NoFap Is Edging A Relapse? You Need To Know This

Is Edging Okay On NoFap?

At some point during their NoFap journey a lot of guys start asking questions like?

  • Is edging okay on NoFap?
  • Is edging considered a relapse?
  • Can NoFap edging be good?

NoFap is edging relapse?

Well it depends on your goal, and also what rules you set for yourself. A relapse is when you deliberately break your own rule, but if you would like to know my personal view on the subject then…

Edging is a relapse. Edging on NoFap can actually be even worse than just doing a quick “normal” wank. This is especially true if you are edging while watching online adult entertainment since, with edging, you can keep dopamine at its peak level. And by not cumming you can keep that unnaturally high dopamine buzz going for a very long time. This is bad for your brain.

NoFap And Edging
But What about Semen Retention?

So now some of you may be asking, but what about the benefits of semen retention itself?

If I edge I still preserve my semen and thus I'm not wasting it, right?

Well, yeah, by edging you are not wasting your semen, but if you are edging to porn for long periods of times the high dopamine that are caused by the super stimulating porn will cause your brain to reduce the number of its dopamine receptors, leaving you with a disrupted dopamine system and this have many negative consequences that far outweigh the positive benefits of semen retention itself.

Some of the symptoms of a disrupted dopamine system are…

  • No motivation
  • Low sex drive
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor short term memory
  • Poor focus and concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

So as you can see, edging to porn is NOT good.

Believe it or not, edging to porn for one hour or more without ejaculating it is actually worse than jerking of to porn and ejaculating within 5-10 minutes.

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How about edging on NoFap, but WITHOUT using porn?

When guys on NoFap learn about the negative effects of edging to porn, some of them naturally ask,

“how about edging without using porn then…is that ok?”

Well for a normal healthy brain it won't be a problem. It won't mess up your dopamine system as, unlike today's super stimulating porn, just using your hand is not potent enough to kill your dopamine receptors.

So edging without porn it's all good, right? …Well, NOT so fast!

If you have been fapping to porn for many years you may have conditioned your sexual templates in your brain to respond to pixels on a screen more so than what they do for real life people. This, in fact, is the number one reason for why men start doing NoFap in the first place: to fix their sexuality so that they can become more turned on by real life girls again, like nature has meant it to be…

…this is also called a PMO reboot. (PMO stands for porn, masturbation, orgasm)

Now, here's the problem with edging…

If you have developed addiction related brain changes by all the years of fapping to adult sites, in other words if you have become addicted to porn, edging alone will fire up the same pathways in your brain that were active during your porn session. This is because you have been using masturbation and porn together for such a long time that one simply reminds the brain of the other…and thus the same pathways are firing.

This means that, while edging on its own wouldn't be a problem for a guy who has never used porn that much, for people doing a PMO reboot, edging is NOT to be recommended simply because it may slow down your recovery.

Edging of NoFap – Here's what to do…

Edging (without porn) on NoFap if you are rebooting…

  • If you are doing NoFap / a PMO reboot in order to get a healthier sexuality then stay away from edging at least for the first 3-5 months.(Yes, even if you do it away from porn)

Edging (without porn) on NoFap is you just want the benefits of semen retention…

  • If you are doing NoFap strictly for the semen retention benefits and you almost never watched porn in your life, edging without using porn is okay for you. You will still preserve your semen and the edging will not mess your dopamine system up at all. And you'll get all the benefits that come along with semen retention.

Edging while watching porn

  • Edging while watching porn is NEVER ok. Not if you want a healthy brain, that is, because no matter in what category you belong, doing so has the potential to seriously desensitize your reward system in your brain.

When your reward system gets desensitized, it will cause every activity in your life to feel less pleasurable. And I really mean every activity here, not just every sexual activity, but EVERY activity…

…In addition to that it can reshape your sexual templates and rewire your sexuality to pixels on a screen to the point of you actually starting to experience problems with performing sexually in real life. Delayed ejaculation and even porn induced erectile dysfunction is a common result from this.

Here are some quotes from a couple of guys about edging on NoFap…

Guy number 1

“I decided to give up porn and masturbation in order to heal my sexuality and perhaps get a healthier relationship with my girlfriend. Even though I was one of the lucky guys who never really had any problems with relapses I didn't start seeing much improvements before I also gave up edging. I kept edging without porn for the first 3 months or so, but it wasn't until I gave it up that I started to see vast improvements in my rebooting. Guys, you do what you want but seriously consider cutting it all out…the edging as well. Just use your sexuality with your partner. That's what's it ment for…”

Guy number 2

“I kept ending in the beginning of my NoFap journey. Not because I wanted to, but because I had such a hard time leaving it alone. With time it got easier though and once I was able to keep my hands of my penis the benefits started to roll around. Increased confidence, more energy, no more brain fog and best of all, harder erections with my partner.”

Guy number 3

“Guys, if you keep edging on nofap you are fooling yourselves. I tried that and it didn't work. It always led me back to relapsing, but not only that…even if I didn't relapse the benefits of nofap never got that powerful before stopped edging. Nowadays I almost consider edging on nofap a relapse.”

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Edging And NoFap Final Words

Ok, there you have it. I hope this gave you some clarity and perhaps gave you some clues on how you want to approach edging on NoFap.

As with everything else in life, it depends on your circumstances and, whether edging on NoFap is a relapse or not, well that's up to you to decide. A relapse simply means you breaking a rule you have set for yourself and going against your own intentions…

…and as far as the edging goes, what's the point really?

Why not gsave your sexuality for real life partners instead of arificial stuff?

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F.A.Q's About PMO Rebooting

A: Will doing nofap help me get a girlfriend?

Q: Well, it depends. It will certainly help, but at the same time you shouldn't rely too much of anything outside of you and start neglecting your aspirations to become the best version of yourself and really putting in the work to get what you want in life…including getting a girlfriend. That said, A LOT of guys do report how changing nothing else in their lives, but just starting to do NoFap actually helped them getting a girlfriend. If your interested, I talk more about this strange phenomenon in the article NoFap women attraciton. 

A: How long does it take to fully heal from all the damage I have done if I started using adult sites at age 26? I am 47 years old today.

Q: Unfortunately there is no exact answer to that as everyone is different. However, you may perhaps consider yourself lucky, because people who started using adult sites at an older age, like 26, generally heal faster than people who started at a very young age. You may be fully recovered in 2-4 months, but then again, there's no other way to know for sure than to do a full pmo reboot and experience the healing first hand. Good luck brother!

A: I relapse all the time. I just can't do this. I know that just a few words on a screen probably won't change my situation, as I understand I am the one who has to put in the work, but still…what would you say the single most important thing would be when it comes to stop the relapses? 

Q: The single most important thing is to have a clear image of where you want to be a few years from now and why failing to stop will prevent you from getting there and them become SUPER AWARE of that very moment when the urges activates the “autopilot mode”, you know, the one that takes over when you relapse. Realize that it is IN that very moment the whole rebooting is. It is IN that very moment you either build your brain stronger and healthier, or letting it continue its path down the destruction. Really think about those last words, because it is there your key to freedom lies. Hope that helps.

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