NoFap – How Do I Know I’m Cured?

NoFap – How Do I Know I'm Cured?

So, you have been walking on this interesting journey for a while and now you started wondering…

…How do I know if I'm cured when doing NoFap?

Perhaps you entered the following words into a search box => NoFap how to know if I'm cured?

Well, this blog post will give you the answers, so make yourself comfortable and stay for a while because this is some interesting stuff.

Let's get to it…

NoFap – How To Know if I'm Cured?

Let's first make it clear that it depends on what you mean by “cured”…

…cured from what?

As you may know, there are many negative side effects that can happen if we spend too much time fapping to adult sites, like for example…

  • Porn induced ED (PIED)
  • Low libido
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Morphing sexual tastes
  • Social anxiety
  • Concentration problems, lack of motivation and drive
  • Depression or anhedonia

During this article I'm going to touch on all of these. Many of them overlap to a great degree so I'm sure you'll find your answer pretty quickly.

NoFap Signs Of Recovery

If you have been fapping to adult sites on a regular basis, chances are you have been wiring you sexual responses to become more turned on by pixels on a screen than by real life people.

So, if you struggled with sluggish erections or low libido for real life people here are some typical signs that doing NoFap has cured your brain…

  • You now feel a physical response in your body when close to a person you find attractive.
    (Just having a tingly sensation, butterflies in the stomach, an intense happiness or a desire to hug and kiss are all good signs).
  • You have started to get morning wood pretty regularly now.
  • You can now masturbate, with a full erection, to sensation only and don't need porn or other artificial stimuli.
    (A healthy man under the age of 50 should have no problems getting fully erect just from masturbation without porn).
  • You no longer get an overwhelmingly strong chaser effect after orgasm.
    (“Chaser” is a term used to describe intense cravings that follow orgasm. It sometimes happens the following day, but also a few hours after the orgasm).
  • You no longer need that much stimulation to get you turned on.
    (Sometimes all it takes is a look and a warm smile from a pretty normal looking person to get your juices flowing).
  • Semen leakage when going to the bathroom has stopped or drastically reduced.
    (Not everyone with PMO related problems have semen leakage, but it is pretty common. Also, for some it does not completely stop even when cured).
  • Real sex feels amazing and you no longer have any problems achieving or maintaining an erection during intercourse.
    (This is assuming you are not suffering from performance anxiety).

If you notice some of the above signs…

All of those NoFap recover signs are pretty accurate signs, but when it comes to porn induced erectile dysfunction specifically, the last one is of course the absolute best indicator…


If you notice several, or even just some of the above signs, you can be pretty sure that at least decent recovery has taken place in your brain.

Keep in mind though, that recovery is not an on / off thing. It's more of a spectrum and healing can continue to take place even long after you have started experiencing the above signs.

When does NoFap cure the dopamine system?

Now, what about other symptoms that a disrupted dopamine system can cause? Because, as you probably know, fapping a lot to porn can cause a disrupted dopamine system and potentially cause things like…

  • Depression
  • Anhedonia
  • Anxiety
  • Low motivation and drive?

Let's take a loot at some really typical signs that NoFap has done wonders for your dopamine system to help the above mentioning symptoms start fading away.

Some good signs that NoFap is fixing your dopamine system…

Here are some really common signs that your dopamine receptors have recovered, at least to some degree.

Again, keep in mind that dopamine receptor upregulation is also more of a spectrum and it's not an on/off thing.

  • You suddenly notice how music has started sounding better.
  • You find yourself being satisfied with less stimuli.
    (For example, you no longer need to have your smartphone playing YouTube videos at the same time you are playing video games, while writing in your journal).
  • You find yourself being able to focus on a single task longer than you previously used to.
  • You can follow along the storyline better when watching a movie or reading a book.
    (Perhaps you previously had strong urges to check your phone during a movie and even if you didn't you had a hard time following the storyline.)
  • Your baseline happiness is higher.
  • You notice how you automatically start working more on your goals or other stuff that are good for you.
    (More of an intrinsic motivation instead of always having to force yourself).
  • You suddenly notice having a better short term memory.
  • You can, at times, feel immense joy at the end of the day without seemingly any reason.
    (Watch the video below where I talk about that).

Keep in mind that it's perfectly normal to have days with, for example, low motivation and drive even after the brain is cured.

The same goes with having days with a bit of anxiety or just feeling very low in general, as that's just part of being human, but the fact is that as your brain keeps healing you will start experiencing less and less of those “bad” days…

…unless, of course, you have some other issues causing those symptoms.

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But What if NoFap Doesn't Work For Me?

When it comes to reversing PIED, then cutting out porn and rewiring to real life people is going to fix you, no doubt there. But when it comes to things like low motivation, depression and a general lack of energy, it instantly gets more complicated. This is obviously because there are som many things in life that can be causing those…

…both biological and psychological things.

That said, when it comes to healing your numb reward system, you need to understand that if you keep hammering it with a lot of other super stimulating stuff, besides adult sites, healing will probably take a lot longer. Or it might not happen at all.

I talk about this “lack of recovery” phenomenon some guys are fighting with in a video I made a while back…

…in the video you can also discover more signs of healing…

Watch this video now to discover more signs of healing
and why some guys never get any NoFap benefits…

If you found the video informative, you can check out my YouTube channel for more.

How To Know When Cured By No PMO?
Final words

In conclusion we can say that, when you start noticing how the colors start coming back in your life, be it in form of music starting to sound better, more motivation and better focus, or normal girls suddenly starting to look more attractive to you, you can take it as a pretty good sign of recovery…

…both when it comes to fixing your desensitized reward system as well as healing your sexuality.

Another way to put it is that, when you start feeling more motivated to make love to the real world, instead of to the digital world, you know you are on the right track.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Need my help with anything, you can find my contact page right here.

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FAQ's About PMO Recovery

Q: I haven't had morning wood for years, but now after two months of NoFap I'm getting it several times a week. Does this mean my PIED is healed? I guess what I'm asking is, how do I know I'm cured when doing NoFap?

A: It is definitely a good sign that positive changes has taken / are taking place. But unfortunately it is not a sign that can be used, in a vacuum, as proof that your PIED is healed. This is because there are guys who have regained their morning erections quite a long time before their PIED is healed, and the other way around is also true, i.e. some guys have been able to start having sex before their morning wood returned. It's definitely a good sign though and if you have other signs of recovery as well, you can be pretty sure you are almost there…or you may already be there.

Q: If I can masturbate without porn, does this mean my PIED is healed?

A: Well, it means you are no longer dependant on porn to achieve an erection, so it's definitely a good thing, however, it might still take just a bit of rewiring and getting used to the “real deal” before you start being 100% functional in the bedroom (sexual conditioning can apply to your hand as well ). However, since you no longer need porn to get hard, you might already be fully healed, or if not, you're at least very close to it. If a guy can get hard to his own hand without porn, but not with a real woman then it's either anxiety induced or your sexuality just needs a little bit of additional “rewiring” to the real deal. This could be a matter of only 1-3 weeks of trying some more with a real life partner.

Q: Is 90 days of NoFap enough to get cured?

A: It depends on what you mean by “cured”. If we are talking about PIED then 90 days does not really mean anything in terms determining recovery, since some guys recover from their PIED in less than 90 days while others need more than 90 days. The same goes with getting all the other “NoFap benefits”.

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