NoFap Relapse Recovery Protocol (Recover Fast From Relapse)

NoFap Relapse Recovery

Great, you finally found it…

…the best NoFap relapse recovery protocol on the web!

This is a relapse recovery protocol I created for myself, back when I was reooting and I really felt it made me bounce back quickler after a relapse.

Take a look at this video right now to learn the NoFap relapse recovery protocol I sometimes used myself, back when I was rebooting.

You will still recover just fine without doing the protocol…

You need to understand that it is not mandatory to use this, or any other “recovery protocol” in order for you to recover.

No, you will recover just fine without it.

That said, IF you feel that you want to do everything in your power to potentially help speed things up a bit, then this protocol could be worth giving a shot…


You don't need to use it after every relapse…

I didn't use it after every relapse myself, because the protocol is pretty tough. However, if I had one of those nasty relapses that lasted several hours and I really wanted to do everything I could to midigate the damage, then I almost always used it.

Today I have been free form my PMO addiction for a long time, but since many guys who watch my YouTube videos have found it very helpful, I thought I'd also post it here on my website.

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You can modify and experiment…

Naturally, you don't have to follow the protocol to the teeth for it to have beneficial effects.

You can modify, pick and choose what you want, or even add some additional stuff to make it more suitable to you.

The protocol is just a close example of what I personally did. And I didn't do it exactly like that every single time either. Something very close to it, sure, but not always exactly like that.

But – is this legit?

Disclaimer: You need to understand that, at the time of writing this article, there are still no studies who have looked into recovery from a PMO relapse specifically in terms of time frame and speeding things up.

However, the things I lay out in the video are things that indeed are backed by real science. Meaning that they have evidence to be brain healthy things in general and, more importantly, have been shown to upregulate your dopamine system.

They are things I have picked up from things I've read and listened to online.

The upregulation of the dopamine receptors, for example, are exactly what we  want after we fall down, because nasty relapses really fry your dopamine D2 receptors…

…especially if the relapses are several hours long.

For an interesting conversation about the dopamine system, and how to upregulate your dopamine receptors, listen to Gary Wilson's radio show #21, where he interviews Todd Becker, a biochemical engineer, who really knows his stuff.

How well does the protocol work?

There are no exact number on how much faster you might bounce back after a NoFap relapse when using this protocol.

And, since we are all different, it might not even work at all for you.

However,  what I CAN say is that I personally found it very helpful. It did indeed catapult me forward.

By that I mean that the first 6-7 days after a nasty relapse used to be horrible for me, but with this protocol, I sometimes shortened the bad days to “only” about 3-4 days.

But, even for me the results where a bit different and not the exact same every time I used it…

…so again, you won't be getting any exact numbers from me, because claiming any such things would be just too damn naive of me to do.

Warning: don't take it to the extreme!

If you are not used to intermittent fasting and / or physical exercise, then be a bit careful when trying out the protocol.

I recommend you see a good doctor first, if you really want to go hard. But even then, be careful and remember that, more is not always better!

High intensity interval training and dopamine receptors…

High intensity interval training has been shown to help upregulate your dopamine receptors.

However, it's not a good ide to suddenly start doing super intense interval training if you haven't been physically active for a long time.

In fact that could be dangerous!

If you really want to start doing high intensity interval training in order to speed up your recover (not just after relapses, but the recover of your whole reboot in general) I recommend you go see a good doctor first and have him clear you for takeoff.

Intermittent fasting might speed up your whole PMO recovery in general…

The same goes with fasting.

You need to be careful if you haven't done it before.

A 16 hour fast will not be a problem, if you're otherwise healthy, but if you want to try some longer fasts, like 24 hour or more, then speak to your doctor first.

You are responsible for your own health, not me.

Fasting could also help you, not only speed up your relapse recovery, but potentially speed up your whole reboot in general.

Fasting has been shown to increase the number of your dopamine receptors and not only that, it also increases a protein called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

BDNF is amazingly healthy for your brain, especially when it comes to repair and to prevent degeneration. So much so that experts often refer to this protein as “miracle growth for the brain”.

“Miracle growth”…

…don't you just like the sound of that, ey?

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Bouncing back after a NoFap relapse
Final words…

So there you have it.

Try this protocol out, but only if you're healthy and feel that you want to do everything you can to help speed things up.

The protocol can seem a bit tough, and just to make everything clear, that is NOT because I wanted to somehow “punish” myself after a relapse…

…no no no!

That would have been a bad idea, since having an attitude like that is actually more likely to increase relapse frequencies rather than to decrease them.

So the protocol is strictly created from what could potentially be good for recovery, from a neruobiological point of view, and it was never intende as a psychological “punishment”, nor should it be viewed that way today.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

P.S. If you want my help with your reboot in any way, perhaps you keep relapsing and you want me to help you structure up a plan, or maybe you have questions about a never ending flatline, or something similar, you can reach out to me by going to my contact page right here.

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F.A.Q's About PMO Relapse

Here follows some frequently asked questions about NoFap relapse recovery I often see in my email inbox and in the comment section on my YouTube channel. 

Q: Hi Bob. I know you have often say that everyone is different, but I'd still like your point of view. I was on day 42 yesterday but then I relapsed and had a 30 minute P session. Do you think I destroyed all my progress?

A: No you didn't. But we need to understand that there are many brain changes involved in addiction. Some of them, like for example desensitization (which basically means a “numb pleasure response) can heal pretty well, even with some relapses here and there. Just as long as they are not too frequent and too intense. However, every relapse “feeds” your addiction and makes it harder for ‘future you' to stay clean. The sensitized addiction pathways need to become weaker, or less active, if we want to overcome the addiction and the only way to achieve this is to not act out and respond to urges. But yeah, again, you're not back to zero. Just pick yourself up and keep going. Also, write down exactly how the relapse happened and where you went wrong. That is important because it will help you prevent making similar errors in the future.

Q: Do you think I will recover faster from a NoFap relapse if I take a break from smoking cigarettes?

A: Perhaps. But then there's the possible withdrawals you have to go through from stopping that which could increase your stress hormones further and temporarily drop your dopamine levels even more. So, it's not evident that you will recover faster from your PMO relapse if you just quit cold turkey after your relapse. HOWEVER, I still think you should quit because, well first it's unhealthy for you. Second, in the long run, as in how long your whole reboot will take, I'm pretty sure you would recover faster if you stop using cigarettes. This is because they mess with your dopamine system. Just give them up, man!

Q: Do you think NoFap relapse recovery could be quicker if I do physical exercise daily?

A: Yes! I really do think so!

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