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NoFap – How To Get Back On Track When Stuck In Relapses

Man you were doing so well, riding on a good NoFap streak, but then you slipped and now you seem to be stuck in a relapse cycle and don't really know how to get back on track…

…well, you are not alone!

Most people who go on a NoFap journey or a PMO reboot will at some point get stuck in the relapse loop of hell, and they can be tricky to get out of.

Well, in this article we are going to take a look at a few things you should do in order to get momentum going so that you can get back, riding on that nice NoFap streak again.

Make sure to read the whole article as you will discover some additional tips in it, that you won't find in the video.

NoFap How To Get Back On Track
You Need To Manage 4 – 7 Days Clean!

Forget about your 90 day goal right now and shorten your time frame. You can get back to your 90 day goal (or whatever you big goal is) later when you have built some momentum again, but now is not the time.

When you are stuck in a relapse cycle, 90 days is just too overwhelming…

…let's face it, you don't have enough motivation for that right now, and this is also one reason you keep relapsing again and again. You seem to be stuck in the first week.

It takes 4 days to build a small momentum

Know that it takes about 4 days, of doing anything, to get a small momentum going and right now your ONLY focus should be to get the ball rolling again.

Your mission right now is to do whatever it takes to get 4 days clean.

So how are you going to do that then?

Well, here are a few tips for you…

Get Out Of The House

During the first week, spend as much time outside as possible. Really try to avoid your hose or apartment like the plague.

  • Go for walks, lots and lots of walks. Preferably in the nature, but if that's not possible anywhere will do.
  • Work or study at you local Starbucks
  • Spend time at the library
  • Go out and eat
  • Spend a lot of time at your friends place
  • Go to the gym
  • Go out shopping
  • Go to a movie
  • Visit a museum

You get the picture. Just stay the hell away from your house. You need to get past those first 4-7 days.

Get A Time Lock Safe

This is not mandatory, obviously, but it is one of the most effective tools you can use to get back on track.

Look: what are you going to do when coming back home after spending all day outside? Well, whatever you do, the absolute worst thing is to spend time on your phone or laptop, drifting aimlessly without a plan…

…especially now, when trying to get back on track!

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How to do it…

A good solution is to use a time lock safe and put your internet router and your smartphone in the safe every night at for example 7 pm. Set you safe so it remains locked over night and then you can set it to open the next day at for example 7 am.

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Congratulations, you have now create a few hours of healthy mindfulness a few hours leading up to bedtime, while at the same time, significantly reduced the risk of relapses.

Is it a bulletproof system?  No! But as far as the safe goes you won't be able to get into it when it's locked. However, you can of course relapse when not using it.

Is it helpful? Incredible helpful!

How do I know this? Well, during my own struggle with relapse cycles a few years back, I bought one and it was a very good strategy. I still use it today, but since I no longer struggle with porn, nowadays I use it for candy, alcohol and other “goodies” in order to not have to use my willpower, which is a finite resource.

Consider Using A Porn Blocker

Some people say that we should not rely on tools to overcome an addiction or a bad habit…

…and they are right!

Well, they are mostly right, however there is nothing wrong with using helpful tools as long as we use them in conjunction with real mental coping strategies and NOT as the one and only way to stay away from relapses.

Tools can indeed be really helpful and this is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to getting over a hump or during a period when we struggle more than usual…

…like for example when trying to get back on track and climb out of a relapse cycle.

I did not use porn blockers myself, when I was rebooting, mostly because I did not even know they existed. But many nofappers I talk to today, are successfully using them and, again, they can especially good for getting the momentum going again.

Some of the better porn blockers out there are…

  • k9 web protection
  • Covenant eyes

Covenant eyes is the absolute best one you can find and the whole concept they use is extremely helpful and has helped thousands of men quit porn for good.

You will have to have a friend or a family member as an accountable partner and then your partner will receive comprehensive reports of your screen activity. They will also get reports if if you try to uninstall or get around the software in someway.

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Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself And Adapt A Warrior Mindset!

When you were riding high on your nofap streak, you felt good about yourself, and you had some kind of “glory” in the fact that you are a reboot warrior, then…

…BOOM, you relapsed!

God damn!

Well, when you get stuck in the relapse cycle, and relapse several times after your initial relapse, you lose all your motivation, or at least the most of it. But something else is happening that is even more important for you to realize…

…you see, the contrast between being on a good streak and being stuck in a relapse loop is so big that your brain makes you feel sorry for yourself.

It's an emotional defense mechanism

Why does it do that then?

Well, because we feel so disappointed and depressed when stuck in relapses that we desperately try to find something to make us feel at least a bit better right then and there.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is what we call “a comforting behavior” and in a twisted way, these makes us feel somewhat ok (although far from well). This is because comforting behaviors remind us of when we were small and our mothers took care of us, comforted us and tucked us into bed at night…

…and everything felt ok.

The only problem is…

Comfort behaviors completely DESTROY your fighting spirit!

The problem with comforting behaviors and feeling sorry for yourself, is that it completely kills your fighting spirit. And oh how you need that fighting spirit to get over your first week and out of the relapse loop.

So you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and adapt the warrior mindset.

How do you do that then?

Adapt A Warrior Mindset…

You adapt the warrior mindset by finding glory in the suffering. It might sound strange, but it really works.

You have to think thoughts like…

  • Yes, the first 4-7 days ARE going to be HELL…who cares, BRING IT!
  • Any man can wimp out and feel sorry for himself when suffers, but it takes a big man to keep going in the face of that suffering
  • I'm going to pick up the suffering and bear it. I'm going to bear it on my strong shoulders and keep going in the face of it.
  • I won't ask for lighter burdens, but for stronger shoulders.
  • No pain, no gain!

You see how thoughts like that are superior for getting momentum again compared to feeling sorry for yourself and having a victim mindset?

I's really like night and day, and by adapting a warrior mindset you will increase your chances by…well I don't know with what %, but the difference is huge…

…trust me on this!

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NoFap How To Get Back On Track
Final Words

I hope you found this article helpful and do implement the things I talked about. Don't just read, you need to TAKE ACTION as well. It is your future we are talking about here.

If you at any point, somewhere in the future, fall of the horse again then do come back to this article and read it a few more times. You may need to read it several times to really lock in that “aha-moment” that should follow, when reading about the right mindset…

…the right mindset is so very important… is key!

Stay strong and good luck, warrior!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About PMO Relapse

Q: I went over 4 weeks and then I relapsed two days in a row to some really nasty porn. Am I back to zero? Should I reset my counter?

A: No one can say exactly, as in the number of days, how much one is set back after a relapse. That said, I do make an attempt to give some general answers to this (and also some numbers) in the article “NoFap How far back does a relapse set me?” You might want to check it out. Besides that, just get back up on the horse and try not to binge. You can do this!

Q: My reboot is taking too long and I seem to be in a constant flatline. Should I relapse on purpose to try to get out of the flatline?

A:  At least not to porn. Even though porn is the reason for making us addicted and creating the brain changes that promotes the flatline when quitting,  and relapsing to porn would probably knock you out your flatline, it would just prolong your reboot. Don't do it. You might consider having sex though. For some more tips on how to get out of flatline, take a look at the article: Nofap How to get libidio back.

Q: Is there anything I can do to speed up recovery?

A: Patience is your best friend, but take a look at this: NoFap how to recover faster

Q: You are doing a great job Bob. Please make more NoFap videos!

A: Thanks! Will do :)

P.P.S. Are you struggling? Click here to go to my contact page to discover what kind of help I’m currently offering.

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