NoFap And Muscle Gain – NoFap Workout Strategy For Strength

NoFap And Muscle Gains

Does NoFap increase strength?

Well, this is what I am going to take a deeper dive into today, and if you are interested in Nofap and strength gains then this article is a MUST read for you.

The article is written in three parts…

  • PART 1: NoFap and muscle building. (Does NoFap really increase gains, and if so, why?)
  • Part 2:  A training model, using a cool “NoFap hack” for maximum gains.
  • Part 3:  General tips for muscle building.

If you like gym training and if you are open to the whole idea of NoFap, then I'm 100% confident that you will find this article very interesting…

…so, are you ready for it?

Good! Let's talk gains…

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Strength Increase On Nofap – is it Real?

So does NoFap increase strength?

Short answer: Yes it does!

Long answer: keep reading…

Nofap and working out is a phenomenal combination.

The increased drive and energy that at least 90% of people experience while doing NoFap can be channeled into tough and effective gym workouts, and of course, if doing it in a smart way the results will follow…

…it is a universal law…

…more input = more output!

Of course an increase in energy and motivation is extremely beneficial for gym training in and of itself, I mean, why do so many bodybuilders take a pre-workout supplement in the first place? …

…that's right, to get MORE ENERGY, but back to NoFap,  there is more  going on than just increased energy…

NoFap and Weight Lifting
Why Does It Work?

I believe that the improved gym results people experience while doing NoFap can be explained by to the following factors…

  • Abstinence from ejaculation can upregulate androgen receptors
  • A better functioning reward center
  • Semen retention

Increased androgen receptors

So what does “androgen receptors” mean?

The king of all hormones “testosterone” locks to the androgen receptors. Without androgen receptors we would not be able to utilize any of the testosterone the body produces…

…so that means, with more androgen receptors, we become better at utilizing testosterone. The net effect of this is the same as if testosterone levels themselves would be higher…

…pretty cool huh?

But not so fast…

Is it too much ejaculation that causes a DOWNREGULATION of androgen receptors OR is it abstinence that causes an UPREGULATION of androgen receptors???

Well, first I need to point out that no one can probably answer that question with 100 percent certainty, but personally, I think it is both!

What we do know is that too much ejaculation, with sexual exhaustion in rats, downregulate the androgen receptors.

Studies have shown that their receptors need 7- 15 days to recover from excessive ejaculation and reach “baseline density” again.

Here I'm 100% certain that excessive ejaculation also causes the same receptor downregulation in humans, although the number of days needed to recover may of course differ in humans…

…however, no studies have been done on the recovery in our species yet, as far as I'm aware of.

What about upregulation ABOVE baseline levels?

What is more unclear is if abstinence can increase the androgen receptors ABOVE baseline density.

We do know that people can grow more androgen receptors, by for example doing activities like strength training itself, and by eating certain things, but it is not clear whether or not a longer period of abstinence further increase the number of receptors once baseline levels are reached.

Personally, I think they do…

…now, this is just my opinion, I can not find any studies done on this, and I think no one knows for sure, but it certainly would explain the increased aggressiveness in for example male boxers who abstain a few weeks before an important fight.

A Better functioning reward center = More sensitive to LIFE!

nofap and the reward center
Any addiction, no matter if it's alcohol, gamling, hard drugs or porn kills your dopamine receptors…

Today's high speed internet porn is a supernormal stimulus, potent enough to knock out the dopamine receptors in the brains reward system.

This downregulation of receptors can happen even if we are not addicted to the porn, however, IF the user has become addicted, well then the receptors will REALLY suffer…

…and let's face it, a huge part of men who start NoFap have developed addiction related brain changes.

With less dopamine receptors a person becomes less sensitive to dopamine and as a result he will probably experience some or several of the following…

  • Lack of motivation and drive
  • Poor short term memory
  • Inability to focus
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Concentration problems
  • Social anxiety
  • Muscle pain

Now, the great thing about going on NoFap and quitting porn is that the brain will rebalance itself and the receptors will grow back. This takes some time, but it can happen in a matter of just a couple of months…

…and, suddenly, you can now feel the effects of dopamine again with a HUGE lift in energy, motivation, drive and life-force.

Another way to put it is: overindulgence in supernormal stimuli and compulsivity leads to a numb, dead feeling towards life, while consciousness and learning to be the master of your urges leads to you being more sensitive to life…and the more sensitive you are to life, the more opportunities come your way!!!

As for NoFap and muscle gains, well what do you think more energy, life-force, drive and motivation can do to the intensity you bring to the gym?  I don't think I even need to answer that. It's just too obvious…

…let's move on to the mysterious semen retention itself…

Semen retention and strength

If you have followed my videos on YouTube, and read my other posts,  by now you know that I'm the kind of guy who likes to read studies and back up my writings with science, but when it comes to semen retention itself…

…well, I can't.

As far as real research, there is just not a whole lot one can find out there on semen retention.

However, semen retention is a mysterious thing and just because there is little to no research made on it, well, that does not mean I don't believe there are benefits to it, and as the saying goes: “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”.

The anecdotal evidence from powerful men who practised semen retention throughout history are just too numerous to ignore.

Some examples of men with incredible physical strength who swore that semen retention made them stronger…

  • Mike Tyson
  • Muhammad Ali “His thing is control over sexuality. He who can control his sexuality can win the title.”  -Coach, Harry Wiley-
  • David Haye (World heavy weight boxing champion)  “I don’t ejaculate for six weeks before the fight. No sex, no masturbation, no nothing.”
  • Georg Hackenschmidt (20 century super strongman) “He who observes this recommendation will soon benefit from increased strength”
  • The Great Gama (undefeated world champion wrestler) “A wrestler must be celibate  because semen is regarded as the primary source of strength”

The list goes on and on, but I don't want to make this article too long, so that will have to do for now…

Note: remember now, I am NOT saying that one can not become strong without doing NoFap. In fact, most bodybuilders and strongmen of today are probably not practising semen retention, however, I really believe that NoFap can give you that bit of “extra oomph” to elevate your strength to a higher level…

Speaking of elevating strength, let's take a look at a cool workout program that utilizes the “day 7 testosterone spike” that happens when abstaining from ejaculation.

PART 2 – The Model (A Biological “NoFap Hack”)

A Super Interesting Biological “Hack” For More Gains On NoFap

NoFap and muscle building can work extremely well together when using a cool little biological hack.

So what do I mean here?

Well, a Chinese study made on blood testosterone levels in men who abstain from ejaculating shows something  interesting indeed…

…on day 6 the testosterone starts to rise and on day 7 it spikes with a whopping 147%!!!

Now it would be great if the testosterone continued to say elevated after day 7, but unfortunately it starts to come back down on day 8 and by day 9 the testosterone is pretty much back to baseline where it continues to stay, even if you keep yourself from ejaculating.

That spike is potentially big enough to help us build some more “NoFap muscle”!!!

Now, before I continue with showing you how to best utilize that testosterone spike that happens on days 6-8 I need to put a warning here…

WARNING!  Do NOT use this NoFap workout routine if you are battling a serious porn addiction right now, and you keep relapsing to porn again and again. Also do NOT use it if you believe in total semen retention with ZERO ejaculations.

Ejaculate on day 9

Ok ,so now you have been warned. The workout routine is going to be controversial because it will include one strategically placed ejaculation to reset the testosterone cycle…

…the ejaculation should be done on day 9 (and I'll explain why in just a minute)

So, again this workout hack is NOT for you if you want to stay in “monk mode” with zero ejaculations.

Remember, the testosterone levels will stay at baseline after day 7, no matter how far you go, but by resetting with one ejaculation on day 9, you can utilize that spike over and over again.

When you ejaculate on day 9, do NOT use porn!

The best way to ejaculate is of course with a real life partner, but if no one is there to help you and you want to try this program, then you will have to do it yourself.

This is why this NoFap workout hack is going to be controversial, and again, there is certainly no need for you to do it if you believe in zero ejaculations. 

Why day 9 ?

Sometimes on forums I see people arguing about the best way to use that 7-day testosterone spike. Some people think we should bust a nut on day 7 and some even suggest day 6…

…this is surprising to me, I mean, are those guys trying to see who can cross the idiot line faster?


If the testosterone is at an all time high on day 7, then WHY would you want to ejaculate on day 7 then?  That would kill your best day. So fapping on day 7 is stupid beyond belief, let alone doing it on day 6…

…I mean come on!

By ejaculating on day 9 we get the benefits of the raise on day 6, the huge spike on day 7, and the still somewhat elevated level on day 8. AND just one ejaculation every 9th day is probably not going to downregulate the androgen receptors in any significant way.

In fact, I would be willing to bet that a 9 day ejaculation cycle is long enough for a guy to have more androgen receptors than “the average guy” who are not into NoFap…

…in other words, you would take advantage of the huge testosterone spike AND you would have more androgen receptors, utilizing all that high testosterone…

…pretty cool huh?

Now, for the last time, do NOT DO THIS if you have problems with porn relapses. If you can't go a week or two without relapsing to porn, then this is not for you, unless you have a girlfriend and can ejaculate every 9'th day with her help so you don't have to use masturbation.

Ok, so without further ado, let's get to the workout routine so you can start combining NoFap and muscle building in an effective way…

-The NoFap Workout Routine-

Combining NoFap and traning – THE TRAINING MODEL

  • Day 1 Slow Cardio  (for example a 45 minute brisk walk)
  • Day 2 Back and biceps
  • Day 3 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (Use whatever exercises you like but preferable heavy bench press for chest)
  • Day 4 Squats and abs
  • Day 5 Slow cardio (don't go too intense, a fast walk is good enough as we are considering optimal testosterone here)
  • Day 6 Deadlifts, other back exercises and biceps
  • Day 7 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps 
  • Day 8 Rest and recovery (Soft stretching and or walking)
  • Day 9  Squats and ab training – EJACULATE ONCE IN THE EVENING! 

About the Program

So now some of you may be saying “but there are only 7 days in a week”!!!

Yes, so what? That makes absolutely no difference!

Listen, your muscles do not know what day of the week it is. By doing this 9 day cycle it just means that for example your chest days wont always be on the same weekday. If  chest day #1  happen to be on Wednesday your first  week, then after the 9 day cycle is done, the next time you do chest day #1 is a Friday…get it?…

…I think you do.

This workout cycle will train the same muscles groups almost 2 times a week. It's a little less than two times a week as it is a 9 day rotation, and personally I think this is a PERFECT amount for muscle recovery.

Notice how the workout intensifies around the high testosterone days (days 6 and 7).  This is of course on purpose and a smart way to utilize the increased testosterone levels.

Additional Tips To Make it EVEN MORE Effective

While you are on the NoFap workout routine there are some additional things you can do to really skyrocket your testosterone for even more muscle gains. These are things I have experimented with myself and I have done  A LOT of blood tests to find out if it really works. In fact I talk about it in detail in my YouTube video “how to naturally increase testosterone levels

Eat More Fat

If you still believe that a very low fat diet is the way to go, well, then you have a lot of reading and learning to do. I could take up the rest of this blog post, writing how wrong that is, but in order to not fall into that rabbit hole right now, I'll keep it short by saying…

…we NEED fat! It is more important than you think, especially for testosterone production.

In fact, in the YouTube video I mentioned a couple of lines earlier, I talk about how doing cyclical keto was one of the strategies I used to boost my testosterone to very high levels.

If interested, you can click here to take a look at that video.

Bottom line, just make sure to get some healthy fats in your diet. Fat is not bad for you…

…as long as you are not overeating with a huge calorie surplus, and you are staying away from vegetable oils, (they are seed oils really but known as vegetable oils) you have nothing to worry about.

Vegetable oils to stay away from…

  • Sunflower oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Canola oil
  • Corn oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Cottonseed oil

All those vegetable / seed oils are very inflammatory and, again, do your best to avoid all of them. Consume healthy fats instead like the once you get when you eat…

  • eggs
  • salmon
  • beef
  • avocados
  • olive oil
  • coconut
  • nuts
  • almonds


…those will all boost your natural testosterone production.

Try AlphaViril

Most natural testosterone supplements you can find on the market are totally useless, but there are a few out there that actually work really well. My personal favorite is a supplement called AlphaViril. 

This supplement has several ingredients in it that are proven to increase the bodys natural testosterone production and I can confirm that it really does work. In fact AlphaViril was one of the top 4 things I did to significantly increase my testosterone levels a couple of years back during my testosterone project….

If you want to learn more about AlphaViril, I give a detailed review in this video where I also share my personal results from using it. The results were surprising, to say the least…

If interested, you can click here to check current pricing and read some more real user reviews over at the vendor's website.

Ice Your Balls

Take cold showers!

What's that you say, too painful?

Well, I hear you, but if I can do them, you can do them. The trick is to start with just a few seconds (on the coldest setting) and then gradually, day by day, increase the length until you are doing 2-5 minute ice showers.

If you just can't muster up the discipline to do this, then there is still some hope though, just end your showers by showering your balls with the cold water…

…this is much easier than showering your whole body with the cold water.

Another way to do it is to put a few ice cubes in a sock and then wrap that sock around your testicles while watching TV, every night. Just make sure to NOT put ice directly on the skin as that could cause freeze damage. Ice your balls for about 10 minutes.


Well, where does the testosterone production start?

Answer: In the testicles!

Why do you think we have our balls hanging in a sack outside of our bodies?

Answer: To keep cool!

Right, I could go one with some interesting science, but I'm sure the above lines drove home the point well enough.

Rumor has it that old time Russian power lifters use to ice their balls long before there were any illegal ways to boost the hormones like there are today.

Icing the balls is also something I have  tried myself and I talk more about it in the YouTube video I recently mentioned…

…so again, keep your balls cool. Sleep naked and also keep you bedroom cool.

General Tips For Muscle Building

The most important thing you can do in the gym is to focus most of your energy on the bigger exercises, like…

  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Pull ups

There is no doubt that these yield a much bigger hormonal respons and as a natural lifter we really need to take advantage of that.

Now this is not to say you can never do things like biceps curls or a standing shoulder fly, but you should indeed focus MORE on the big exercises.

My own rule is to put at least 80% of my energy on the big compounds and then, at the end of the gym sessions I zoom in on the isolation exercises, if I feel like it.

increased strength from nofapListen, I had pretty decent arms for a natural lifter, when I was at my all time strongest, many years ago (18.9 inches) and I would estimate that at least 95% of my arms were built by heavy bench pressing and chin ups with palms towards my face.

When training bench press, I always found it comfortable to grip the bar with a somewhat narrow grip, and I am willing to bet that most of my triceps were built by doing that.

Now, you should grip the bar where it feels comfortable for your heavy pressing, but I'm just saying this to drive home the point that the big compound exercises really are the most important ones, even for “show off” muscles like the arms.

My Personal Results From NoFap And Strength Gains

I  was never a power lifter with goals like trying to bench as much as possible. I never had any “bench technique”  with back arch like the power lifters use, I just lifted the weight with raw power because I enjoyed it…

…and sure enough, as I did use pretty heavy weights I also managed to build decent strength with a bench record of 352 ponds (160 kg).

As a natural lifter without any technique and without using any bench shirt or any other stupid equipment like that, I guess I'm pretty happy with those results, but the point of me sharing my numbers is not to try to impress anyone, it is to point out that…

…I did use NoFap to become stronger in the gym!

I did not know what NoFap was…

The funny thing is, my record lifts happened long before I even knew what NoFap was. I discovered Gary Wilson's website in the year 2012, and that year I also started doing a serious attempts at rebooting and getting rid of porn from my life for good…

…however, a few years earlier I just happen to notice that, if I don't masturbate a few days prior to a heavy gym session, I seemed to have more energy and be able to do a more intense workout.

I had stumbled upon the power of NoFap without me knowing anything about it at the time. I just remember going for a few days between masturbating because I was able to gain strength faster that way…

Abstinence made me stronger, without me knowing why

…remember, this was way back, somewhere around 2006-2008 and because I did not know anything about rebooting or porn addiction at that time, I also did not write down the number of days I abstained, but I would guess it varied between short streaks of perhaps 6-10 days, or something like that…

…perhaps something pretty close to the “NoFap workout routine” I outlined in part two in this article, without me even knowing anything about the testosterone spike or anything about nofap in general, at that time.

Then I finally discovered the golden source…

Then, as I said, I discovered Gary Wilson's website in 2012, and learned about all the negative effects masturbating to porn can have on the brain, and since that day I have read EVERYTHING I could find about porn's effects, abstaining from orgasm, rebooting etc.

I have read all the studies, and thousands upon thousands of reboot journals, and of course I have been consuming everything Gary Wilson has written on his site as well and also listened to every podcast he has ever been on… has been an interesting journey to say the least.

This was a short, but sweet story about how I “accidentally” stumbled upon NoFap and managed to increase my physical strength by abstaining from ejaculation in my younger days, and since this article is about NoFap and weight lifting, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

If you found this article interesting, you might want to also read my article called NoFap and lifting weights, as there are more interesting stuff over there.

You can >>Download<< my Quit Porn Guide for FREE right now!

NoFap And Muscle Gains
Final Words

Ok, there you have it. If you made it this far, you discovered some more depth behind the title words  “Nofap and muscle gains” and to sum everything up, there are indeed some biological explanations for the strength gains on NoFap as well as psychological explanations and, last but not least…

…thousands of anecdotal stories, my own little story included.

So having trouble putting on muscle…

…why not try NoFap?

For more interesting NoFap content, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. You can do so by >>clicking this link right here<<

I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Keep going and stay strong!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Are you struggling? Click here to go to my contact page to discover what kind of help I’m currently offering. 

PMO Rebooting F.A.Q's

Q: Can I workout even if I am in a flatline right now?

A: Absolutely, in fact you should. I believe that we can potentially speed up te reboot process a bit by working out in the gym, or by working out in any way, really.

Q: I always get urges after my gym training, why is this?

A: Well, there may be several reasons. For example, your dopamine levels increase as a result from physical exercise and dopamine is one of the key players in libido. There are also  endorphins and other feel good chemicals released during exercises so it's no wonder really. Don't stop exercising because of this, instead take it as an opportunity to just mindfully notice the urges without following them. Every time you feel a craving and choose NOT to relapse you are building a stronger prefrontal cortex (your brains control center) so don't be afraid of urges, they are literally an opportunity for you to grow stronger and create a stronger brain.

Q: What is better for speeding up the recovery, strength training or cardio?

A: I guess no one really knows an exact answer to that, however, if I speculate a bit then I could come up with the conclusion that…maybe high intensity interval training, or heavy strength training. Why? well, at least we have research showing that high intensity interval training upregulates dopamine d2 receptors. This is probably a very good thing for recovery because, as you know, dopamine receptors really gets hammered by all the supernormal stimuli we are exposing our brains to. Porn addiction in particular is especially devastating for your receptors.

Q: Where can I learn more about how to stop relapsing when doing nofap?

A: Check out this article here >> How to not relapse on NoFap

Q: Can rebooting from porn help with my PE?

A: It may very well help you. Read this article here > Does nofap help you last longer in bed?

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