9 NoFap Hacks (Better Results, Benefits, & Smoother Journey)

9 NoFap Hacks For Better Results

If you are either doing NoFap, semen retention or just want to quit porn, you've just found an interesting page.

Here you will discover 9 NoFap hacks that could make your journey easier, more interesting and give you stronger NoFap benefits in general.

Let's jump in right away…

NoFap Hack #1 – How to handle blue balls on NoFap…

If you are pushing hard on the retention side of NoFap, you are probably experiencing at least some degree of blue balls from time to time.

Here's how to handle blue balls on NoFap…

  1. Try cooling yourself down
  2. Try hot water
  3. Drink a lot of water
  4. Meditate

The cooling…

Taking cold showers, an ice bath or just icing the testicles have shown to work for a lot of guys. Now, if you try the icing, don't put the ice directly on the skin, but be sure to have something in between the ice cubes and the skin.

For example, when I did the ice trick I just put the cubes in a sock. Sounds funny, but it worked pretty well.

The warming…

Not everyone find that cooling helps with blue balls on NoFap. If you belong in that group, then warm water could actually work much better for you.

If so, you could try…

  • A sauna.
  • Wearing double or triple underwear (generally not good for your testosterone levels, though).
  • A hot shower.

Drinking a lot of water to help with blue balls on NoFap…

This is an interesting NoFap hack.

If you drink a lot of water you also have frequent trips to the bathroom to let it out (naturally), and many people find that after peeing the blue balls are gone for quite a while.

I've tried this trick myself and it actually is a good solution. A temporary solution, granted, but still.


Meditating can actually help with blue balls on NoFap as well.

This is probably due to the relaxing effects, but also because of the “letting go” we are doing during a meditation session. I.e. we engage the awareness and non judgmental part of us to a higher extent.

NoFap Hack #2 – Befriend your urges…

A lot of people fear the urges and that's understandable since, well, they can make us relapse, right?

But the thing is, the more afraid you are, the less power you have as well.

Here's what you need to realize…

Urges are not bad for you, they are good for you. It is actually in that very moment when you're having urges that the key to your freedom lies (more on this in hack#3).

Urges also make you stronger, and they are what's fueling the strongest NoFap benefits.

Take a look at the video I made a while back for an interesting take on this…

If you fund the video interesting, you can check out my YouTube channel here.

NoFap Hack #3 – Count urge surfing battles instead of counting days…

Now, before I start I want to say, there's nothing wrong with counting days.

If you like doing that, then that's totally fine. However, some people just find that it stresses them out.

A cool NoFap hack is to count your urge surfing battles instead.

Put an “X” on a paper after each battle…

Every time you successfully surfed your urges without following them into a relapse, you put a big fat “X” on a piece of paper you have on your refrigerator door (just an example).

This can serve several purposes…

  • Collecting surfing “X”es will actually be a better indicator of how far you've come on your journey than your number of your days.
    (Think about it, in order to overcome an addiction, what needs to happen is that you learn how to master the art of NOT following your urges – the more “evidence” that you actually can do that i.e. the more X marks, the closer you are to you being free).
  • Instead of being afraid of urges, you actually start looking forward to them so that you can surf and get a big fat “X” mark on your paper (since you are collecting them, you want to keep doing that).
    (Not operating from a position of fear will be to your advantage and make you have much better control, in the heat of the moment).

If you are not at all familiar with the concept of urge surfing, take a look at the two videos below for more instructions…

If you found the video informative, you can check out my YouTube channel here. 

If you want  more detailed instructions on exactly how to surf, check out the video below for guided urge surfing.

When watching the video, note: when I talk about surfing the urge, or the feeling you have in the body, it can just as well mean surfing your thoughts. This is because urges do not always come in a form of physical sensations, but are often a combination of thoughts and sensations…

…or just thoughts alone.

Guided urge surfing video…


Hack #4 – Eat less carbs and sugar…

This one works better than you'd think. Rapid spikes and crashes in your blood sugar are one of the worst things for your brain when it comes to self control.

Not only that, but when the blood sugar levels come crashing back down -after having been sky high- they drop below your baseline levels for a while, and guess what…

…so does your dopamine.

And whenever there's a rapid drop in dopamine, your brain is going to try to find a quick dopamine fix. And what faster and better way for that than to open up a porn site?

I.e. you need to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes, and this is done by reducing your sugar and carbs. Or, eating low GI carbs.

For more details about this, check out my article, How to stop watching porn after work

NoFap Hack #5 – Meditate and fast to amplify the NoFap attraction…

To be very clear right from the start, I do not exactly know how this works. And neither does anyone else.

However, I have a few theories and I will present them in a moment, but let me just say, over the 10 years I've been involved in the rebooting community, I have seen hundreds of guys reporting how this is something that actually happens.

And guess what, I too have noticed the increase in attraction…

…especially if I implement fasting and meditation as well.

I talk more about this in the video right here…

Fasting + meditation + NoFap = attraction!

I hope you found it at least somewhat entertaining and informative, but…

How does the NoFap attraction work?

Well, I can't go into that right here, as that would make this post way too long, but I have actually made a two part video series on YouTube where I share my take on this.

Take a look at the NoFap / semen retention attraction video series right here.

I think you might find it interesting.

Let's keep moving…

Hack #6 – Discover this dopamine graph to help navigate your reboot…

This is a super helpful NoFap graph that you should be aware of.


Because, understanding this will help with relapses.

Take a look at this video right here and discover what it is…

You can read more about the webinar I talk about in the end of the video right here

Hack #7 – Cut your relapses short…

This one might sound a bit strange, right? I mean, shouldn't the goal be no relapses at all?

Yes, but here's the thing, once you start cutting the relapses short you are actually starting to develop the ultimate rebooting mindset.

So, what's that then?

Well, it's the mindset of “since every relapsing minute is bad, I am NOT going to start fresh on Monday”.

Look, it's a bit hard to explain in text form, so take a look at this video here and you'll see what I mean…

Learn more about CovenantEyes, by reading the post how to stop porn after work
and scroll down to tip #5

 NoFap Hack #8 – Lean into your horniness…


Answer: because it will amplify the NoFap benefits.

How is this different from surfing?

This one is related to surfing, but here were are talking a bit more about natural horniness than the addiction urges screaming for a dopamin fix.

Also, here you are actually more lean into the feelings of horninress, even enjoying it a bit, instead of just trying to surf on top of it. Don't get me wrong, though, there is a great del of overlap between the two.

When you get horny, just smile, allow yourself to be horny and enjoy it. Without wanting to release (because, then the feeling would obviously go away).

Why does it amplify the NoFap benefits?

Think about it. Horniness is nothing more than a sexual energy.

And increased energy, thus.

Since sexuality is the strongest force in the human nature, we are talking about a powerful energy increase here. This is why you can get absolutely phenomenal gym workouts in this state. Or, get a 4 hour work session done with ease, just as long as you are somewhat good at channeling the energy.

How to channel the energy, then?

It is easier to explain this by saying what it is not…

  • Do not judge the horniness as bad…
  • Don't try to escape the horniness…
  • Don't get stuck in the energy…

If you want to channel the energy, then don't get stuck in the energy by starting to obsess over how to get some good sexual release right now, in whatever form (porn, fapping, real life partner). I'm not saying that you can't use this energy in order to practice your social skills and to help you get girls, because you certainly can. I'm also not saying that there is anything wrong with doing so….

…I'm just saying that IF you want to channel the energy, then now is not the time for it (unless you want to explicitly use it for getting girls, of course).

Instead try to let the energy flow, perhaps having a small smirk on your face while breathing slwoly, thinking about your future success and while you go do something that brings you a bit closer to your goals. E.g. training in the gym, working on your side business, cleaning your house…etc. etc.

Hack #9 – Cold showers amplifies the benefits…

That energy I talked about in hack number 8,  did you know that you can further amplify it by taking cold showers?


Well now you know.

No one knows why that is, but one reason could be that cold showers significantly raise your dopamine levels, in a healthy way (without desensitizing the reward system – in fact, in up-regulates the reward system).

It does a lot more to your body and brain, besides tuning your dopamine system, but the dopamine might be the biggest factor at play here.

If you've tried cold showers without noticing any amplified benefits, then try working yourself up taking longer showers. Like 3-5 minutes showers…as cold as can be. That'll do the trick!

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. If you need my help with something, you can reach out to me through my contact page right here.


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