NoFap – What is Peeking And Why is it Bad?

NoFap What is Peeking And Why is it Bad?

So you have started doing NoFap and now you have come across the word “peeking” and you started wondering; just exactly what is considered peeking on NoFap?

What is peeking?

Why is it bad?…

…and does it count as a relapse?

Peeking on NoFap simply means that you, intentionally or unintentionally, come across some adult content and you allow yourself to take a look at it for a few seconds to get that slight “buzz” of arousal, justifying it to yourself with the words “hey, it's just a matter of seconds, so no big deal”…but is it really not a big deal?

If this is something you are doing on a regular basis, you might want to start reconsidering your actions.

Let's take a look at just exactly why that is…

Why is Peeking Bad On NoFap?

First you have to realize that many guys who are starting NoFap have developed addiction related brain changes from fapping to porn.

In other words, they either have a mild or a serious porn addiction.

Now, peeking is bad on NoFap because each time you are peeking you are “feeding” your addiction a bit. So if your goal is to get rid of your porn addiction then peeking is actually very harmful for you.

Take a look at this video, where I explain it further…

If you found the video informative, click here to check of my YouTube channel.

Short summary of the video…

Whenever you form an addiction, and this true for any kind of addiction, you are creating “sensitized pathways” in your brain.

You see, the addiction has “hijacked” the primitive part of your brain, making the brain think your addiction is vital for survival and the sensitized pathways are there to remind you of your addiction.

They are what you could call a super memory of pleasure and since your brain thinks that pleasure is a must have for you to survive, they also do a damn good job of reminding you of it.

Whenever we want to overcome an addiction, we need to let those sensitized pathways wither and die and here's were the problem of peeking enters the picture. Whenever you are peeking it's like you are feeding and watering the sensitized pathways. Keep doing this on a regular basis and they will never weaken.

On the other hand, if you manage to stay away from searching, looking and feeding your addicted brain, it won't take long before your urges become weaker and weaker and you will eventually be able to go about your day, not having to worry too much about relapses any longer.

How Much Damage Can You Do By Peeking On NoFap?

Like I told you in the video (you did watch it, right?), it is not like our brains reward system is so sensitive that one minute, or two, of peeking would give you a numb pleasure response.

If that were the case, pretty much every human being would walk around being desensitized like hell.

So the only so called “damage” that happens is that, if you are a porn addict,  it will prolong your recovery significantly…

…or even prevent you form ever breaking free.

What if I'm not addicted? How bad is peeking then?

Now if you are not addicted to adult content and you are just doing NoFap as a cool little challenge, then peeking is nothing  to worry about.

In that case it's not harming you one bit, however, you would still be training your self discipline more effectively if you leave peeking behind.

Mastering NoFap is not easy, but if you manage to master every aspect of it, including staying away form peeking, you will develop such impressive levels of self control that your friends can't but wonder from what planet you actually come from.

Your life – Your rules!

At the end of the day, you are the one who should set the rules for yourself because, after all, it is YOUR life.

However, I do recommend a NoFap journey without the peeking, and this is with or without having an addiction, since that will for sure making you grow the most.

Just Exactly How Much Does Peeking Hinder Your Progress?

There is no way to tell just how much peeking will hold you back and slow down your recovery…

…no one knows!

That said, from everything I have seen in my now almost 10 years in the rebooting community, I would be willing to bet you are prolonging your recover process by at least 30% or more by peeking. But since this is not something I have exact data on, don't quote me on that one.

I have also seen cases where guys never recovered until they decided to not only cut out the porn, but to also stop peeking.

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NoFap And Peeking Conclusion

Alright, I hope you now have a clearer understanding of what peeking on NoFap is and also why peeking on NoFap is not something you should be doing…

…especially if you are trying to overcome your addiction.

If something is unclear or if you feel you need my help with something, or if you want me to help you stop relapsing so you can leave porn behind for good, you can click here to check out my coaching page.

Other interesting posts…

F.A.Q's About What's Allowed During A PMO Reboot

Q: I just started my reboot. Can I watch R rated movies?

A: If you are watching a movie and happen to see a short sex scene, it's not a problem. However, if you seek out such movies with the intention of giving you a slight buzz, then it's a problem. I hope you get the difference there. Also, even if you watch them “with the right intention” there could be a risk that they will trigger you to relapse to the “Real deal” i.e. real porn sites. Personally I would stay away from R rated movies for the first 3 months, just to avoid any unnecessary triggers.

Q: Can I use the dating app “Tinder” during my reboot?

A: Yes you can, as long as you don't use it in a way that mimics the way you are used to consume adult content, i.e. swiping/clicking to the next dopamine spiking pixels, chasing that never ending buzz.

Q: Is watching porn bad for my reboot if I do it without masturbating?

A: Yes! In fact, if you do that, you are not even rebooting. Rebooting means unhooking from porn. Do a bit more reading on my website and you'll get a better understanding of what a PMO reboot is.

Q: How about booty shaking videos on YouTube? Yay or Nay?

A: Nah man, why would you watch them for any other purpose that to get that dopamine buzz? I mean, it's not like you are interesting in the art of shaking itself, right? No, you are doing it to get that artificial sexual buzz and even if it's not the same as hardcore stuff, you are still feeding your addiction by doing it. It's like an alcoholic switching from vodka to beer, trying to justify his drinking.

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