NoFap When Does Morning Wood Return?

If you are doing NoFap and you have lost your morning wood, that means a couple of things…

  1. You have developed addiction related brain changes because of fapping to porn.
  2. You are now going through a flatline.

People who are not addicted to porn do not experience a loss of morning wood when they abstain from ejaculation for some time, so it's clear that this is a phenomenon that is tied to porn addiction.

If you have lost your morning erections, now you are probably asking yourself “How long does it take until I get my morning wood back on Nofap?”

Well, let's jump in and take a look at that…

NoFap When Does Morning Wood Return?

How long did it take to get morning wood back during reboot?

This is one of the most common questions you come across on rebooting forums out there, and the short answer is “it's different for everyone”.

Even though that answer is 100% true, it is a boring answer, and most of you probably already know that everyone is different.

So, let's take a look at the average numbers, as long as you remember that YOUR results may vary from these…

This is how long it takes to get morning wood back on NoFap

Here are the average numbers on how long it takes for morning wood to return while rebooting. They are calculated from an average of all kinds of PMO rebooters.

Morning wood returns…
  1. Average for the whole group: 40-60 days
  2. For those who started watching porn at a very early age: 60-80 days
  3. For those who started watching porn at an older age: 20-40 days

The loss of morning wood while rebooting is a mysterium

So far, no one has managed to explain why people who give up porn and start doing a PMO reboot may experience a loss of morning wood…

…yet it still happens.

And it seems to happen during flatline, for most of the guys, but there are also exceptions to this…

…this makes the loss of morning wood on NoFap even more mysterious.

Is it because of sexual exhaustion?

Sexual exhaustion is not something that is acknowledged by western medicin and doctors, but there must be something like that going on in the brain…

…even if we here in the west have not yet found anything like that, it's still true that every function in the body can become tired and overworked and even exhausted, so it would not be far fetched to suspect that our whole sexual mechanism can become exhausted as well…

…that is the only explanation I personally can give to the sudden loss of morning wood guys are experiencing when quitting porn.

Something has to be going on in the sexual center in the brain, other than the addiction related brain changes.

Yes, the addiction related brain changes really does happen, but something else is also going on in addition to that…

…but what is it?

It's only applicable to porn addicts

We can't just mindlessly blame the loss of morning wood on the withdrawal symptoms, because that would mean that people giving up alcohol, or other drugs, would also see a loss of morning wood, but they don't…

…this only happens for guys who have been fapping a lot to online pornography. So if you lose your morning wood when doing NoFap, you know for sure that porn has caused some damage…

…however, not every guy who start rebooting will experience a loss of morning wood, even if addicted. It really looks like porn addiction affects us all very differently.

A few examples of the return of morning wood on NoFap

Here are a few examples of guys and their return of morning wood while doing NoFap / a PMO reboot…

Guy number 1

“I'm a 27 year old guy and I know I was addicted to porn, but I don't think my addiction was that severe. I would say I was mildly addicted. When I started rebooting I went into a flatline around day 8. My morning wood also disappeared right around then.  Then suddenly on day 30 of NoFap my morning wood returned out of nowhere. A few days after that I also came out of the flatline.”

Guy number 2

“Oh man I was starting to get so worried. I thought I'd lost the ability to achieve an erection altogether. I had no signs of night or morning erections for about two months. I stopped having morning wood in my second week after quitting porn and then I started noticing some weak erections coming back around day 70. However, three weeks later they were back stronger than ever.”

Guy number 3

I know that my morning wood is connected to my porn addiction because every time I relapse they come back for a few days only to disappear again when I hit the flatline. It must be because I temporarily break the flatline when I relapse. I always hit the flatline around days 12-14 and after that I completely lose my morning woods. For me they start to come back somewhere around day 60, if I manage to stay clean. I'm a 23 year old guy and I have struggled to overcome this addiction for almost a year now.

The second week

As you can see, it's very common that the loss of morning wood starts in the second week, but again, don't freak out if your situation looks a bit different…

…always remember that it's different for everyone.

Can You Have Sex During The Period Of No Morning Wood?

As long as you are not trying to force an erection, there is nothing wrong with real sex. By “forcing” I mean for example that you need some death grip masturbation just to get hard enough for penetration…

…if that's the case, you need more time before attempting sex!

Limit ejaculations!

If you, on the other hand, can achieve an erection hard enough for penetration without forcing anything, then in my opinion there is nothing wrong with having real sex even if you are going through a period of no morning wood…

…in fact, I honestly believe that it may even speed up your PMO recovery.

HOWEVER: you might want to limit the amount of orgasms in the beginning though, as many guys find that having too many orgasms, too soon, slows down their recovery…

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Real sex with no orgasm = Karezza – This is phenomenal!

Having slow, gentle intercourse without ejaculation is called “Karezza” and that seem to be the best solution if you want to have sex during your flatline…

…not only that, but Karezza is so healthy that it will probably speed up your whole reboot.

Losing erection during sex…

If you are worried about losing your erections when you are having Karezza then you can click here to read an article about a product I used myself to help me with that, back when I was doing my PMO reboot a few years back…

…it was surprisingly effective and it helped me to be able to practice Karezza during a big part of my tougher times, during my reboot journey.

How To Speed Up Recovery
More Helpful Tips

Take a look at the video below for more helpful tips on how to speed up your PMO recovery.

Remember now, those are tools that are all very healthy and beneficial for the brain, and while I sincerely believe that doing them will speed up your recover, there are no studies done showing that they really do…

…that said, there are studies done, showing that several of those activities increase the number of dopamine d2 receptors in the brain, and since porn addiction kills those receptors, it's not at all far fetched to think that those activities will be very beneficial for your recovery…

…in other words, just do them and hope for the best.

NoFap And Morning Wood
Final Words

So in conclusion, some people never lose their morning wood while other guys have to go through weeks and weeks on end before starting to see any life down there…

…the important thing to remember though, no matter in what group you belong, your morning woods will return.

You just have to push through that difficult time when everything literally seems lifeless.

When you get out of the flatline, and your libido returns, your night and morning woods should be back. For som guys, the return of morning woods even happens a couple of weeks before they get out of the dreaded flatline.

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Other interesting articles…

F.A.Q's About Rebooting And Erections

Q: I'm three weeks into my PMO reboot and my penis has never been this small before. It's like its shriveling up and wants to crawl inside my body. I'm freaking out!

A: This is a normal part of the flatline. Not every guy experience the turtle head syndrome, but many do. It's very scary, but you just have to find comfort in the fact that your libido will return. Right now your brains sexual center is resting and healing and thus it is sending zero signals to your penis. It's a normal phase of rebooting. Just keep going, it will pass.

Q: My morning woods have returned but they are very weak. Is this normal?

A: Yes! When morning wood on NoFap returns, fore some, they return with full hardness right away, while others experience a gradual, slow return. Even if your morning erections are weak right now, it does not mean they will stay like that.

Q: I'm on week 6 of NoFap and I still have high libido. I see no signs of a flatline. Does this mean I was never addicted to porn?

A: It might, but some guys hit the flatline very late. There are also guys who never experience the flatline even if addicted. Just keep going and let things unfold the way they do. If you never hit the flatline, great…if you do, great. If you never do, it does not mean that you are not healing.

Q: I started rebooting two years ago. I relapsed pretty much all the time for the first 10 months or so. Then I started to be able to go longer and longer periods without relapsing, and man did I flatline. I had a complete loss of morning wood for several months. Today, I'm on day 304 and I have never in my whole life felt better. Morning woods of steal and confidence is sky high. Just though I'd let you know!

A: Well, nothing much to add there. Amazing job and big congrats! This is what rebooting is all about. Well done!

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