NoFap is The Perfect Death Grip Cure (My Experience)

NoFap is The Perfect Death Grip Cure

Have you been using some good old “death grip” masturbation for the past year or so and now you're experiencing drastically reduced sensitivity?

To the point of you having trouble climaxing?

Or even worse; to the point of you sometimes losing your erection because you just can't feel anything any longer?

Well, if so, I have one single, important word for you…NoFap!

NoFap can help you regain sensitivity – become harder and feel more pleasure again

Yes indeed, NoFap can help cure the negative effects of your death grip.

I know, because I experienced it first hand (if interested, you can read my full story in the article No PMO one year benefits).

Now, if you're not entirely sure what NoFap means, it is a term for giving up porn and masturbation, for an extended period of time, in order to reset the dopamine system and in order to fix any potential sexual problems.

And boy does it work!

(Some guys also use NoFap as a self improvement tool and in order to reap other interesting benefits, but that's another story and not something I'll discuss in this article).

If you've been using the destructive “death grip” there are two reasons for why you need to do NoFap…

If you've been using the death grip for some time now, there are to big reasons for why you need to go on a NoFap journey.

They are…

  1. NoFap will reverse the physical desensitization you have been causing your penis by using a grip that is way too tight.
  2. NoFap will upregulate your dopamine system, making your brain send more arousal signals to your penis again  (giving you harder erections, making you more sensitive and thus you'll be able to feel more pleasure).

The physical numbing of the penis is only half the story…

Even though the tight gripping and physical desensitization of your penis becomes a problem, it's most often just a symptom of an underlying problem…

…an even bigger problem.

You see, the majority of guys start using the death grip for a reason and in order to fix your problems, you need to know what that reason is.

Enter: online porn!

You've got to ask yourself – How much porn have I been using?

Yes indeed, today's online adult sites are so stimulating that even if you'd just consume them -for long enough- without touching yourself, they are potent enough to desensitize you.

This time I'm NOT talking about a physical numbing of your penis, but desensitization of your dopamine system. I.e. a numb pleasure response in your brain.

There are now numerous studies that show a correlation between online porn use and desensitization of the reward system in the brain.

For example, in this article right here they talk about a study that showed the more hours people spent watching porn per week, the less grey matter they had in the reward system.

So now you may be asking, ok that sounds bad and all, but where are you going with this?

A numb pleasure response is what's causing you to start using a death grip…

You see, desensitization of your reward system is what's causing you to start using a death grip in the first place.

The process looks like this…

  1. You start with “normal vanilla” porn and everything feels great.
  2. After some time, however, you become tolerant to it (your brain gets desensitized, so you no longer feel the same “buzz” from the vanilla stuff. I.e. it starts to feel boring).
  3. So you escalate and start searching for different and new genres (in order to try to get the same “buzz”).
  4. At the same time as point 2 and 3 is happening you start to tighten your physical grip when masturbating (here too, as an attempt to “feel more”…the very tight grip numbs you even further – this time in a physical sense).

…and there you go, you now have both a desensitized reward system AND a physically desensitized penis.

This is a bad place to be in and now sex with a real life partner gives you almost no pleasure at all.

So how do you get out of this hellhole?

The solution: you need to do a PMO reboot…

A PMO reboot is the term guys use when they unhook from porn.

During this reboot, some of them also reduce masturbation and orgasm for some time to further help speed up the recovery.

If you want to learn more about how to do a proper PMO reboot, read the article 21 Helpful Tips For a 90 PMO Reboot.

In that article you can find all the details you need.

However, in short, what is recommended is…

  • Stop using porn or porn substitutes (for best results, don't even think of going back to it).
  • Reduce or eliminate ejaculations for 30-90 days (then reintroduce them slowly).
  • Spend more time around real life people (this is the rewiring phase).

The reson for why most guys shouldn't go back to porn, not even in moderation, after the PMO reboot is that many of them have developed real addiction related brain changes.

This means that even moderat use becomes problematic, since the user tend to escalate quickly, and before he knows it he's back to using the same amount as before…or even more.

In order to understand how the addiction related brain changes work, take a look at these two videos I made a while back. They are really informative.


I hope you watched the whole video.

Please continue to part 2 in order to learn about the two other brain changes as well as discover some tips on how to reverse the brain changes quicker.


The online course and webinar I talk about in the end of the video, can be found right here.

Do I have to give up masturbation and ejaculation during my PMO reboot?

Not necessarily.

Many guys manage to successfully reboot even while they keep orgasming with their partner or do porn-free masturbation.

However, the majority tend to recover a lot quicker if they take a complete break from all things sexual. The desensitized reward system and the sexual circuits in the brain really seem to need a rest.

And since many of them also struggle with delayed ejaculation due to all the death grip action, a complete break from masturbation can be beneficial from that perspective as well.

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Is there anything I can do to regain sensitivity faster?

Rebooting is the only cure.

However, there are some tools and tricks that could help you a bit along the way.

This might help:

Here are some things that might help regain your sensitivity a bit faster…

  • Intermittent fasting
  • High intensity interval training
  • Cold showers
  • AlphaViril

Now, there are no guarantees those will help, but the first three have been shown to help upregulate dopamine receptors in the reward system. This could potentially help increase dopamine sensitivity faster (the very system that overconsumption of porn has made numb).

The fourth one, AlphaViril, is a libido and testosterone booster that is by far the most effective over the counter supplement for increasing sensitivity. Now, again, there's no guarantee it will work for you, especially if you are really messed up by all the porn, but personally I had pretty amazing results with it, both in terms of harder erections and increased sensitivity.

If interested, you can click here to check current AlphaViril pricing over at the online vendor.

Don't go back to the “death grip” after your reboot

Most guys choose to introduce porn-free masturbation into their lives after they have done a proper reboot.

That's all fine and dandy, however if you choose to do so, do not resort to using the good old death grip.

After a proper reboot, you shouldn't even need that tight of a grip in order to feel something, as your brain is now sending much stronger arousal signals to your penis.

In other words, it should not be needed as you now are much more sensitive to pleasure.

Stay away from the porn…

As you saw in the two videos earlier, if one has developed addiction related brain changes, it's very difficult, or even impossible to go back to using porn in moderation.

This is because the sensitized pathways in the brain never really go away. They do fall asleep, but they can be reactivated very easily.

So if you start playing with fire again, there's a good chance you'll get burned again. And if you do, it might be even harder to quit the second time around.

If you already have trouble quitting then you can read a review I made a while back where I talk about one of the best online course for quitting porn that is currently out there.

It's really a remarkable course using something called habit construction therapy (HCT), and I have to say it produces phenomenal results.

Another option is to reach out to me personally, and sign up for 1 on 1 coaching through my contact page right here.

NoFap and the death grip

So now you know that for most guys (not all, but for the vast majority) the death grip is caused by desensitization of the reward system in your brain.

That in turn causes escalation to harder and more shocking online porn, in combination with using a tighter grip when masturbating…

…all to counteract the numbness and as an attempt to feel more.

Of course the death grip then further desensitizes you, to the point that you start have trouble feeling anything at all.

The fix is to cut out porn and stop using the death grip.

How long does it take to reverse the damage?…

The time it takes for guys to start seeing improvements in sensitivity varies greatly.

Some see results after just a few weeks, while other need to reboot for months.

No matter what camp you belong in, the solution remains the same: just keep staying away from porn, get rid of the death grip, limit or reduce masturbation (even with soft grip) for a while, and your sensitivity will return.

Good luck and thanks for reading,

Scandinavian Bob

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