NoFap – Does Everyone Have a Flatline? (Here’s Your Answer)

NoFap – Does Everyone Go Through a Flatline?

So you want to learn more about the NoFap flatline, huh?

Well, you came to the right website because I have 10 years for experience in the PMO rebooting community.

The first few years as someone who was fighting to overcome his own addiction and the last years as someone who is helping others.

So what's the deal, does everyone who do NoFap have a flaltline?

Not everyone who are doing NoFap will have to go through a flatline. It's different from person to person and there are several factors involved. Generally speaking one can say that those who have developed addiction related brain changes, to the dirty videos, are much more likely to experience the NoFap flatline when they stop using.

How Common is The NoFap Flatline?

Let's start by saying that not everyone who quit porn and start doing NoFap will have to go through a flatline.

If you are addicted:

I would estimate that more than 50% of guys who consider themselves addicted to porn will experience a flatline.

In other words, it's more common to have a flatline than to not have one, if you're addicted.

If you're not addicted:

Now there are also guys who do not consider themselves to be addicted, but still claim that they experienced the flatline when doing NoFap.

So it can happen to “non-addicts” as well, but it's much less common.

However, it's not always easy to know whether or not you have a real addiction, and one could argue that those guys maybe still have developed some mild addiction related brain changes without them knowing it. After all, it's not like addiction is an on off thing…

…it's more of a spectrum, ranging from very mild to severely addicted.

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I asked my subscribers how many of them experienced a flatline on NoFap?

Some of you may already know that I have a YouTube channel where I talk a lot about NoFap and PMO rebooting. I also talk a lot about how to become stronger both mentally and physically and build a more healthy dopamine system.

Anyway, I decided to create a poll, in the community section of my channel and ask my guys how many of them have experienced the NoFap flatline

So, if you're wondering if everyone who does NoFap have a flatline, here's how they answered…

As you can see, more than 1300 people answered…

  • I have: 59%
  • I have not: 13%
  • I'm not sure: 28%

What you need to know about my subscribers…

Keep in mind that only guys who were dong NoFap responded. And by the way, more than 99.5% of my subscribers are doing NoFap anyway since rebooting is my big niche.

Now, the poll is still not 100% accurate, because it doesn't differentiate between who's addicted to porn and who's not. But from previous polls I've done I can say that a majority of my subscribers consider themselves to be at least somewhat addicted to pmo.

Conclusions from the poll….

Only 13% say that they have NOT experienced the NoFap flatline.

However, there might be a few more non flatline guys in the “I'm not sure category”. The same goes with the positive answers, there are probably a few of those as well in the “I'm not sure category”.

So in conclusion, even though my audience is a mix between non porn addicts and porn addicts the majority of them voted that they have indeed experienced they experience the flatline when they gave up porn.

I hope you found my little poll at least somewhat informative.

It does indeed go in line with what I have seen during all my 10 years in the pmo rebooting community.

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How long does the flatline last?

The flatline typically last anywhere from 10-70 days.

Now, some guys will have a much longer flatline than that, but if I had to come up with a number for the most average flatline, that would be it. I know, it's a fairly generous in range, but the guys have such a difference in length that it's simply impossible to give a more exact number than that.

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Is there anyway to avoid the flatline?

Not really.

Now, there might be things you can do to help with the horrible flatline symptoms. And there might be a few things you can do to help you make it a bit shorter, should you be stuck in it for a long time. But other than that, no, you just have to power through.

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Take the flatline as a sign that healing is taking place in your brain…

…because that is, in fact, exactly what's happening.

Does Everyone Flatline on NoFap

So to sum up the article, no, not everyone will have a flatline when they go on NoFap.

However, if you take a group of 1000 guys it does indeed look like the majority of them are going to experience the flatline.

It's impossible to get an exact number, but just know that number would be somewhere above 50%.

Thanks for reading.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's about the PMO flatline

Q: Is it normal to lose your morning erection during the flatline?

A: Yes! It is very normal. Don't worry though, as your morning wood will return after a couple of weeks or so. It's different for everyone, but generally you can say that when your morning wood starts returning, well that's a really good sign that some healing is taking place. But the healing can, and likely will, continue to take place even after your morning wood returns.

Q: Does the flatline only affect libido or are there other things that are common to experience during the flatline as well?

A: Good question. Guys often use the word “flatline” to describe a phase of a complete lack of libido they are going thorugh after quitting porn. However, during that same phase it is extremely common to also have low energy and drive. Struggling with a low mood or even depression is also very common during the phase. So, no, it's not just your libido that is low during a flatline.

Q: If you have several flatlines, is the last one the longest?

A: No, the last one is genraly the shortest on and first one is generally the longest. Since we're all different, there might be a few exceptions, but in most cases the first one will be the longest one.

Q: Did you go through a flatline, Bob?

A: Yes I did. Several of them. I often talk about this on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self.

Alright, that's it for this article, thanks for reading everyone and if you need my help with rebooting, you can always find me through my contact page right here. 

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