NoFap Supplements (That May Help Your Journey)

NoFap Supplements

In this article I'm going to share what supplements I have personally tried during my own NoFap journey.

I have been free from my addiction to adult sites for a couple of years now, but some of these supplements I still take to this day.

Before we start I need to point out two things…

First: let's make one thing clear; there are no specific “NoFap supplements”, as in designed specifically for NoFap. The ones I present here are just supplements I have found helpful for different reasons during my own NoFap journey.

Second: Supplements should never be a substitute for rebooting. They are to be considered helpful tools only. In other words, if you have very low libido, then sure some supplements may help, but your main focus still has to be on rebooting and staying away from fapping to porn.

The “Brain Pill”

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Why the brain pill as a NoFap supplement?

The brain pill is an over the counter supplement.

It lifted my brain fog and gave me much better focus and concentration. That, in turn, helped me to not get distracted by cravings or other negative emotions and thus it helped me avoid relapses…

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The brain pill is designed for peak performers who need optimal focus and concentration. It helps you to not lose focus and become easily distracted. Those are indeed helpful brain attributes for when you get urges.

I felt that it helped me be able to just notice the urges without letting them distract me. That made it much easier to not get dragged along by them and feel that I had to “follow” them.

When I used this product during my own reboot I did indeed find that I relapsed less often.

Was that a coincidence?

Maybe, but I don't think so!

I didn't use it all the time during my reboot, though, and the reason for that was because I had to order it all the way from U.S.A. Since I live in Finland and the shipping and custom fee just made it too expensive for me to use regularly.

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Why AlphaViril as a NoFap Supplement?

AlphViril is an over the counter supplement.

It helped me with my libido and erections and thus helped me rewire to real life partners…

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AlphaViril is marketed and sold as a testosterone and libido booster and I can confirm that it really works. I have even checked with before and after testosterone blood samples to confirm it, which you can read about in my AlphaViril review.

I used it on and off during my reboot when I wanted to feel a bit more confident in the bedroom during my rewiring phase.

Even though I'm fully rebooted today, I still use it from time to time, as it makes sex so much more pleasurable. I also feel that it gives me more energy, drive and better results in the gym as well.

For me it significantly increases libido and the sensitivity in my penis. It is almost like I can feel my pulse “pulasting” in the tip of my penis after taking it. It gives me harder erections as well.

The effects during reboot vs after the reboot…

Now, remember, nothing is a substitute for rebooting and rebooting has to be your number one priority.

That said, I personally felt it helped my libido and erections even though I was pretty desensitized back when I did my own reboot. In fact, it worked much better than real prescription ED drugs. (Related post: NoFap and Viagra)

The reason for it being more effective that prescription stuff is probably because it targets multiple areas of the sexual mechanism. Things such as blood flow and simultaneously raising testosterone and dopamine while stimulating the sexual center in your brain. Prescription ED drugs, however, only works on blood flow.

I never compromised my reboot though. I just used it as a tool to help me me rewire to real sex. Not all of the time, but often enough.

Yes I did feel the effects of AlphaViril during my reboot, but of course I feel them even stronger if I take it now that I'm fully rebooted. That said, your mileage may vary. If you have severe PIED then don't expect miracles.

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Who should not use it…

If you're just doing NoFap and you are not sexually active, then I would perhaps not recommend it for you, as I see no point in increasing your libido.

Well, I guess you could use it for the testosterone boost, to help you get more drive and confidence, and perhaps more gains in the gym. But just boosting your libido for the sake of being horny would be pretty meaningless if you don't have a partner. If you, on top of that, already have problems with relapses then, the increase in libido might make you relapse more often, so be aware of that.

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Why CDP-choline during NoFap?

CDP-Choline is an over the counter supplement.

It could potentially help a bit with speeding up recovery of the dopamine system…

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This is something I started using very late on my journey, because I wasn't even aware of it when I started.

The reason for why I use it is because there is an interesting animal study, where the researchers could see how CPP-Choline noticeably upregulated dopamine D2 receptors.

Now, if you're not familiar with what dopamine and what dopamine receptors are, I highly recommend you watch the video below, called “Why men who do NoFap win at life“, to get a better understanding on how fapping to adult sites kills your dopamine receptors…

Why men who do NoFap win at life!

So, as you can see in the video, those small dopamine receptors suffer if we over consume super stimulating things. And this is especially true if we are addicted to something, then they really get downregulated.

Could CDP-Choline speed up recovery?


However, we have to keep in mind that the study was made on animals, so there's no way of being 100% sure.

What I can say, though, is that yes, I personally take CDP-Choline because I want to do everything in my power to have as many dopamine D2 receptors as possible.

You may be able to find CDP-choline in a well sorted health and supplement store.

It can be a bit tricky to find though, but there's always the option of grabbing it from Amazon here. The brand shouldn't make such a big different, just as long as it's well reputable.

Just remember, as I said in the beginning of the article; supplements are not mandatory for recovery. But I know a lot of guys like to experiment, so I'm simply writing this post for those who like to try all kinds of tools and tips.

A Good Omega 3 Supplement

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Why Omega 3 as a good NoFap supplement?

Omega 3 supplements are over the counter supplements.

It may help with impulse control and thus also helps with staying away from relapsing…

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When I listened to the audio book “Unchain Your Brain – 10 Steps to Breaking The Addictions that Steal Your Life” (see pricing on Amazon) written by the brain expert Daniel G. Amen, I learned that omega 3 levels are linked to impuls control.

A study on addicts and relapses…

In that book, Dr Amen, who's company now has scanned more than 80.000 brains, shared results from a study on addicts and their omega 3 levels. The study found that addicts with low omega 3 leves where much more likely to relapse than addicts who had higher levels.

Well, when I learned that, I instantly started supplementing with Omega 3.

Is it a magic bullet? Of course not, but since several studies also points to how it helps with impulse control, say no more…

…I personally want to take it!

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Why PoVanax as a NoFap Supplement?

ProVanax is an over the counter supplement.

I helped med with stress related withdrawal symptoms, such as social anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks.

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ProVanax has been a lifesaver for me for many years now. It is hands down the best natural product I have found for anxiety so far, and I have tried A LOT.

It's not a magic pill, however, and it never completely eliminated my anxiety. But I would estimate that it often reduced my stress and anxiety symptoms by about 70%, which is nothing short of impressive, as far as I'm concerned.

It also helped me with the insomnia I had during withdrawals from adult sites.

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NoFap Supplements
Final Words

I hope you found this blog post interesting.

Now, I don't want anyone to feel that supplements are mandatory for recovery, because they are not. You will recover just fine without taking any of them.

So again, they are to be considered helpful tools only. Always remember that rebooting is, and should always be, your number one priority.

That said, I personally found them very helpful. Especially ProVanax and Alphaviril.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Need my help with rebooting? You can reach out to me here.

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