PMO Addiction Symptoms (Here They Are…)

PMO Addiction Symptoms

In this article I'm going to list the most common PMO addiction symptoms so that you can make an assessment on whether or not you think it would be a good idea to cut the porn from your life.

I know that giving up something that has provided you with a lot of pleasure over the years can be a big and even scary decision and the mere suggestion of it makes a lot of guys defensive…

…and rightfully so.

I mean, we shouldn't just let ourselves be pushed around in life and believe everything at face value.

However, if something is causing you harm, like an addiction certainly can do, then you'd be wise to sit down at take a good look at your life. And if the thought of quitting then seems to overwhelming, why not do an experiment and try giving it up for 6 months and monitor the effects?

If you just do it as an experiment and if your life doesn't improve, you could always go back to it and make up for all the lost PMO sessions later, right?

Ok, now then, let's jump in and take a look at the PMO addiction symptoms.

I will first list them out in bullet points, and then further down in the article we'll take a deeper dive into each of them…

Here are the PMO addiction symptoms listed…

In no particular order, if you have developed addiction related brain changes, you will most likely experience some, or several of these.

The PMO addiction symptoms are…

  • Loss os control.
    (For example, you have repeatedly tried to limit or quit, but you always end up using again. Or you watch more than you intended to)
  • Continued PMO use despite noticing negative consequences.
  • Escalation into harder and more shocking stuff.
    (This can also be stuff that no longer matches you sexual orientation)
  • Reduced libido for real life partners.
    (Often the “libido” for real life partners drop, while libido for porn remains high, but not always as even your libido for porn can drop with over consumption. If it remains high, though, it's a “fake” libido as porn has hijacked your sexual circuits in the brain)
  • Cravings to PMO when trying to quit or reduce the amount.
  • Delayed ejaculation or inability to climax.
    (The inability to climax can also happen to women)
  • Compulsion to PMO.
  • Inability to maintain or achieve a full erection with a real life partner.
    (This is called porn induced ED (PIED) and it has unfortunately become a very common problem in today's high speed internet world – See the article “How to reverse PIED”)
  • Have you compromised major obligations at work / school or in your family life due to PMO?

So, how many of these PMO addiction symptoms did you answer “yes” to?

If you think you might have a problem, then rest assured that you're not alone.

Millions of men around the world are suffering from PMO addiction, and it is indeed possible to overcome.

If you need help then you can for example, reach out to me for 1 on 1 coaching here. Or if 1 on 1 coaching isn't your thing and you'd rather do an online course at  your own pace, then you can read a post I made a while ago where I share my thoughts on a good course for quitting porn right here.

If you on the other hand became confused and feel unsure about what some of those symptoms really mean, here follows a more detailed description of them…

Continued PMO use despite negative consequences…

This one is pretty self explanatory.

One of the biggest indicators of a real addiction is; if the person notice negative consequences, yet he still continue his use!

In the case of a porn addiction, you know that PMO is causing you problems and these problems are most often some or several of the following…

  • You have noticed that your erections are becoming weaker, you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.
  • You have low libido for real life partners, you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.
  • Your partner found out about your use, threatening to leave you if you don't stop, you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.
  • You have delayed ejaculation and trouble klimaxing and you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.
  • You have wasted too much money on cam sites or other adult content, it's even threatening your economic situation…you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.
  • You notice mental problems like, social anxiety, depression, brain fog, lack off motivation. Maybe even anhedonia you try to quit, yet you always fail and continue to PMO.

Compulsion to use…

Compulsion simply means “an irresistible urge.”

To make it easy to understand, think of something itching on your leg and you feel an overwhelmingly powerful drive to scratch it.

Well, that's compulsion. It's almost to the point of “obsession”.

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In terms of PMO this can show itself in compulsion to try to “check” if you can achieve an erection by trying to masturbate with or without porn. Or having a strong pull to need to check if your favorite adult start has posted something new.

That strong pull, to the point of obsession, is what we are talking about here. When it hit's it's pretty hard focusing on anything else, like for example trying to read a book…

…well, good luck with that when the compulsive thoughts are rushing through your head.

Inability to maintain or achieve a full erection with a real life partner…

Also pretty self explanatory.

Often guys can achieve a pretty solid erection when fapping to adult sites, but when they get with a real life partner, there is little to no physical respons in the penis.

Two things could be going on here…

  1. They suffer from performance anxiety
  2. They suffer from porn induced ED (PIED)

…or a combination of both, which is pretty common when guys start noticing that the performance in the bedroom is questionable.

It can quickly cause a negative spiral that can be quite difficult to get out of.

See the article NoFap and performance anxiety to learn more and discover some helpful tips.

One important thing to note is that, in more severe PIED cases, some guys can no longer achieve a solid erection even with porn…

…damn, that sucks…

…in so many ways!

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Delayed ejaculation or inability to climax…

Also very self explanatory.

This is one of the first and most common symptoms that can develop as a symptom of having a PMO problem.

It's caused by a desensitized reward system, conditioning of the sexual responses and/or the use of “death grip” masturbation.

Question: How to fix it?

Answer:  Do a proper PMO Reboot!

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Cravings to PMO when trying to quit or reduce the amount…

If you have an addiction to coffee, you get cravings when you try to go without it for a while. The same goes if your addicted to alcohol, junk food or…


How long does the cravings last, then?

Well, for more info on that, watch the video below, I made a while back…

If you found the video informative, you can check out my YouTube channel here.

Let's move on to the what I personally consider to be the nastiest of them all, escalation, which is caused by a desensitized reward system. It's SO nasty because it effects everything in you life…

…make sure to read it carefully…

Escalation into harder and more shocking stuff…

This is typical of all addictions.

As the desensitization process continues, with alcohol, you need more and stronger stuff in order to get the same buzz.

With adult sites, you start watching more, but that is often not enough, because here too it no longer gives you the same dopamine kick. So, you escalate into harder, weirder and more shocking stuff in an attempt to bring back the good old pleasure.

This is a nasty place to be in, believe me!

…and a really scary thing to note here is that…

…with time, even the most extreme stuff will stop working for you. Now the only thing you are left with is a reward system that is so desensitized that you are no longer able to feel any kind of pleasure from anything in your life.

All the small things, like drinking a cup of coffee with friends, listening to music etc. pale in comparison to the massive amount of dopamine dump your brain is used to getting from your addiction. You have basically fapped yourself into a deep, joyless existence.

Loss of control…

Another thing addiction experts use to asses an addiction is “loss of control”.

This simply means that you have repeatedly tried to quit, or limit or use, but you always end up failing and going back to your old habits or even using more than you did before…

…well, if so, that is obviously loss of control right there.

PMO Addiction symptoms
Conclusion and final words

So if you take a closer look at all the above PMO addiction symptoms, and you take an honest look at yourself and your porn use, you should be able to figure out if your behavior is more of the innocent kind or if you indeed have a problem.

If you find that you have problems, then don't freak out because you're not alone. Millions of men around the world are struggling with a PMO addiction today.

That said, of course the PMO addiction hell hole is not a good place to be in so do your best to get out as soon as you can.

It is indeed possible to do on your own, but and if you want to shorten the time it takes to become free and you feel that you need help with quitting then you can check out a good online course right here. It's not my course, but it's one of the absolute best ones out there and I highly recommend it.

If you rather prefer online coaching, you can reach out to me personally right here.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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