NoFap And Fasting – Amazing Benefits!

As millions of men have already discovered; NoFap can really sharpen the brain. So too can intermittent fasting. Then the next logical thing to ask becomes, what happens if we combine NoFap with intermittent fasting? Yes, it can really be an extremely…

Best NoFap YouTubers – Check Them Out!

If you are doing NoFap then you owe it to yourself to follow at least 3-5 good NoFap YouTubers. In this blog post I will share a list with, what I consider to be, some very good NoFap YouTubers out there, so do consider checking them out…

Best NoFap Supplements

There are a few supplements that can be extremely helpful during your NoFap journey, as long as you understand that there is no specific “NoFap supplement” out there that can magically erase all the years of fapping to adult websites, and suddenly reverse all the addiction related brain changes without you having to reboot. Now, some of these are very…

NoFap And Coffee – Will Coffee Hurt Your Reboot?

Coffee is the most loved beverage around the world and many people drink it several times a day, but how does drinking coffee go along with your NoFap journey? Is drinking coffee on NoFap a bad idea?

No PMO And Video Games -Does Gaming Affect Your Reboot?

Today’s online adult websites can really mess with your dopamine system and since today’s video games also increase dopamine, a question rises; Does this mean that playing a lot of video games during your reboot will slow down your recovery? Well, it’s important to realize that…

Does PMO Cause Brain Fog?

Does PMO cause brain fog? And if so, how long will it take to reverse it if I stop? Well, this is what we are going to talk about today, so grab your cup of coffee and dive in. This is going to be a good one…

11 Amazing No PMO Effects – What Happens When You Quit?

It’s not an overstatement to say that many guys who embark on a no PMO journey experience benefits stronger than they could ever imagine. In this article I share 11 things that you are very likely to run into when you set out on your journey…good and bad!

Does NoFap Help Delayed Ejaculation?

I started NoFap because I have trouble climaxing with my girlfriend, can NoFap cure delayed ejaculation? This is one of the most common questions I get in my email inbox today, and since so many guys are asking this, I thought I’d make a blog post about it.

Is Not Fapping Worth it? 14 Reasons Why Not Fapping is Worth it

By now, almost everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last couple of years have heard about NoFap. NoFap is the word for giving up online adult entertainment and self stimulation as a means to self-improvement, but why would anyone in their right mind do this?…is NOT fapping really worth it?

Using ED Drugs During Reboot – PMO NoFap Experience

So you are struggling with somewhat sluggish erections, perhaps a bit performance anxiety and now you are thinking about using Viagra during your reboot. Is this a good or a bad idea? Should you do it?…