NoFap – Are Pictures Of Girlfriend Okay?

NoFap – Are Pictures Of Girlfriend Okay?

So you have just started NoFap and now you are wondering if those hot pictures your girlfriend is sending you every once in a while are okay to look at during your NoFap journey…

…what about the short video clips she is sending?

Will enjoying them hurt your reboot in any way?

Well, let's jump in and take a look at it…

Is Looking At Pictures of My Girlfriend Ok During Reboot?

I'm going to give you the answer as quick as possible in order to not have to make you skim through the whole article before grtting there, but first…

…you need to know that it depends on why you are doing NoFap in the frist place.

  • If you are trying to overcome a porn addiction – avoid looking at erotic pictures of your girlfriend!
  • You don't consider yourself addicted – pictures of your GF are OK.
  • If you are trying to recover from PIED – avoid looking at pictures of your girlfriend!
  • Just doing NoFap for semen retention benefits – pictures of your GF are OK!

Looking At Pictures of Your GF is Not Damaging To Your Brain – Under normal circumstances

There is a huge difference between the super stimulating online adult sites and the occasionally erotic pictures or video clips you get from your girlfriend.

What drives an addiction to internet porn is unending novelty that is making it possible to click from scene to scene for hours at end, driving your dopamine levels to sky high levels while keeping them high for a long period of time.

Even if your GF is very hot – she still pales in comparison!

No offense, but your girlfriend just can't compete…

…no girl can!

Even if your girlfriend happens to be very hot, which I'm sure she is (because hey, it's YOUR girlfriend ey?) a few pictures of her in your phone still pales in comparison to the unending novelty out on the web.

You need to understand that every time you click to a new person, or an new porn actress, your dopamine shoots up again and this can not happen with pictures of your GF, as she is only one person.

Even if the pictures of your girlfriend make your brain release dopamine, it's not the same  as clicking from video to video on adult sites, chasing the best scene to end on. So, under normal circumstances, it does not hurt your brain at all. However, if your brain is already damaged by porn, then you need to let it heal, and then the pictures of your girlfriend instantly become as different matter.

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Analogy: running is okay- but if your leg is already broken you need to let it heal…

So, under normal circumstances just looking at erotic videos or pictures of your girlfriend does not harm your brain at all.

If you on the other hand already have developed addiction related brain changes to adult sites then it becomes a different matter.

A good analogy would be, your legs are able to tolerate you running around and jumping up and down. However, if you have an injured leg, running is not good for you since you then need to let your legs heal.

Don't feed the addiction!

You need to stop feeding the addiction if you ever want to overcome it.

You see, if you have developed an addiction to online porn, then you have literally trained your brain to become aroused by pixels on a screen. When trying to overcome your addiction you need to stop feeding it with arousing pixels, or else you will never heal. No matter from what angle you want to look at it (quite literally in this case), the erotic pictures of your GF are still pixels on a screen.

I think you might start to get the picture now…

…my picture that is :)

So, the short and simple rule is, if you are trying to recover from porn induced ED or if you are trying to overcome an addiction to online pornography in general, just say no to ANY pixels that can turn you on and say no to ANY artificial ways of turning you on that isn't real physical, human, connection…

…even if the pixels on the screen just happen to form such a beautiful creation as your beloved girl friend.

NoFap as a fun challenge…

Now, if you on the other hand are just doing NoFap as a fun challenge to get some, or several of the common benefits, like for example…

  • An increase in energy levels.
  • More motivation and drive.
  • Increased confidence.

…and you are not addicted, then just looking at photos of your girlfriend will not do any harm at all.

You go right ahead and just enjoy them.

Pictures Of Girlfriend Ok During Reboot?

I think I already made it pretty clear in the article, but just to sum it up really quickly…

…do not look at pictures of your girlfriend during NoFap if you are trying to overcome porn addiction or porn induced ED. If you are not having problems with any of those, you go right ahead.

I hope this gave you some clarity.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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FAQ's About What's Allowed During A PMO Reboot

Q: Is it ok for me to listen to erotic novels in audio format during my reboot? I'm trying to recover from PIED?

A: No. You will hold yourself back if you do that and perhaps, in worst case scenario, never recover. If you want to overcome PIED you need to rewire your sexual responses back to real life people. That is not done by listening to stories. When in doubt think, artificial = no! Physical contact with real person = yes!

Q: Can I look at R rated movies during my PMO reboot?

A: If you happen to see an erotic scene while watching a movie, it's no big deal really, but if you are intentionally seeking out such movies just to get a dopamine hit, then it's a problem. Another thing to keep in mind is that they can be highly triggering, so you might end up relapse for real. Why not make it easier for you and just avoid them until you have overcome your addiction?

Q: Is booty shaking videos OK during reboot?

A: Well, you obviously watch them to get turned on, right? I mean, it's not like those videos are educational and serve much other purpose. So, if your are trying to overcome a porn addiction or heal your PIED,  don't do it. In that case,  pixels = no. Real people = yes!


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