NoFap – Can’t Focus (Do This To Help Concentrate)

NoFap – Can't Focus

NoFap can sometimes make it very hard to focus. Almost to the point of not getting anything done.

There are several reasons for that. One being the significant energy increase that comes along with embarking on a NoFap journey.

The good news is that you can turn it to your advantage as well, if you implement the tips I'm going to talk about in this article.

The reasons for why it can sometimes be hard to focus while on NoFap

There are mainly two reasons for why it sometimes can be hard to foucus while on NoFap.

They are…

  • You are going through withdrawals after quitting porn (yest this is actually very common).
  • Your sexual energy is high and thus you have a hard time controlling your thoughts.

Now, before I continue I would like to point out that these can be overcome, and after that, it's highly likely that you will experience an increase in focus.

Yes, most guys on NoFap actually have a better focus and a sharper mind than they've ever experienced prior to starting NoFap.

The withdrawal period – why it affects focus – and how long it lasts

I'll try to make this a short as possible, if you want a longer version going deep into it, you can take a look at the blog post No Pmo and dopamie – Why guys who do NoFap win at life.

Basically, what happens inside your brain when you are fapping too often and too much to porn, is that you mess up your dopamine system.

All those super stimulating porn sites can make your reward system numb (desensitized). If you now go, “oh come one!” ,  you have to understand that in one sitting you can see more hot babes than your cavemen ansestors could see in several lifetimes. The primitive part of your brain is just very poorly equipped to handle all that supernormal stimuli.

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Addiction related brain changes destroy your focus…

This overuse of porn sites can cause addiction related brain changes and already here is where your focus and concentration starts to suffer.


Well, because the key to having great concentration is having an optimal functioning dopamine system.

So, now some of you say, “yeah, maybe my focus was bad before I started NoFap, but now I'm on day 23 and it's even worse”

Well, that my friends, is because, when it comes to quitting addictions, it gets worse before it gets better.


Enter, the withdrawals…

Withdrawals after quitting…

Most guys actually suffer from some form of withdrawals for a few weeks before they start to feel better and experience strong NoFap benefits.

Here are some common withdrawal symptoms…

  • Irritability
  • Lack of focus
  • Poor concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Cravings for junk food
  • Lack of energy and drive
  • Tremors

Pretty wild, huh?

Well, pay attention to the second and third one on that list, lack of focus and poor concentration…

…sounds familiar?

If you want to dive deeper in to the withdrawals and discover more, read No PMO Withdrawal symptoms 

How long will the withdrawals last?

How long the withdrawals lasts depends on the person, his history of porn use and whether or not he is having a healthy lifestyle during his pmo reboot.

About 30 days: Typically one can say that many guys start noticing a relief after about 30 days. And some find that they continue to improve for a few months after that. But in general, most people have noticed at least some relief and benefits after the 30 day mark.

Then there are also those who just take longer.

There's also this thing called post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) which can linger for even more than a year after quitting.

Having “paws” doesn't have to mean constant unpleasant feelings, but every now and then, the withdrawals you felt during the first month will rear its ugly head again, making you suffer for an hour or two.

What to do to increase your focus on NoFap

Let's move on to the more interesting part of the blog post…

…practical things you can do to improve your focus while you're trudging forward on your NoFap journey.

Tip #1 Take a 45 minute brisk walk

If you're trying to work on a project and your thoughts are all shattered with no seemingly ability to control, don't just sit there trying to force it…

…get up, put your shoes on and go for a 45 min long walk.

This is an easy, safe, yet effective way to instantly improve your focus.

No matter in what state you happen to be, the cross movement of your arms and legs you do when walking tends to stabilize your mind.

Of course you can take a longer walk than 45 minutes if you want to, but 45 minutes really seem to be the minimum effective dose for putting your brain back in gear. Then when you come home, jump right back into that project you were supposed to do.

Here's the deal: You still have that powerful sexual energy inside of you, but after the walk it's now easier to channel it into your work. So you see, NoFap can actually help you get more done, if you implement these “hacks”.

This is an easy, relatively quick fix and it works, so as the Nike slogan says…

…just do it!

Tip #2 Try the brain pill

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If taking a walk was easy, this one is even easier. Just take one pill in the morning and, if you feel like it, another in the afternoon.

The brain pill is an over the counter product designed to increase…

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Mood

…and boy does it work!

I have been using it myself, on and off, for many years now and I can tell you that the days I'm on it I get so much done.

I literally get 3-4 times more work done no matter the distraction going on around me – be it construction noises, loud people or just some of my own flickering distracting thoughts. It's quite amazing really.

Now, of course it's less expensive to take a walk, but sometimes when I really need to put the hammer down and be super productive, and I really don't have time for other “hacks”, I just take one of these “brain pills” and away I go.

If interested you can click here to check current pricing at the online vendor.

I also noticed the brain pill helping me deal with my urges back when I was trying to overcome my own pmo addiction a few years ago. It was like, I could still feel the urges, but since my brain was in a higher gear after taking the brain pill there were less problems with self control. So the brain pill could potentially also help reduce your relapses.

You can click here to learn more about it and to read other real user reviews over at their website.

By the way, as a quick side note, Mr Ken Jennings, who is a Jeopardy master with wins that exceeds 4 million dollars is also using the brain pill. I guess, if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

Tip#3 Meditate

This one is also powerful.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to learn how to deal with distractions like thoughts, urges, emotions, sounds etc.-  in order to focus on what you want to be focusing on.

In fact one can really go as far as saying that meditation is a training session for exactly that.


Well, tjust think about it…

…what are you doing when you are meditating?

One way of meditating is to sit down and focus on your breath. Feel the cool air going in through your nose when you inhale (through your nose) and the warm air touching your lips when you exhale (through your mouth).

Then when a thought pops up in your head, you just notice it without judgement and right away you turn your focus back to the breath. So, for each time you turn your focus back to your breath, it is like you are doing one rep for your concentration muscle.

Meditating is to your prefrontal cortex what using a dumbbell is to your biceps. And if you didn't know, your PFC is the part of your brain that is responsible for planning, self control,  focus and concentration.

Tip #4 Take a cold shower

Nothing shakes you up and changes your state of mind faster than taking a cold shower.

It's literally impossible to have some nagging thoughts running through your mind while your in the shower, and most of the time, when the shower is over, those thoughts are gone.

Taking a cold shower is the closest thing we have to a “reset button” on our brain!

Obviously, resetting your brain and changing your state of mind will help you if you have a hard time focusing on NoFap.

Cold showers increase dopamine levels…

By the way, did you know that cold showers also increase your dopamine levels?

Yes, and those painfully low dopamine levels are actually part of what gives you urges.

In addition, dopamine is the key neurotransmitter for focus and concentration. And if that wasn't enough, cold showers may also help up-regulate your dopamine receptors. You know, the ones you've been knocking out with all your yeas of porn use.

…so, taking a cold shower is a double, or even triple, win.

NoFap Can't Focus

The things I've talked about in this post are both effective and work quickly, but still, if you keep doing them long term they become even more effective…

…especially meditation and cold showers.

So, do try them out and if you feel you want more tips, then consider checking out my YouTube channel right here, as I talk a lot about living a NoFap lifestyle over there.

Also, remember that NoFap actually helps with focus and concentration if you get over that initial withdrawal period and learn how to use that extra energy it provides.

If you have questions or want to reach out to me personally, you can do so through my contact page right here.

Thanks for reading.

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