NoFap And Magnetic Attraction (Myth Or Reality)

NoFap And Magnetic Attraction

A lot of guys claim that they get more attention from women when they are riding on a good NoFap streak.

Others say that people in general respond more positively to them.

So, what's going on?

Is this whole NoFap and magnetic attraction really a thing?

Answer: Well, there might be something to the NoFap and magnetic attraction thing, but other than anecdotal stories, there's not much to back it up. So far, there are no real studies made on it. However, one should not be so quick to dismiss all those stories, because it's not like there's just a few of them. There are thousands…

So, all we can do in this article is to speculate and talk about it.

And that's what we are going to take a deeper dive into, right now…

Does NoFap Make You More Attractive To Women?

In this article I'm going to discuss…

  • How real, or unreal, is the NoFap attraction?
  • What could be the mechanism behind it?
  • How common is it, and how long does it take to get it?

So this is going to be pretty interesting.

First, let's start by looking at what my YouTube subscribers think about this whole NoFap attraction thing…

This is What My Subscribers Think…

I posted a poll on my YouTube channel, asking my subscribers to vote and tell me what they think about the NoFap attraction phenomenon.

More than 90% of my subscribers are doing NoFap, so I have a great opportunity to do polls and thus conduct some research, however humbly it may be.

This is how they answered.

Have you found that girls react differently to you when you're doing NoFap?

As you can see, more than 2000 people voted.

  • 35% say that they do not notice any difference.
  • 15% claim that girls are indeed more attracted to them when they do NoFap.
  • 50% claim that people in general, women and men, respond more positively to them when on NoFap.

So, those who do not notice any difference, in terms of how people respond to them being on NoFap, are clearly in the minority.

How accurate could this poll be?

Now, granted, people who subscribe to a particular YouTube channel do so because they are interested in that niche, in this case; self improvement and NoFap.

Meaning; there is a possibility that, since they are interested in NoFap and self improvement, they “want” it to work so badly that when participating in a poll they vote a bit more with “wishful thinking” than with what's actually going on.

But that would only account for some of them and the difference between guys voting in favor for having experienced NoFap attraction vs those who haven't, are just too big to ignore.

So, again, the number of people who say they have indeed noticed the NoFap attraction phenomenon are so numerous that we shouldn't just brush it off as pure wishful thinking.

How And Why Could it Work?


I personally belong to the group of guys who have noticed some strange things happening on the NoFap journey, but before we get to that, let's take a look at what could be going on here.

If there really is something to this NoFap attraction thing, what could be going on?

Well, there could be many things going on. I believe it's a matter of a combination of several different things with different ratios of those for everyone.

I believe some, or several of these play a part in the whole NoFap attraction phenomenon…

  • They feel better about themselves (thus they become more confidence and develop better social skills).
  • They themselves become more attracted to real life girls (and the girls pick up on that, perhaps with something called “mirror neurons”).
  • Possibly secreting different, or more, pheromones?
  • The masculine energy and frame of mind becomes stronger? (perhaps due to less estrogen and more androgen receptors, better posture and a bit more aggressiveness).
  • They develop a better lifestyle in general and thus they increase their sexual market value.
  • Some other biological force at play that is yet to be discovered? (Who knows, it could be possible).
  • Some other metaphysical force at play – that we do not yet understand? (I personally have a harder time with this one, but as I am an open person at heart, I do not dismissed the possibility).

Those are all some things that could be going on, and some of them, I know for a fact plays a part.

Women and confidence…

For example; one of the absolute most common benefits guys who stop fapping to porn see is a big increase in confidence.

It is also well documented that most girls find confidence to be a highly attractive trait. Not just women, since men also tend to like confident people. But women respond to confidence in a more sexual way, whereas men tend to respond more with respect and admiration.

So it's highly likely that this one plays a big part in why about 50% of my subscribers voted for the option:
“people in general respond more positively to me when doing NoFap”

Better posture and radiating masculine energy…

If you become a lot more confident and outgoing, you would also start walking and holding your posture in a different way and believe me when I say, these are things that women easily pick up on.

And the difference has not have to be huge for them to notice either!

Another common benefit guys see when they stop fapping to porn is less social anxiety and even an increased desire to socialize. Obviously this will instantly make you better at reading social cues and the whole social game will run much more smoothly for you. Again, these are things that instantly makes you much more attractive…

…but not only that!

Perhaps THE number one benefit, and also the most common reason for why guys quit porn in the first place, is the reboot their sexuality.

They have become so numb by all the high stimulating adult sites that the want to fix their desensitized reward system and rewire their sexuality to real life people instead of pixels on a screen.

You become more attractive to her and her mirror neurons fire up?

When your rewire your sexuality by rebooting and reverse your desensitization then you will become more attracted to, normal looking real life wpeople, than you ever though possible and it would not be far fetched at all to assume they can pick up on that…

…perhaps because of the mirror neurons.

The mirror neurons are not some woo woo bullshit, but is actually a well know thing in the neuroscience literature.

What is a mirror neuron, then?

A mirror neuron is something that animals and humans have in their brain.

It fires when we see a person act or feel a certain strong emotion, making us respond in a similar way. Sometimes even to the point of feeling the emotion almost with as much intensity as they are.

This is why you can sometimes feel actual pain when you for example watch TV and you see someone training in the gym, accidentally dropping a 20 pound weight on their foot…

…like sympathy pain.

The same goes if you see someone cry, or laugh. If someone breaks out in a super intense laugh, you instantly start smiling as a result. It's is contagious…

…that's because of the mirror neurons.

So, since YOU become much more attracted to real life girls on NoFap, then perhaps the mirror neurons in her brain fire and she starts feeling more attraction towards towards you. For some girls, that is, because it's not like EVERYONE suddenly respond positively to you. And what she feels from her mirror neurons is perhaps not as strong as what you feel – but still noticeable?

I talk a bit more about mirror neurons in the second half of the video below. So, if you're interested in dating during your NoFap journey, you might want to take a look at the video now.

If you found the video informative, consider checking out my YouTube channel here.

Increased masculine energy…

There are some studies pointing to the fact that frequent masturbation increases the female sex hormone estrogen in mens brain.

Whether this could translate to guys becoming a bit more feminin in the way they think, talk and behave, and thus reducing the sexual polarity between women and men is still up for debate, but I definitely think that could be the case.

Not only that, but studies on rats have shown that frequent ejaculation causes a downregulation of androgen receptors. These are receptors that the male sex hormone “testosterone” binds to. And when the rats stopped ejaculating the androgen receptors started to increase in number. Less androgen receptors = less testosterone utilization. More androgen receptors = more testosterone utilization.

So there is clearly a big association between abstinence – over ejaculation – and male to female sex hormon ratio. At least in terms of how our body and brain utilize those hormones.

So, it would not be far fetched at all to then also assume that NoFap could indeed increase our masculine “energy”, if you want to call it that.

And since most people (not all, but most) are drawn to polar opposites that could indeed be one part of why women find men who do NoFap more attractive.

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Secreting pheromones…

It's common knowledge by now that most animals secret pheromones that can make the opposite sex highly interested in them.

However, expert are not yet in full agreement on whether or not humans also do this, but many of those expert are leaning toward us really doing so.

There have for example been studies where women could pick up her boyfriends t-shirt, just by smelling it in a sea of other t-shirt. Other studies have looked into sweaty t-shirts and humans mate choice and found that smell indeed is a big part of attraction.

So, then the next logical question could be:

Does NoFap somehow change the way we smell?

Personally I have no idea, but I have heard guys saying that their girlfriend claim they smell different while they themselves are riding on a long NoFap streak.

In fact, I personally remember having one girlfriend who used to often say the exact following phrase “Now you smell horny again”, and I was like, “Yeah? how does one smell horny”?

Was that NoFap pheromones in action right there? or was it merely something that could just be brushed off as “imagination”.

I'm afraid no one knows since, as far as I know, there have been no studies made on semen retention and smell…

…not yet, at least.

One thing is for sure though; it's an interesting thought and I really do hope someone will look into it at some point.

Better lifestyle in general…

Then we also have the fact that most guys who go on a NoFap journey most often also start improving other areas of their life.

Yes, NoFap really is a keystone habit that, more often than not, also leads to other good habits!

Many guys who go on NoFap also start going to the gym, start dressing better, learning to play an instrument, reading book and develop themselves in many different areas.

Naturally all those things will also play a part in their sexual market value…

…there's no denying that and of course women, and people in general will notice!

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Here's What Some Of My Subscribers Say About The NoFap Attraction Thing…

Just a few comments that some of my subscribers left in the comment section under the poll…

Both men and women feel your energy when you are practicing semen retention. You are feeling yourself, that is why you can enjoy being alone more because you are not wasting your sacredness and the pure essence that you are made of. You start loving yourself more because you are becoming your most authentic self, the best version of yourself. -Hari B-

Idk I never really cared, I just know I feel more masculine -Haru Y-

I don't think results are immediate. It depends on how you use your energy. Something I've learned in the last few weeks has been that how you say something is important, and your tone of voice and attitude towards a situation can be more attractive than just talking basically. -Maita M-

Your own energy is different, and people notice that. It attracts them. So they want to hang out or at least have a chat with you. And because you feel more confident yourself to have a chat, they actually will like it and next time will look you up again. Not just girls, or boys in my case, but people in general! – Chris B

Yes even Older women Stand around me or seek attention. -Ivan L

How Long Does it Take To Get The NoFap Attraction?

If someone tells you an exact day on which every guy who do NoFap will get “the NoFap attraciton benefit”, then run away as fast as you can, because…

  1. Not one single person on the planet can give you such an answer.
  2. It's different for everyone.
  3. Not everyone even notice a difference.
  4. It's not like it suddenly happens one one specific day.

That said, I have read hundreds and hundreds of post from guys saying that they started to notice the attraction on and off somewhere as soon as in the second week and third week. Others in the fourth week, and some a bit later than that.

Now, if porn has really messed you up, unfortunately it can take much longer…

It probably takes longer if you are addicted to porn…


If all the years you have spent fapping to porn has caused addiction related brain changes then it's less likely that you will notice those much sought after attraction benefits…

…at least in the very beginning of your reboot.

This is probably because when quitting any addiction, the first few weeks you just feel so bad (withdrawals and flatline) that you have a hard time really noticing what's going on around you.

The second-third week attraction mysterium…

As far as the second and third weeks go, and guys who claim they start noticing something attraction around that time, there could be an interesting thing to note…

…In the study I mentioned earlier, where they took a look at rats androgen receptors after ejaculating, the androgen receptors had fully recovered by day 15 of abstinence.

Well, that correlates with the 2-3 week mark.

Is that a coincidence? Maybe…

…or maybe not.

Honestly, I have no idea. And neither does anyone else, but it sure is a damn interesting thought. But again, these were studies on rats, and not on humans and the time frame can not necessarily be transferred to us, just like that.

If Your Life Sucks – Don't Expect Miracles…

Now, if you are living in your mothers basement, with absolutely no ambitions or goals in life, having no sense of humor, style or grooming, and all you do is play videos games until 2 am every night, then…

….well, if that's your life don't expect girls to start chasing you all of a sudden just because you try to “not play with your penis” for a few weeks!

It hardly works that way.

First, we don't even know for sure if there really is some strange biological factor at play behind the whole Nofap and attraction phenomenon.

Second, even if there is (and I do think it could be the case) it can hardly be strong enough to overpower all those low value traits you are exhibiting to the world if you'r the guy I just described.

It's not like there is a magic bullet out there that will completely fix everything about you and your life with just the snap of a finger.

Put your life in order…

Don't just do NoFap for the sake of doing NoFap. Get yourself together and put your life in order and then use NoFap as some kind of “super fuel” that you ad on top of that.

From what I have seen after having been almost 10 years in the community by now, that's the way guys become successful on NoFp.

My Personal Experience With The Magnetic NoFap Attraction

I myself have had a few pretty weird experiences during all my years of doing NoFap.

Now, don't get me wrong, for me they have not been that many and they have been so infrequent that, if I wanted to be a sceptic, I could probably brush them off as “random things life throws at you.”

It's not like every woman looks and smiles at me when I'm on a good NoFap streak.

Far from it!

But I honestly have to say that it seems to be happening a bit too often for me to be able to just shrug my shoulders at.

It seems to happen more often – when on a good streak…

I remember the first time I noticed this.

It was many years ago and I think I was somewhere around week 4 or 5 on a NoFap streak.

During that particular day I had several girls looking at me and giving me a warm smile. Later one in the grocery store I even passed this one woman who locked here eyes at me and we had this incredible “eye fucking” session that was so intense that it left me flabbergasted for the rest of the day.

Why did it fire my up so much?

Well, because I'm not particularly good looking and things like that had never happened to me before.

Was it the NoFap streak?

Maybe not…

…but then again, maybe it was!

I remember feeling extra good that day. Could I have been walking around with a very good posture, perhaps like I was owning myself and the whole damn world? And if so, was she responding in a positive way to that?

Who the heck knows!

Now, again, it's not like those things happen every day, or even every week I go out.

So sure, they could indeed be brushed of as pure random events, but still…

…why do they happen a lot more often when I'm riding on a good streak than when I'm not?

Something to ponder right there.

Thanks for reading.

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