NoFap How To Recover Faster – My Experience + Science

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NoFap How To Recover Faster

So is there a way to speed up NoFap recovery?

Well, first I need to tell you that whether you are doing a PMO reboot to get your libido for real life people back, or you are doing a NoFap 90 day challenge to get increased social confidence, “patience” is you best friend…

…time, and patience.

But don't despair…

That said, there are a few things we can do to potentially  speed up PMO recovery. Now, granted,there are no real research (not yet anyway) showing that these things really do speed up recovery from porn induced erectile dysfunction, or speed up PMO recovery. Those studies are hard to do, and so far, no one has conducted one.

However, there are other studies done, showing that the things I talk about in the video, and in this article is extremely beneficial for the brain in general, and some of the pointers really help the brain in so many ways, by for example increasing BDNF….

…BDNF is a a protein that helps the brain to develop new connections, repair failing brain cells, and protect healthy brain cells.

These activities are incredible healthy…

So while it, in a scientific way, may be unclear whether or not what you are about to reed really speed up NoFap recovery, on thing is for sure though…

…and that is, these activities are extremely healthy and will make you grow stronger both mentally and physically. They will also significantly reduce the risk of relapses, which in and of itself will speed up your pmo reboot because, well…relapsing sets you back and slows down your reboot.

So, take your time and read through all of these, and then also implement them into your NoFap challenge…

…You won't regret it!

How To Recover Faster On NoFap
Tip #1  -Physical Exercise-

Nothing helps you build new brain cells faster than physical exercise. There are now many studies made on how physical exercise increase for example BDNF, which can be thought of as fertilizer, or the “miracle-gro” for our brain.

Physical exercise may potentially speed op your PMO recovery

In addition to this, physical exercise also increase the number of dopamine D2 receptors in your brain. It is not far-fatched to assume this may help speed up your porn addiction recover since porn addiction really burns out the D2 receptors.

What kind of exercise is best?

The exercise that you will actually do!

Look, the main thing is that you do something that gets you heart rate elevated. In order to actually stick to an exercise routine, your best bet is to do something that you actually like.

What's that you say? You don't really like any exercise? Well then choose the exercise form you dislike the least.

High intensity interval training may give the biggest bang for your buck…

Now, if you really want to maximize the chance of speeding up your porn addiction recovery, then yes, most of the studies done on exercise so far show that high intensity interval training is the form of exercise that stimulates the growth of new dopamine receptors the fastest…

…so you could for example sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 90 seconds and then sprint again, and then repeat that for a few sets…

…if you do do the sprints though, remember to do a good war up first so you don't hurt yourself!

How To Speed Up NoFap Recovery
Tip #2  -Intermittent Fasting-

Fasting also increase the number of dopamine d2 receptors, making you more sensitive to dopamine (which is what we want).

There are numerous anecdotal stories of people who implemented intermittent fating into their NoFap journey and pretty much immediately started to see faster results…

…now, does this mean that it is a guarantee for you? Heck no, there are no guarantees in life, but in my opinion it is certainly worth a try, since intermittent fasting is very easy to do. In fact, it is one of the easier things to try out of all the things I've listed on this page.

Here is an example of how to do intermittent fasting…

  • Eat normally, like you always do, but then STOP eating at 7 pm
  • Fast all the way until next day when you are allowed to start eating again at 1 pm

This gives you an eating window of 6 hours and a fasting period of 18 hours. You could do this every day, but if you are not used to fasting, then star out by doing it just a once or twice a weak and then gradually build up from there, until you do it on an almost daily basis.

What can I drink or eat during the fasting window?

Fasting means fasting. You do not eat anything. You can drink water, tea or coffee…

…just don't put anything sweet in your drinks!

How To Recover Faster On NoFap
Tip #3  -Cold Showers-

Cold showers are great, a phenomenal rebooting tool.

First they teach you to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Which is exactly what you need to learn in order to abstain from fapping.

But there is more, because here too you will get more dopamine receptors. There are real studies showing that cold water exposure significantly increase the numbers of dopamine d2 receptors in your brain, and again, that may very well speed up your pmo reboot recovery.

But I don't like cold showers…

I never said they were easy to do. They are unpleasant, at least in the beginning, but you will feel amazing after they are done. Just liket with intermittent fasting, build up to it slowly…

…after your normal shower is done, turn the knob all the way to the coldest setting and just force yourself to stand there for 5 seconds…

…5 seconds, think you can do that?

Great! Now, the next day you do 10 seconds, and the day after that 15 seconds and so on…

…build up until you can go for 2-3 minutes.

It will help you, trust me on this!

How To Speed Up NoFap Recovery
Tip #4  -Socializing-

Socializing is important whether you are rebooting or not. But if you are rebooting from porn addiction, it is even more important.


Well, you have been fapping to porn for a long time, and during a porn session your dopamine is elevated to very high levels. Dopamine is the “learning chemical” which means that during your sessions, you have basically taught your brains sexual center to respond to video's, instead of real life people…

…the only way to “re-learn” yourself is to go out and spend time around real life people. This is a term called rewiring in the rebooting community and it is an important part of your journey. It may also speed up your nofap recovery.

For more info on this, also read my article 21 Helpful tips for a 90 day PMO reboot.

How To Speed Up PMO Reboot
Tip #5  -Go Low Carb-

Many people find that cutting out the carbs help them stay away from relapses. This was also the case for me, when I did my PMO reboot many years ago.

Fast carbs, and sugar in particular, activates the reward circuitry in your brain by releasing dopamine. Well, once your sugary treat is gone it is still wide awake and wants more dopamine…

…but your donuts are gone, so where does it get more dopamine now?

Well, porn perhaps?

This is why sugar makes you much more prone to relapses.

I recommend you go full keto, but if you don't want to do that, at least cut out the candy and all the sugary treats.

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How To Speed Up Your Porn Reboot
Tip #6  -Meditation-

This is the best tool so far.

Meditation teaches you to just be aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions without getting dragged along by them. You will learn how to just notice a feeling, without judging it and responding to it…

…of course this will be beneficial for your reboot because when urges arise, you have mastered the art of just observing it, without reacting or following it…

…great success!

Oh, and one more thing, meditation also increase dopamine.

Double win!

How to do it…

Many people think that meditation is about not thinking at all, but this is not the case. For example, you just sit down and focus on your breath, the cool air going in through your nose, and the war air coming out through your mouth.

Then when ever a though pops up, you just notice it, without judgement, and then right away bring your focus back to the breath, again and again…and again.

Every time, you bring your focus back to the breath it is like you are doing a biceps curl for your brain. It is IN THAT SHIFTING of focus that you train yourself to not follow a though or a craving.

How To Speed Up PMO Recovery
Tip #7  -Play Memory Games-

Memory games are great for your brain. And as you probably noticed by now, so too are all the other activities you can find on this page. In order to speed up our NoFap recovery we want to be doing brain healthy stuff.

I recommend that you play real old fashioned games. You know the once you play on your kitchen table. That way you get the benefit of the memory game and socializing in one shot.

Final Words About NoFap Recovery

Ok, there you have it. These are all wonderful tools to bring along on your NoFap journey. You don't have to do all of them, although you certainly can if you like, but at least do a few of them…

…your future self will thank you for it!

All the best and good luck with your reboot!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About NoFap Recovery

Q: Can I recover from porn induced ED if I smoke cigarettes.

A: Yes. While smoking is far from healthy, and I really recommend you cut it out, porn induced ED is due to physical brain changes. These brain changes will revers when you reboot, whether you are a smoker or not. That said, if you quit smoking and start doing other healthy stuff, you might speed up your porn induced ED recovery.

Q: My friend says porn is healthy, your thoughts?

A: Today's high speed internet porn is not the same as our fathers (or grand parents) playboy magazine. What we have today is so stimulating that our reward center can't really handle it. It is what we call a “supernormal stimulus”. This means that if we use a lot of it, negative brain changes can follow as a result, and do follow for A LOT of people. Educate your friend on this.

Q: Is there something I can do to help my erections with my GF while I'm rebooting?

A: Having slow gentle sex during the reboot is healthy and can actually speedup the PMO recovery, there are plenty of things you can try and I have written a few articles on that as well. You could for example take a look at my article NoFap-How to get libido back

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