NoFap When Does Libido Come Back? HOW To Get It Back?

NoFap When Does Libido Come Back?

So you are on this interesting NoFap journey huh? And now you feel numb and you are wondering “how long does flatline take on NoFap ?” Well, if so then you are on the right page!

This article is structured in three parts…

  1. We will take a closer look at how long flatline last on NoFap (and how it differs for different people)
  2. How to get libido back on NoFap (are there things we can do to get libido back faster?)
  3. Answering questions about NoFap and libido

So, if you are doing NoFap and are experiencing low libido, I think you might find this article very interesting indeed…

…so are you ready for it?


Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while because here we go!

NoFap When Will Libido Return?

What is the “flatline”?

Nearly every guy who goes on NoFap will at some point experience the dreaded “flatline”.

The flatline is a period of time, often lasting for many weeks, when the porn “rebooter” experience some or all of the following symptoms…

  • Low motivation / low energy
  • Complete loss of libido / sex drive (for many people, even porn feels boring here, yet many still relapse due to the brains desperate attempt trying to get a dopamine fix)
  • No physical reaction in the body, even when seeing an extremely attractive female
  • Lack of morning wood
  • Depression
  • For many people, it may be very difficult to get an erection during this time
  • Genitals temporarily shrink a bit due to lack of blood flow and no sexual signals from the brain at all

The flatline looks different for different people, but it typically starts in the second week, around days 8-14, and further down in the article we will take a look at how long the flatline on nofap lats.

The flatline can come and go…and come back again!

Another thing to note, is that for some people,  the flatline can come and go several times during a porn reboot. In other words, the nofapper can jump in and out of the flatline for a few times before completely getting rid of it for good.

Most reboters though, get away with one flatline, but that's feels bad enough, because truth be told…

…they can be scary.

nofap flatline
The dreaded flatline is a period of time when the Nofapper experience a complete loss of libido. This is often a very unpleasant period.

 NoFap How Long Until Libido Returns For YOU?

Here comes some averages when guys typically regain their libido on NoFap. Remember now that I used the word AVERAGE. The rebooting process looks different for everyone.


First: not everyone who goes on a NoFap journey has addiction related brain changes and they will of course see benefits sooner and may perhaps not experience the flatline at all.

Second: The timeline below is for people who have developed addiction related brain changes and it takes time for the brain to rebalance itself.

Third: Addiction is not an on off switch, and some people can have a moderate addiction while others can have a severe addiction. This is of course another factor that makes it difficult to give an exact answer to all the emails I get, with the headline “when will libido return on nofap”.

  • “The average flatline lasts around 6-10 weeks!

Okay, but I know you came here for quick answer I will try to make it as fast as possible and say that If we were to calculate an average from EVERYONE (from young to old and from mild addicted to severe addicted), the flatline would be somewhere around 6-10 weeks.

  • For older guys, born around 1980 or earlier, the flatline is typically shorter, around 4-8 weeks!

Guys who are born around 1980 or earlier, are lucky because they did not START their “masturbation career” with high speed internet pornography.

Most of them discovered masturbation long before porn was easy accessible with just a click on the mouse like it is today.

Another important thing to note is that many of these guys also was intimate with a real partner before internet porn entered their lives….

…this means that the natural sexual circuits in the brain are more deeply formed, and thus the addiction related brain changes that happen when over consuming porn, is not going to be as destructive as for younger guys, who started using high speed porn long before they even had their first kiss.

For the older guys, born 1980 or earlier, the flatline typically lasts about 4-8 weeks.

nofap rebooting calendar

  • For younger guys who started using online porn at an early age, flatline is typically around 8-18 weeks

The biggest variation I see, when it comes to regaining libido on nofap, is in the group of people who started using porn at a very young age. We are talking about people under 20 years old here. If you belong in this group, I'm sorry that I can not give you a more exact answer.

The typical time to regain libido for this group is around 8-18 weeks, but remember now, there are ALWAYS exceptions….

…which leads be to the next subheading…

There Are Exceptions To This

Now, there are always exceptions and even young people, who started masturbating to porn, and developed a severe addiction, can sometimes recover and get out of the flatline in just 2-3 weeks. These are not typical, but it does happen for some people. If you are young and started early, let's hope you are one of them…

…but don't count on it.

On the other hand, there are also outliers, that unfortunately need much more time before they start to see a return of libido. A few people need many months to over a year. If you happen to be one of the, don't give up and remember that everyone improves after quitting.

Just be patient, stay away from porn and try to be around real girls as much as possible. Adapt the mindset that you like growing as a person from week to week, which you are as NoFap is a great self-improvement tool.

Make it your mission to be patient, ant try to grow in several areas of your life while you are rebooting (you don't have anything better to do than that anyways, because there IS nothing better than growing as a person) and let things happen when they do. You libido WILL return.

Should You Wait Until Your Libido Is Back Before Having Real Sex?

For the most part, no!

That said, if you still keep relapsing several times a week I would wait a bit before trying to get a relationship, simply because ye need to get a bit of momentum going…

…however, as soon as you start to be able to go more than a week without fapping to porn, there is no reason not to start being close to a real partner, in fact it we need to do that!

We need to teach the sexual circuits in the brain to respond to real life people instead of pixels on a screen. This is also a part of rebooting and it is commonly called “rewiring” in the pmo reboot community.

So even if you still have not regained you libido, go a head and start rewiring to real people.

You can even have sex…

Hugging, kissing, touching and smelling are all great and even slow and gentle penetrative sex. Now, if you are in the beginning of a reboot you should be careful with orgasms though, as many people feel that having too many orgasms in early stages of rebooting can prolong the flatline a bit…

…this does not happen to everyone though and long time rebooters, may even need a couple of orgasms to “kickstart” their libido…

…in fact, this is what it was like for me personally. I had to just start having sex again, even though I had very low libido and further down in this article I will share a few tips that helped me do this.

When you do decide to have sex, don't become afraid of orgasms, they are natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. That said, if you feel you need to hold back on orgasms a bit longer, in order to not re enter a flatline, you can still have slow penetrative sex without ejaculating. That will not in any way slow down your reboot…

…in fact it will most likely only speed it up.

If Your Libido is Not Coming Back
Start Having Sex!

I often see people on forums go over a year with no libido. They are deeply depressed and have an unhealthy lifestyle. The big problem here is that they probably belong in the group that just need a long time before fully healed AND now they are just sitting there, waiting for the day that they suddenly feel super horny again…

…with spontaneous boners of steel.

Well, in my opinion, most of them are probably already “healed” as far as the desensitization  in the reward center goes. Since it has been such a long time since they last had a porn session, they are no longer desensitized, it's just that the sexual center is “asleep”.

They need to start stimulating it again in order to wake it up, BUT NOT BY FAPPING TO PORN, of course, but by just trying to have sex. This will often kickstart their libido.

People on NoFap that are having a hard time getting their libido back should…

  • Do physical exercise and eat healthy.
  • Get off the booze and stop drinking.
  • Start chasing women (even if they have no desire to do so)
  • Start fooling around with girls. Kissing hugging and playing
  • Star having sex (as long as you are not trying to “force an erection” by using the death grip hand stimulation)
  • Have a couple of orgasms to kickstart the libido. Preferably with a real partner. DO NOT USE PORN!

Now, as I said, having too many orgasms early in the reboot my knock some people back into a flatline, however, for those who go months and months on end never to see any sign of libido returning, longer is not always better.

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“If your libido is dead and you have been rebooting for over a year without a single orgasm, then you need to wake your sleeping sexual centers in your brain.

The last thing you should be doing is sitting home alone, drinking beer and smoking weed because you are depressed that your libido is gone. You need to start exercising, eating healthy, do heavy strength training and getting out there chasing real women and busting a nut with themseriously!”

PART 2 How To Speed Things Up

NoFap Libido Not Coming Back
What To DO?

Having low libido, or no libido at all, can be very scary and disconcerting and many people are starting to question if porn really was the problem in the first place…

…more often then not, yes, porn REALLY is the problem so be proud of your nofap journey.

That said, if your reboot is taking really long you should also get checked to see if there may be other problems causing your low libido. In fact it would be a good idea to get checked as soon as possible even it you just started your NoFap journey, just to rule out other issues.

Having low libido during nofap or having low libido after nofap, can mean one or several of the following…

The most common causes of low libido, other than porn addiction, are…

  • Depression
  • A very unhealthy lifestyle
  • Very low testosterone levels

Now, of course there are other things that can cause low libido as well, but those are the three big ones, and you need to also consider them, if you feel that your recovery from porn addiction is taking too long.

Most likely though, porn really was the problem and by rebooting you are on your way to improvement. You just need to trust the rebooting process and start fooling around with real life people.

he is having low libido after nofap

NoFap – How To Get Libido Back Faster
Helpful Tips

How to get libido back on nofap then?

Well, as we already stated, time and patience are your best friends, however there are actually a few things that can potentially help  to increase your libido and boost your erection quality, even in you are in a flatline right now.

So how do I know this?

Well, remember now, I had a very long nofap reboot myself, and I tried everything…

…and I do mean everything!

I tried too meny things to mention in this blog post, but down below I'll give a quick summary of what I found to be the most helpful tools and tricks.

  • Tip #1 VigRX Plus ( A Natural Libido / Erection Booster )

Effectiveness on libido: 7.5 / 10
Effectiveness on erections: 8.5 / 10
What you are looking at is my VixRX on my kitchen table. Click the image to check pricing…

This is my number one tip for increasing libido during NoFap. Not only does it increase libido and sex drive, it is also a very powerful erection booster.

Now, this will probably not speed up your recovery, but for me it really helped with libido, even though I was in a long and deep flatline a couple of years back.

My personal experience with VigRx…

Not only did the VigRx increase my libido, but it significantly boosted my erection quality, from having a numb lifeless dick, to having almost optimal erection quality…

…and this even though I was in my deepest flatline.

I had a couple of girlfriends at the time, and with the help of this product I managed to have successful and even enjoyable intercourse.

If you're interested you can click here to read other real user reviews at their website…

Now again, the VigRx will probably not speed up your NoFap recovery, although the ginko biloba, which is one of the ingredients, does increase blood flow to the brain, so who knows, but you still have to stay away from porn and do your reboot.

Use it as a help to have successful sex during your reboot (and after your reboot if you like) and do NOT use it as a substitute for rebooting and start thinking that you can skip the whole pmo reboot if you are addicted.

If you want to find out more you can >> Click here to check pricing << at the VigRx online store.

What about real prescription Viagra?

As I already said, I tried everything, and so of course I also tried prescription ED drugs, like Viagra or Sildenafil.

It did help a bit with the erections, but it did absolutely NOTHING for my libido. I did find it a bit helpful in order to maintain erection, when changing positions during sex, but it was not as effective as the VigRX natural supplement. Viagra also gave me headaches and it was very expensive.

How can VigRx be more effective than Viagra?

Even though you do not need a prescription for VigRX, and even though it is a natural supplement it actually works really well and is very potent.

Unlike Viagra, the VigRx targets both the sexual center in your brain as well as blood flow to your penis. In addition to this it also increase dopamine a bit and the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Viagra, on the other hand, only works on blood flow.  This is one reason why VigRX can be helpful, even during a flatline.

VigRX is also backed up by real studies. showing a 63% increase in the ability to maintain an erection as well a a huge boost in horniness and libido. If you are interested you can read more about t this by clicking here right now.

So do I still use VigRX today, even though I'm fully recovered and my long reboot is over?

Sometimes if I really want to be a beast, but not always.

Even though my reboot took a long time I am fully recovered by now, and everything is working perfectly fine in the bedroom. However, I sometimes use it anyways, if I want to feel like a teenager again (as I'm a middle aged man by now).

Nowadays, when I'm recovered, VigRX gives me erections of steel, just like I had in my teens, and it also helps me if I want to go for several “rounds”. As an additional bonus I like that it makes me more sensitive, down there, yet without any risk of cumming too quickly….

…so, yeah, if you read all those personal details I think you can understand why I so highly recommend it for my brothers out there.

Tip #2 -Maca Root Powder Mixed in Green Tea

Effectiveness on libido: 4.5 / 10
Effectiveness on erections: 4 / 10

Maca is an herb and the root of the plant has been used for boosting libido for decades. There are even some studies showing how Maca really does help with libido, but of course those studies were done on “normal people”, before porn addiction become a real problem in our society.

Green tea has also found to be a mild libido enhancer for some people and of course I had to try this as well. Now, interestingly enough, using Maca alone did almost nothing at all for me and the same was true for the green tea….

…however, if I combined the two and mixed the Maca powder in the cup of green tea, it gave me a slight boost in libido and erections. Not by much though, and nowhere near as good as the VigRX, but the effects was indeed noticeable.

I highly recommend VigRX, but if you do want to give the Maca root and green tea a try, make sure to get some good quality Maca root. Click here to check pricing for a reliable brand on Amazon.

Tip #3 – Pomegranates And Watermelon

Effectiveness on libido: 2 / 10
Effectiveness on erections: 3.5 / 10

Pomegranates and watermelon increase nitric oxide and nitric oxid is needed for the muscles in the penis to relax and let the blow flow in, creating an erection.

There are also some studies indicating that pomegranate increase testosterone, so it's a double win.

Watermelon contains L-citruline and a small amount of L-arginine. These will also help somewhat with erection quality as they too are a vasodilator.

This one is easy to try as all you have to do is go to the grocery store and buy some fresh fruits. Use a 2:1 ratio for watermelon to pomegranate seeds and put it all in a blender wit water. Mix and drink for several days in a row leading up to sex. And, of course, drink it on the day of sex too.

To be clear, you use the melon fruit, not just the seeds from the melon, but as far as the pomegranate goes, there you use the seeds.

Now, this is nowhere near as effective as the VigRX supplement, which contain many libido boosting ingredients working synergistically to create a powerful effect, but at least it is pretty cheap and something you can try right now…

…all you need to do is, run down the block to the nearest supermarket and grab some fruits!

Nofap How to Increase Libido
Practical Tips

Let's take a look at some practical tips that might help you speed up your nofap recovery by for example increasing the number of dopamine D2-receptors in your brain. Some of them also increase testosterone, dopamine itself and increase blood circulation…

…and needless to say, all that may be very beneficial for your erections as well. One thing is for sure, it will certainly not hurt.

Take a look at this YouTube video I made a while back on how to speed up nofap recovery. Please watch it until the end as the tips are actually really powerful. Some of them have been proven by research to increase the number of dopamine d2 receptors, for example.

For more helpful videos on NoFap  >>click here<< to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Practical Things That Might Speed Recover Up Or Increase Libido During Flatline

  • Intermittent Fasting (or prolonged fasting)

Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase both dopamine receptors and testosterone levels. One of the easiest way to implement this into your NoFap journey is to do the 5-2 method.

This is when you take two days a week, for example Monday and Thursday, where you do not eat anything at all for 24 hours.

For example: You stop eating at 7 pm on Sunday and you fast until Monday 7 pm. During your fast you should not consume any calories at all. Drinking water and coffee is ok though.

  • Cold Showers

Cold showers are fantastic, and in my opinion, they are the perfect NoFap tool.

This is what cold showers can do for you:

  • Instantly increase you dopamine levels
  • Upregulate your dopamine receptors over time
  • Lower your stress hormones, lasting many hours after the shower (probably for the rest of the day)
  • Increase your testosterone levels (I have personally confirmed this with blood tests)
  • Train and increase your willpower
  • Decrease depression and increase mood

Start like this

At the end of each shower, when you are done washing yourself,  finish your shower by turning the knob all the way to the coldest setting (yes, even if it is winter and you happen to be living in the coldest of places). Try to stay in the cold water for 10 seconds. It's painful, but it's just 10 seconds, you CAN do it…

…the next day, try to increase the length to 20 seconds, and the following they you perhaps take it up to 40 seconds. Keep going like this until you do them for 2-3 minutes…

…that's all you need to reap the rewards, 2-3 minutes…

…just do them!

  • High Intensity Interval Training

Here too, you will get an increase in both dopamine and dopamine receptors, as well as  increased testosterone levels.

There are many forms of exercises you can do, but doing sprints of about 20 seconds is one way to go about it.

Make sure to do some slow jogging first to warm up though, and if you haven't exercised for years, your doctor needs to clear you for takeoff…

…just to be on the safe side.

So sprint for about 20-30 seconds, rest for about 90 seconds and then spring again. Repeat for 6-8 times, depending on how fit you are. If you are in bad shape and not used to exercising, build up slowly, just like with the cold showers.

  • Meditation

Another great tool for people who are doing NoFap….wait, let me rephrase that…

…meditation is a great tool for everyone. Period! Not just for people doing NoFap.

Meditation lowers stress, increase dopamine, increase self awareness and self control. I

It also decreases depression and anxiety and by regularly meditating you learn to just observe your emotions or thoughts, without grabbing on to them and following them, if you do not want to follow them, that is.

Learning to just observe your emotions without following, what do you think that will do to your urges on nofap?

That's right…

….you will have fewer relapses.

  • Socializing (Dancing, fooling around, sex or even just general socializing like talking)

Socializing can also increase both dopamine itself and dopamine receptors. But not only that,it is something that ju NEED to do in order to review your brain to real people instead of pixels on a screed.

Now I know this is unpleasant for many guys out there, as social anxiety and porn addiction often go hand in hand, but you CAN do it. Here to, start with small steps and gradually build up…

…just like you did with the cold showers.

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NoFap And Libido Final Words

Ok, there you have it. Bookmark this page and come back to it if you need to. Rebooting is not easy and we sure can use all the extra help, so I really hope this article has been both informative and helpful.

Remember now that everyone's journey is different, and no one can say exactly what yours will look like. One thing is for sure though, it is an interesting and fascinating journey and no matter how long it takes for you, try to be grateful for every week you get to improve your life and grow as a person.

Keep going and stay strong.

Much Love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Are you struggling? Click here to go to my contact page to discover what kind of help I’m currently offering. 


F.A.Q's About NoFap And Libido

Q: Nofap how do you know when flatline is over?

A: You start to have more drive, and if and if a cute girl smiles at you, you get a physical response in your body. This may be in form of a slight tingly sensation in your stomach or just plain happiness and does not mean you have to be responding with suddenly getting a boner. Most of us are not teenagers any more and we do not get “raging boner responses” even if are 100% recovered.

Also, just the anticipation of hugging or kissing or having sex is starting to turn you on, more and more. Another sign of recovery is the return of morning wood. However, just getting morning erections does not necessarily mean that you are fully recovered…but it's a good sign.

Q: Can I go to dance classes and be close to girls even though I am in a flatline?

A: Yes! That is a very good idea. You SHOULD sped time with real people. Go out of the house and spend less time on your computer, always a good idea. Keep doing that.

Q: Nofap how long until morning wood?

A: It is different for everyone, but on average about two months into your reboot. However, don't freak out if it does not happen at that stage for you. Again, we are all different.

Q: What counts as porn? I mean, what should I stay away from?

A: Say no to anything artificial that you use in a way to turn you on sexually. Say yes if a real person turns you on sexually (if you like the person and she or he likes you ,of course)

Q: Can I look at porn without masturbating if I have porn induced ED?

A: NO! That is a very very very bad idea. It is the porn that causes low libido and the ED, not the masturbation. Real life people!… go out and socialize.

For more helpful nofap tools and tricks  > click here to subscribe < to my YouTube channel.

I will update the F.A.Q's later on, so make sure to come back and read them again if this is something that is of interest to you. If you have anything else on your mind, or if there are things you still want to ask, then you can also ask questions about nofap and libido in the comment section below. I will do my best to find the time to answer…

…It may take a while though. In the mean time, keep it locked in to my YouTube channel as I will make updates on NoFap on a regular basis over there.


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