NoFap And Performance Anxiety

NoFap And Performance Anxiety

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  • How NoFap helps with performance anxiety for most guys,
  • How NoFap actually makes performance anxiety worse for other guys.
  • Examples from guys doing NoFap and who got rid of their performance anxiety.
  • Clever Tips on how to get rid of performance anxiety on NoFap.
  • How long does it take to get better.

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Also, make sure to scroll down to the later part of the article where I share some really helpful tips on how to both overcome performance anxiety as well as increase performance in and and of itself.

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NoFap Can Help Performance Anxiety For A Lot Of Guys

NoFap can indeed reduce performance anxiety for a lot of guys.

Before we start, however, I need to point out that…

When going on a NoFap journey, some guys don't get any relief at all. Others notice a slight anxiety reduction and then their is a pretty big group of guys who experience a massive improvement in their performance anxiety, with some even to the point of getting rid of their performance anxiety altogether.

Why NoFap Can Help With Performance Anxiety

As we all know, life is complex and there can be many causes of one effect.

That is certainly something that holds true when it comes to performance anxiety and NoFap as well. But let's take a look at some of the absolute biggest reasons why NoFap can help with performance anxiety in the bedroom.

Reason #1 Porn addiction symptoms destroy confidence in the bedroom!

The more a guy is fapping to porn, the more he is conditioning his sexual responses to become aroused by pixels on a screen instead of real life women.

These are real physical brain changes that often result in…

  • A diminished feeling of attraction towards the bedroom partner.
  • Erection problems, such as not reaching full hardness or going soft during intercourse. Some guys even develop fullblown ED – Porn indeuced erectile dysfunction (PIED).
  • Delayed ejaculation.

These symptoms can, obviously, be both embarrassing and cause strong performance anxiety.

The good new is that when guys go on a NoFap journey, the said brain changes can and will reverse, and thus those symptoms also, most often, go away and as a result the nofapper experience a big reduction in his performance anxiety.

By the way, if PIED is your main problem, then you might find my article, Weak erections during PMO reboot of particular interest.

Reason #2 Mental pictures disappear!

Reason #1 was dues to real physical brain changes, this one however, is more mental. But don't neglect it because of that, thinking it's not a potent reason, because for many guys this is actually the biggest reason of them all.

“This might be the biggest reson of them all!”

You see, we are programming our brains with everything we do in life and when it comes to porn, this is particularly bad.

When you are watching adult sites, whether you like it or not, your subconscious mind is getting info on what a “good performance” is supposed to look like. Very unrealistic info, but info, nevertheless. And on a subconscious level it is virtually impossible for you to not start comparing yourself to those male adult stars.

Keep in mind that the male porn starts are also chosen because they got certain male “attributes” that the average man just can't compete with.

On top of this we forget that what we are watching is in fact a “movie”. Meaning there are a ton of cut scenes that, when pasted together, make it look like they can perform like machines, not showing all the instances where they go soft or “fail” in other ways.

In other words, we are watching highly unrealistic “sex Gods” forming mental images in our brains. There are then images that our subconscious mind makes us compare ourselves to. The good news is that, when going on a NoFap journey and giving up porn, those images will start to pale and as a result we automatically start feeling much better about ourselves in the bedroom, resulting in significantly less performance anxiety.

Reason #3 Turbocharging your “core driver”

This is powerful, let me tell you!

For many guys it can be so powerful that it completely “overrides” any potential anxiety or worrisome thoughts.

When you stop wiring your sexual responses to pixels on a screen and you stop feeding it that “digital heroin”, i.e. porn, then your natural libido will come back to life, and boy can it be strong…

…especially if you combine it with semen retention for a couple of weeks.

This is what so often gives guys that intrinsic motivation to go out int the world…

….going out, after the real deal.

This “core driver” can be so strong that it completely overrides and potential worry or anxiety about performance and later, when the time comes to fool around in the hay, it is indeed possible to let that core driver take over and just allow yourself to relax following along for the ride. It may take some practice and getting used to, though.

Interestingly, it is probably this same “core driver” that some guys can harness and use as fuel to reach other goals in life as well, by practicing sexual transmutation.

This is why so many men who are practicing semen retention can manage to pull of seemingly herculean tasks and goals…

…that, and a better functioning dopamine system (watch the post No PMO and dopamine – for more info on that).

What Percentage Of Guys Experience Reduced Performance Anxiety By Doing NoFap?

So, as we have made pretty clear by now, PMO addiction and performance anxiety often go hand in hand, but what percentage of the guys actually find NoFap helpful for their performance anxiety?

Well, to make this article more interesting to read I decided to create a poll on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self.

More than 95% of my followers are guys who are doing NoFap and the poll is directed to those who are, or have recently been sexually active.

Out of 1482 votes, this is how some of my subscribers responded…

  • NoFap hasn't affected my performance anxiety at all: 14%
  • NoFap has reduced my performance anxiety: 48%
  • NoFap has INCREASED my performance anxiety: 13%
  • I never suffered from performance anxiety in the bedroom: 26%

As you can see, a clear majority of the guys find that NoFap has helped their performance anxiety in the bedroom, but then there are also those who find that NoFap actually makes their performance anxiety worse.

How Long Does it Tak NoFap To Reduce Performance Anxiety?

Guys usually need to start seeing other benefits from living a no PMO lifestyle before their confidence will grow in the bedroom.

This may take anywhere from 4-80 weeks, depending on the guys.

Yeah, I know that is a huge range and probably not the answer you are looking for, but I have to be honest about it.

If you twisted my arm and I had to narrow it down then I would say that, based on averages and what I have seen so far, most guys have started seeing some nice benefits from doing NoFap at the 90-100 day mark, but that their situation will most likely continue to improve for a long time after that. Some guys do need a lot more time, though.

By “benefits” I'm now talking about…

  • Increased libido for real life people
  • Stronger and better functioning erections
  • Reduction of delayed ejaculation
  • Better focus and concentration
  • More motivation and drive
  • Higher energy levels

There are more, but those are the most common ones.

Keep in mind that, most of the time, there is a delay in the confidence increase, as guys often have to start feeling that they can stand solidly on the newfound benefits, before their performance anxiety starts to diminish.

Examples of what guys are saying…

Let's take a look at what a couple of guys are saying about how their performance anxiety got better by doing NoFap.

Guy number 1

I had problems performing in the bed because all the years of fapping to porn had really messed me up. I had problems performing and in my case I'm sure it was a combination of mild PIED and performance anxiety. Today I'm 195 days of no PMO, my dick works like a champ and my performance anxiety is gone.

Guy number 2

NoFap definitely helped with my performance anxiety. It's been almost a year since my last relapse and I no longer worry about my performance in the bedroom. NoFap has been helpful for reducing anxiety in general. Not just when it comes to sex.

When NoFap Makes Performance Anxiety Worse!

There are also some unlucky guys who experience an increase in performance anxiety when going on a NoFap journey.

As you saw in the poll earlier on, these guys are in the minority, though.

But why does it get worse for some?

Well, let's take a look…

Why does it get worse for some?

Again, every NoFap journey is different and this is highly individual, but here are the most common reasons for why some guys actually get more nervous in the bedroom…

Reason #1 In the first couple of months – they have withdrawals

For many guys, NoFap is not just a “cool little challenge”. No, lot's of people have developed real addiction related brain changes by all the years from fapping to porn…

…in other words, they are addicted to porn!

Now, addiction related brain changes most often also means that, when guys stop using, they will experience some form of withdrawal symptoms. (See the article PMO withdrawal symptoms)

For porn addicts the withdrawals commonly starts pretty quickly, within just a few days, and can last a couple of months. This is the “acute” withdrawal phase and it can be pretty nasty, but then some unlucky guys can also experience something called “post acute withdrawal symptoms” or PAWS. This period can last up to a year and sometimes even longer.

It's important to note, however, that if you run into PAWS, they are almost never as aggressive and nasty as the once you face during the first “acute withdrawal phase”.

But here's the deal…

During withdrawals your brain function, with all your neurotransmitters can really go haywire, manifesting itself in all kinds of problems like…

  • A libido that is already low dropping even further – potentially causing even weaker erections.
  • Heightened stress – potentially resulting in even worse ejaculatory control.
  • A sudden increase in anxiety in and of itself – obviously also affects performance anxiety – Duh!
  • Irritability.
  • Insomnia.
  • And more….

Withdrawal symptoms can cause performance anxiety…

There are many things going on inside your brain during this period, but perhaps the biggest one, that might play really nasty tricks on you in the bedroom, is that during withdrawals your stress center in the brain is hyper active.

Naturally this may cause all kinds of nasty symptoms.

If you are going through withdrawals right now, just know that most guys will start feeling significantly better after about one month in.

Reason #2 NoFap can make some “bust” too quickly

When going on a NoFap journey, some guys quickly become a lot more sensitive “down there” and as a result they may start experiencing premature ejaculation. This, in turn, can cause performance anxiety as many guys feel embarrassed when they pop the champagne cork way too soon.

You can become more sensitive in two ways…

First, When you stop desensitizing your reward system and your sexual circuitry in the brain with all the extremely stimulating adult sites,  your brain is now able to send stronger signals to your beloved penis. This will also increase the “feel”, down there.

Second, If you have been using the infamous “death grip” during your masturbation sessions, the penis will regain sensitivity just by the fact that you're letting the physical surface “recover”.

…thus it becomes more sensitive to physical stimulation again.

The first one is the most common one.

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There is hope…

If you recognize yourself in this then don't freak out because there is hope.

Once guys get used to the more sensitive feeling, the PE tend to reduce on it's own. However, to be perfectly honest, some guys seem to be left struggling a bit with it, even for years.

If you need more help with this, check out my blog post NoFap and PE – 10 Tips to help you last longer in bed.

Examples of what guys are saying about busting too soon when doing Nofap

Here are a couple of quotes from guys who feel that PE has become a bit of a problem after having been on NoFap for a while…

Guy number 1

“Ok so my erections are harder now but instead I now I tend to cum too quickly. I hope this is temporary as I feel kind of embarrassed about it… but even if it isn't I'd still rather have PE than a limp dick. I'll continue NoFap 100%.”

Guy number 2

“Living a no PMO lifestyle has done a lot of good for me. I'm 159 days in and I have more energy, better focus and a healthy libido, but my performance anxiety is still very high as I tend to orgasm very qucikly. I will keep working on it and hopefully it will go away some day soon.”

Other Things You Could Try That May Help Your Performance Anxiety

Let's take a closer look at some tools and tricks you can try if you are having issues in the bedroom.

Things that might help…

  • Anxiety on its own.
  • Boost your libido.
  • Increase your erection strength.
  • Prevent you from “busting” too soon.

To reduce anxiety on its own + help with your libido –ProVanax

Click image to check current pricing at the online vendor!

ProVanax is something I have been using myself for many years now, for anxiety in general, but it is actually perfect for performance anxiety in the bedroom.


Well, it works well for sexual performance anxiety because…

  • It reduces overall anxiety. (This is what its made for)
  • It relaxes your muscles, making it easier to get an erection.
  • It slightly increases libido.

I have been using it with great success for example when performing on stage with my musical instrument (I'm a trumpet player) or when I had to make some challenging presentations or just when going through some really stressful periods in general…

…or when having trouble falling asleep at night.

Naturally, I have also tried it in the bedroom, especially during my own rebooting years, and it works especially well for bedroom anxiety as it both calms you down while it at the same time increases you libido a bit.

This makes it easier to last longer as well as to achieve and maintain an erection, all while reducing your anxiety levels.

If interested, you can click here to check pricing at online vendor.

If you are worried about your libido and erection strength –AlphaViril

Click image to check current pricing at online vendor…

Anxiety aside, AlphaViril is my favorit supplement.

I like it so much that I happily pay the pretty high customs that follows when I'm having to order something from USA and have them ship it to my country.

Alphaviril is a testosterone and libido booster and it works amazingly well.

I have even made a special AlphaViril review on another page here on my website, so I won't get too detailed about it here, but in short…

…I have found AlphaViril to…

  • Significantly increase my libido (it even helped me back when I was not fully rebooted)
  • Increase my erection strength
  • Increase the sensitivity in my penis (almost like I can feel the pulse at the tip of my penis)
  • Increase my testosterone levels (I have confirmed this with blood samples, as I share in my review)

The reason for why AlphaViril works so well is because of its unique extra strength formula that targets several areas of your sexual mechanism.

Unlike prescription ED drugs, which only work on blood flow, AlphaViril stimulates the sexual center in your brain, while simultaneously increasing your testosterone optimizes your dopamine production.

If you didn't know; dopamine and testosterone are two two biggest players driving your libido.

On top of this, AlphaViril also contains nitrates, which widens blood vessels in your nether regions, giving you harder and fuller erections.

If interested, you can click here to check current pricing over at the online vendor.

NoFap And Performance Anxiety in The Bedroom
Final Words

So, in conclusion, NoFap helps performance anxiety for most guys, while there are still a few “unlucky” guys who notice no reduction in their anxiety at all and about 12% of men actually experience an INCREASE in performance anxiety from doing NoFap.

In what group do you belong?

Well, only one way to know for sure. Why not embark on a NoFap journey and find out for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About NoFap And Sexual Performance

Q: My question is about NoFap and performance anxiety in the bedroom. Whenever I go more than 30 days of NoFap I lose my interest in sex and this makes it harder for me to perform. Sometimes I don't even get it up at all, what do you think could be going on?

A: That is most likely the “dreaded flatline”. Yes, you are probably just going through a flatline. The flatline is a part of the recovery and most guys are going to have to face it at some point. This is often happens in the beginning of the reboot. Don't worry,though, the flatline is temporary and will pass in a month or two (some guys need a bit more time than that, but generally speaking). To learn more about the flatline you can read my article NoFap flatline – what is it?

Q: NoFap makes my erections harder but instead I become so sensitive that I tend to cum too quickly. How do we get around this problem?

A: Take a look at my article 10 Tips for PE -Does NoFap help you last longer in bed?

Q: NoFap made my performance anxiety better, but now I have another kind of anxiety instead. I developed so strong feelings for my partner that the thought of her maybe leaving me someday sometimes gives me intense anxiety. It is like rebooting made all my senses sharper, my feelings for everything…for her too and so I'm worried about the possibility of her leaving me.

A: Congratulations. Quitting PMO made you be able to experience stronger feelings again and this is something a lot of guys experience when giving up porn. Let me tell you, a lot of guys who are still stuck in the addiction, and are badly desensitized, would love to be in your situation! So, instead of worrying about what could go wrong, rejoice and be happy about being fully functional again. However, if anxiety and worry really becomes a big problem for you, I highly recommend you read the book, How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie (Amazon aff. link) as that book contains a lot of golden tips that can really help you reduce your worry.

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