NoFap – is Peeking A Relapse? (Did you expect this?)

Is Peeking A Relapse on NoFap?

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What is a relapse?

Let's first start by defining a relapse.

A relapse simply menas when you backslide and go against the rules you've set for yourself.

So, if your only rules is to do semen retention, then obviously peeking wouldn't be a relapse.

But would you really want to have such a goal?

If you are into retention, why not also have the goal of not watching porn?

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It depends on your goal…

If your only goal with NoFap is to do semen retention, and you do not care about the potential negative effects super normal stimuli can have on your brain, then peeking is obviously not a relapse for you.

If, however, you want to unhook from porn, then peeking is not something you should be doing.

If your goal is to quit porn – peeking is not good…

Every time you give in to the addiction, you are making it stronger. And this is true even if it's just a matter of peeking for 20 seconds or so.

Look, it's not like 20 seconds of porn will desensitize you, or cause harm to a non addicted person. But if you belong to the group of men who are trying to unhook from porn, you really should do your best to avoid it.


Because peeking strengthens the sensitized porn pathways in your brain.

Sensitized pathways…

If you're addicted to porn you have formed something called “sensitization”.

It is one of the 4 big brain changes that happens inside your head when you become addicted to something.

Sensitization basically means a “super memory” of pleasure.

It fires up, and gives you powerful cravings, whenever you are presented with a trigger (something that reminds you of your drug – in this case porn).

Now, every single time you are presented with a trigger and you act on it i.e. follow the trigger, you are making the self control part of your brain (the prefrontal cortex) a bit weaker, and your sensitization a bit stronger…

…in other words, you are reinforcing your addiction, making it even harder for you to quit in the future.

Should you call it a relapse, then?

It's up to you what you choose to call it.

What happens inside your brain happens no matter what name you decide to put on it. And besides…

…your life, your rules.

My personal view…

However, I can tell you that, back when I did my own pmo reboot, I did indeed call a peek relapsing because I really wanted to get rid of it in order for me to overcome my addiction.

NoFap – is peeking a relapse?
Final words…

So there you have it.

To sum everything up, if you are trying to unhook from porn then you should avoid peeking because what happens inside the brain when you are peeking is that it strengthens your addiction pathways (sensitization) and weakens the part of your brain that is responsible for self control (prefrontal cortex)…

…and it does this, no matter what name you decide to put on it.

Call it a relapse or don't, but the fact still remains…

…if you want to get rid of porn, your best bet is to avoid peeking as well.

I hope that answered your question.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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