NoFap What To Do When Tempted

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NoFap What To Do When Tempted

So what do you do when you are on NoFap and get tempted?

There must be some good strategies for this right?

Well, there are. Make sure to first watch the video on the top of this page, and after the video is over, also read the article  down below because there you'll find some additional, helpful tip..

…what to do when tempted on NoFap, here we go…

NoFap – How To Deal With Temptation
-Don't Resist-

When you are sitting there, in front of your laptop, and you here that familiar voice again, you know that voice that says something like…

– “Hey, I wonder if there is a porn category with with this team…”, or

– “Let's just check when -insert your favorite porn star- is born…”, or

– “Just a quick peek at some hot asses won't hurt…”

…well, then you know very well that it is the voice of addiction that you are hearing. In other words you are now feeling urges, or will start to feel urges any minute.


What most people do wrong here is that they try to do one of the following two things…

  1. Resist the craving and try to white knuckling it
  2. Ignore the voice as hard as they can

Why is this wrong then?

Well, because what you resist, persist. Not only that, but trying to push away your thoughts actually makes them stronger!

You have to feel your cravings, notice them, without grabbing on to them and start following them. It's kind of like surfing. You ride the wave of the urge.

How To Hanlde Urges On NoFap
Notice – And Then Replace

This is why meditation is such a powerful tool.

Think about it, what do you do when meditating?

You breath in and out focusing on your breath, and every time you become distracted by some thoughts, you just gently direct your focus to your breath again…

…and again…aaand again!

Like A Biceps Curl – For Your Brain

Thanks to for image

Every time you shift your focus BACK to your breath you are training your brain.

That shifting of focus, back to your breath is the equivalent of a biceps curl in the gym, but for your brain and your mental strength.

Think about it, you are literally training to just notice the voice in your head (your thoughts) without judgement, without following them.

THIS, is what you have to do when feeling tempted on NoFap…

…just notice, without judgement, and then do something else…

…enter, the replacement activities.

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NoFap Cravings The Replacement Activities

Ok, so even if you learn to master the art of just noticing the addiction voice in your heard, without following it, it is important that you have a few replacement activities prepared that you should do, instead of fapping.

This is because it is almost impossible to break a bad habit without replacing it with something else. This is something I talk more about in the post How to start NoFap, and I recommend that you go and read that blog post, after you are done with this page.

What Are The Best Replacement Activities?

Ah, that is a good question because here is where a lot of people go wrong.

NoFap fits in to the very concept of self-improvement, so obviously we tend to wanna replace fapping with some good habits, right?..

…right! and we should, however…

…there is one important thing we need to consider here.

Our Willpower Strength is Different From Day To Day

Not every day is equal.

Sometimes wee feel that we can take on the whole world, and these are the days that you should do replacement activities that are harder to do and that are good for you and your self development journey…

…other days, you have very low levels of dopamine, and things are really rough. These are the days you should choose some easier replacement activities.

This is why I made TWO categories of replacement activities back when I was doing my PMO reboot…

…I named them Class A and Class B activities.

  1. Class A activities = things that are good for me and my self-development journey
  2. Class B activities = things that are less good for me, but just get my away from the computer

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How To Handle Urges On NoFap
-Class A Activities-

Some examples of class A activities could be…

  • Print out some exotic food recipe, go shopping and try to cook it
  • Go to the library with one goal in mind “I’m going to learn something new today. Just a small interesting fact, without using the internet”
  • Read a book, really focus on what you are reading
  • Meditate for 30 minutes
  • Go out on the town and make small talk with strangers
  • Take a cold shower and write down tomorrows to do list
  • Take a long walk in the nature
  • Write down you life vision and write down a plan on how to get there

These are all healthy and good for you, but then some days we the hurdle to go jogging for 30 minutes is just too big for us, and compared to the strong allure of fapping to some hot porn, it pales…

…so much so that we just don't do it, and choose to relapse instead and this why we need to have those CLASS B activities handy as well.

What To Do About Cravings On NoFap
Class B Activities

  • Ty to get some random girls number at the mall
  • Make a pizza
  • Go to a cafe and have yourself a nice cup of coffee with some sweets
  • Go to a restaurant and have a good meal
  • Hang out with one of your friends
  • Play poker or some video games you like
  • Watch a movie
  • Go for a drive
  • Go to a bar and have a couple of beers, (not the best, but hey, it’s a b activity)
  • Try to get some random girls number at the mall

These are more “neutral”. Not really bead for you, and certainly not super healthy either, but again, we need to have both options in order to become successful on our NoFap journey.

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NoFap Temptations
Final Words

Ok, so there you have it.  When you stop fapping, the key is to fill the void. You can't just quit something without replacing it and that's why we need replacement activities. For more help on how to not relapse on NoFap, read the article how to not relapse on nofap, as I share more strategies over there.

I hope you found it informative. As always, keep going and stay strong!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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