…

…but what about doing NoFap if you have no real negative brain changes to talk about?

You see, there are still people who have kept masturbating with little to no porn involved. And there are also people who have been fapping to porn without them causing any brain changes, do they still experience benefits if they go on a NoFap journey?

Well, let's take a look…

Does abstaining from ejaculating have benefits of it's own?

The answer is; Yes, some guys still experience benefits from retaining semen, even if they didn't have any problems with adult sites.

I personally believe that there are at least 2, maybe 3 or maybe even more reasons for this.

Granted, now we are talking about a smaller group because, while almost 100% of guys who reverse their addiction related brain changes see massive benefits, some guys who try semen retention that are having a healthy brain see almost no benefits at all. I do not have any exact numbers on this, but I would estimate that maybe about 30% of the “healthy brain” guys do not seen any benefits, while about 70% still do.

So, even if having a healthy brain, whet benefits could one expect to see?

Good question!

And the answer is pretty easy because I have been in the game for so many years now that here I actually have a lot of data.

Even if you haven't develop a disrupted dopamine system, abstaining from ejaculation may still provide…

  • Increased energy
  • More drive
  • Increased aggressiveness 
  • A bit more physical strength in the gym
  • Better focus and concentration

Sounds like dopamine still is involved here, and while not to as high an extent as if you were healing a broken dopamine system, it is probably still involved in some way.

First reason: Dopamine producing nerve cell shrinks?

For example, one study has found that the dopamine squirting nerve cells actually shrinks a bit after an ejaculation. No matter if porn was involved or whether you did it with yourself or with a partner, it still shrinks a bit.

This is very interesting, however, more studies need to be done to get a better understanding on it. Just don't confuse this with the dopamine receptor down-regulation, that I talked about in the video, because it's not the same thing.

Is day 14 on NoFap the “magic number”

In the study they found that it took about 14 days for the nerve cells to get back to original size, and guess what…

…it is very common that guys who have not developed addiction related brain changes start reporting benefits after about 2 weeks in, right around day 14!

Second reason: Androgen receptors also take about 2 weeks to up-regulate…

As if that wasn't enough, we also have something called “androgen receptors” (not to be confused with dopamine receptors). These are receptors that the king of all the hormones “testosterone” binds to in order to be able to do its job properly.

Studies on rats have shown that if they ejaculate to exhaustion, those androgen receptors down-regulate and does not grow back to full levels until 15 days of abstinence. While this is an animal study, it's very interesting indeed and the same thing could very well apply to humans, even though we still do not know for sure, but again…

…right around 2 weeks in here as well!

And since rats don't use adult sites, this happens regardless of porn, so this may indeed be another explanation for why guys who haven't developed addiction related brain changes start seeing an increase in energy, motivation and drive right around two weeks into a NoFap streak.

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Third reason: Semen retention itself gives you more energy? …

Some experts believe that the production of semen is a very energy demanding process for the human body. Whether or not this is true, well, I have no idea about that, but IF it is true, then it would be easy to understand why not constantly wasting all your “man juice” in front of your laptop could help you keep a higher baseline level of energy in your day to day life.

After all, we are now talking about a substance that is potent enough to father a whole continent. Wouldn't it be easy to also think that this is almost “a golden liquid”?  Again, I'm just speculating here, but you have to agree that the thought is interesting.

Fourth reason: Sexual transmutation…

Yet another thing to consider is our sexuality itself. It is the strongest force we have in human nature because it is there to motivate us to take actions that will ensure we get to carry our DNA to the next generation. The most important biological drive we humans have.

Now, if some guys manage to transmute that core drive, let's call it “energy” if you will, into other areas of their lives, wouldn't it also be pretty logical to assume that that could help them excel faster in life?

This is exactly what the author “Napoleon Hill” talks about in his book, “Think and grow rich”, click here to check pricing on Amazon, which has become one of, if not THE book that has created most millionaires out there to this date.

Fifth reason: Nutrients or some mysterious force?…

Semen is very energy dense, filled with nutrients. Some people believe that this is one reason for the increase in energy some people experience on semen retention. However, personally I am a bit sceptical about this, given that one ejaculation is only about 5-8 grams or so, so I really have a hard time believing that would make much of a difference, when it comes to nutrients…

…given that most men eat more than 1kg of food a day. Well, at least I eat more than 1 kg…

…I mean, come on now, 5 gram vs. 1kg?

Mysterious force: As far as if there is some other “mysterious force” in our semen is something I do not know anything about. Maybe not…

…or maybe there is!

If we knew everything about that, it would not be mysterious.

One thing is for sure though, whether we are talking no PMO, NoFap or semen retention, millions of guys have, and are still, experiencing a lot of interesting benefits.

Here are a few quotes from guys who have been doing NoFap. Some of them who had addiction related brain changes and others who didn't really have any problems, but still tried it, just out of curiosity.

Guys doing NoFap / semen retention…

Guy number 1

I didn't have any problems with porn, in fact I almost never used it, but I still wanted to give nofap a try and I have to say I'm happy I did! I am not exaggerating when I say my energy levels are about double of what I had one month ago (this is day 43 for me). I get so much more done during the day and not only that, I need less sleep so I actually get more time every single day as well. More time + more energy = massive  productivity increase!

Guy number 2

I know I was addicted because I got so many nasty withdrawal symptoms when I quit but man am I happy I kept pushing because today I feel a million times better! Back when I was an addict I had social anxiety, depression, brain fog, lack of motivation and my libido was worse than horrible. I often went soft during intercourse and I knew something was wrong. It has now been 310 days since I last looked at porn and life is totally different. No more social anxiety. Depression is gone. No more brain fog, and the best of all, boners of steel! Never going back. Never ever!

Guy number 3

I love doing semen retention because it gives me more drive to go after my goals. The increased energy I get makes me feel like this machine that just goes after what I have set out to do…one goal after the other. Nofap is awesome!

Guy number 4

I was stuck in a nasty addiction for more than 7 years before I decided I needed to stop. It has been a tough journey but it was so worth it. My life has improved in so many aspects that I don't even know where to start listing them. But more confidence, less anxiety and more attraction for real life women are the three biggest ones for me.

Guy number 5

I'm on day 67 on NoFap and my confidence has never been higher. I don't give a fuck about what people are thinking of me and, mind you, I used to be that shy guy who almost never spoke his mind. Now, if I feel I have something to say, I just say it!

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NoFap And Dopamine
Final Words

I hope you found this article informative, and if you somehow made it to the end without watching the video at the top, I implore you to scroll back up and take a look at it, as this whole article is built around it.

If you are considering doing a NoFap challenge yourself, and you are looking for all the information you can get on it before you start, I applaud your willingness to learn. By all means, keep reading, but on the other hand, don't wait too long before you try it because after all…

….experiencing it for yourself is the best teacher.

All the best!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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Frequently Asked Questions About No PMO And The Brain

Q: Does fapping without using any artificial stimulation destroy dopamine receptors?

A: No, it does not. It's the supernormal stimuli (adult sites) that does that. Particularly if you combine it with fapping.

Q: Can I use a fleshlight to rewire my brain to another kind of stimulation that is more like the real deal as a middle step?

A: Some guys have successfully done so. If you feel that you are not ready to go after, what you call “the real deal” right now, it could be worth giving it a shot just as long as you're not using adult sites, or fantasizing about those, while doing it. Best to use no fantasy at all OR then fantasize bout making love to a real life person. Try to keep it as natural and as close to real as possible.

Q: Can NoFap improve memory function?

A: Yes! Especially if you go from a disrupted dopamine system to a well functioning one. Dopamine is involved in short term memory.

Q: Some people claim PMO can destroy ability to focus. Is this true?

A: Indeed it is! It can significantly mess with your ability to focus and concentrate. So too can social media and internet in general, depending on how you use it.

Ok that'll be all I have time for for now, I might come back and update this page later, in the mean time, check out my YouTube channel.

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