NoFap And Mental Clarity (A Poll Showing Results)

NoFap And Mental Clarity

A lot of people experience mental clarity on NoFap. I also have to say that I've personally found NoFap to increase the sharpness of my brain a bit.

Before we take a look at what could be the reson for that, let's start by taking a look at a poll I made on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self.

Most of my subscribers have either tried NoFap or are currently on a NoFap streak, so asking them to help me collect some data falls very naturally.

Here's the question I asked…

Hey guys, do you find that NoFap increases your mental clarity?

Here is how they voted…

Out of 1200 people, 72% said that NoFap definitely increased their mental clarity. 21% are a bit unsure, but still think that it might do so. And only 8% (in total) felt that NoFap didn't do anything for their mental clarity.

So, out of my subscribers, there's an overwhelmingly clear majority of people who feel sharper when doing NoFap.

How can your brain get sharper by doing NoFap?

Well, there's not any real neuroscientific studies on NoFap and mental clarity per se, but we do know that overindulging in so called supernormal stimulus can blunt your dopamine sensitivity.

So, what is a supernormal stimuli, then?

Well, a supernormal stimulus is something that elicits a response stronger than the stimulus for which it evolved. And in today's world, these can be artificial things.

Some examples…

  • We've always needed calories for survival ==> Now we have junk food (more potent calories)
  • We've always needed sex for the survival of our genes ==> Now we have internet porn (endless novelty online – more potent)
  • We've always needed status and resources ==> Now we have videogames to level up in (more potent because of the lack of effort and the speed of possibility to level up, compared to real life resources gathering)

Those were just a few examples, but they're good enough for driving home the point. Which is, today our dopamine system can easily get hijacked by what it thinks is the evolutionary jackpot, when in reality it's nothing more than a shallow dopamine activity.

Internet porn is one of the biggest supernormal stimulus. This is because, since survival and reproduction has always been mother natures priority, sex is really tied to our reward system. This to make sure we go for it, and thus secure our continuous existence in the gene pool.

Considering the above, imagine then how very alluring for the brain intern pornography can be. During one single session you can see more hot, healthy and willing females ready to be fertilized, than your ancestors could see in several lifetimes…

…talk about a supernormal stimuli right there.

A supernormal stimuli can make your brain dull and foggy…

Overengagement in these super versions can blunt your dopamine response, precisely because they are so very stimulating.

And here's the thing, a blunt dopamine response can give us some, or several, of the following symptoms…

  • Less focus and concentration
  • A poor short term memory
  • Low energy
  • Brain fog
  • Low mood
  • Low libido

When looking at those, then, it becomes pretty easy to understand how NoFap – since NoFap is about quitting fapping to porn – can help resensitize the dopamine system.

You can >>Download<< my FREE Quit porn right now…


What guys are saying about NoFap and mental clarity…

Let's take a look at a few comments that a few guys left under the poll…

“In my experience mental clarity fluctuates during a reboot. From moments of extreme clarity to rather clouded judgments. . Perhaps once my hormones balance, when I have rebooted, so will my mental clarity. On a side note, there are many external factors that can affect your clarity. And it is hard to discern which exactly that is. When considering all the stressors of an average persons lifestyle.” -Llama-

“I'm used to have a pretty active monkey mind, but ever since I've started NoFap I've noticed that my line of thoughts have become really straight forward” –Vúpyéwz – Neon Zaws

“Am being bold, confident, willing to take risks… In simple words, it makes u unstoppable…”-Bobby-

“Yes definitely it does. I can remember things easily unlike before where i was forgettable. Clear thinking is one of the greatest benefit of nofap” M.M

NoFap And Mental Clarity

It's safe to say that many people who are trying NoFap do indeed feel it makes them clearer. Is this due to a better functioning dopamine system, placebo or something else?

Well, personally I'd guess perhaps there are several reasons. At least the dopamine system is at play, but who knows what else might be affecting it.

NoFap has also been shown to increase concentration, <== as you can read about in this article here.

Will it work for you?

Only one way to find out…

…why don't you give it a try and find out for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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P.S. Need my help with rebooting? If so, reach out to me through my contact page right here.


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