NoFap And Lifting Weights – Ridiculously Big Difference?

NoFap And Lifting Weights

NoFap and lifting weights, what's the deal?

Will NoFap help you build muscle?

Well, this is what we are going to talk about today and if you are someone who is into weight lifting and interested in building muscle, you don't want to miss this article!

Does NoFap Help You Gain Strength?

In order to make this post as easy as possible to read I'm going to give you the answer right away.

NoFap can indeed help with building strength. If if you lift, that is, but don't expect it helping your strength one single bit if you are too lazy to go to the gym. Also, so far there is only anecdotal evidence for this, as no real research has been conducted so far, however, the anecdotal stories shouldn't be dismissed. I certainly don't dismiss them, as my personal story is one of them.

Let's start off by looking at what a couple of guys are saying about lifting weights during NoFap…

Guy number 1:

” Stamina for sure goes up. I’ve definitely noticed that and was able to set PRs in the gym on every major exercise I’ve done during the last several months”

Guy number 2

“Exactly day 150 of my SR streak today. It has indeed made me stronger because I'm able to push myself harder during my workouts.”

Anecdotal stories. No more, but also no less…

Again, remember that these are just anecdotal stories and if you are looking for 100% scientific proof, there is non to be found…

…so take the stories as the come, no more, but also no less!

That was just what a couple of guys commented in the comment section under my YouTube videos about NoFap and lifting weights. I could find many more if I spent more time reading. The same goes with emails I get from my subscribers.

The point being, many guys claim that NoFap does indeed help them build strength, but what about NoFap and putting on more muscle mass?

Are there stories of people building more muscle during NoFap as well?

Does NoFap Help You Bild More Muscle?

Here are two more guys…

…this time talking about NoFap and putting on muscle mass…

Guy number 3

” You’re spot on with muscle gain. You also burn a lot more fat which makes you look a lot more masculine. People are surprised at how fast I am putting on lean size when I'm doing NoFap.”

Guy number 4

It's a super power man, I have been a gym rat for over two years and nofap just fucking supercharged my gains. People ask me if I do roids”

My personal experience with NoFap and lifting weights…

When reading the quotes above one can easily start to think that the guys are exaggerating, and maybe they are, who knows, but since I have been lifting weights myself, almost my whole adult life, I'm also going to share my personal experiences.

It's not like busting nuts makes me weak, but I do find I have more energy in the gym when I'm riding on a good NoFap streak. It is like I have more gas in the tank and obviously, over time, that has a carryover effect when it comes to both strength increase and putting on muscle as well.

Now, it is certainly not a matter of a night and day difference, at least not for me, but never the less, it is a noticeable difference.

Sportsmen Throughout History

There are many elite sportsmen that practice semen retention, as they believe it helps them be more aggressive, more energetic plus physically stronger.

You have probably heard about for example elite boxers or even entire ice hockey teams that have, by their coaches, been put on strict abstinens a few weeks before an important.

And this is not something new.

Far from it!

This has been a pretty well kept “secret” throughout history and we got to ask ourselves, why would they do it if it didn't work? I mean, it's not like sex is the first thing men want to cut out from their lives, even if it's just for a period of time.

Well, the short and simple answer is, because for most guys, it really does work!

Men are doing it for other stuff too…

Now, an additional cool little thing we could mention here is that, if sportsmen get more energy, focus, aggressiveness and strength from abstaining then why couldn't other, normal men, use semen retention to help them achieve their goals in life?

Well, they could… and some of them are! Say hello to NoFap and the people living a no PMO lifestyle!

There are thousands of men from all over the world who right now are taking advantage of the increased energy and focus semen retention is giving them and transmuting that energy into a laser like focus, helping them achieve some challenging goals.

Why does it work?

I personally believe that it is the increased energy and drive that is the biggest reason for why guys can see improvements in the gym.

You see, one of the most common “benefit” of NoFap or living a No PMO lifestyle, is increased energy.

This increase in energy is something that maybe 80% or even more of all the guys who are doing NoFap are reporting and I have to say that I too have indeed noticed that very energy increase.

There are probably more interesting things at play here…

There could be more than the increased energy going on, though.

Some of you are probably asking…

…but, what about your hormone levels?

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What About NoFap And Testosterone?

Does NoFap increase testosterone?

If NoFap increase testosterone then wouldn't that also help you build muscle?

Well yes, it sure could, but here it get's a bit more complicated. You see, except for on day 7, semen retention does not significantly alter your testosterone levels…

…but there is indeed a slight difference.

Your androgen receptors…

Semen retention could perhaps have a bigger impact on your androgen receptors.

Something that could be of more importance is that, abstaining from ejaculation could perhaps make your androgen receptors grow denser. These are small receptors that testosterone itself has to bind to, in order for it to be able to do its job.

So, then the next logical question becomes, if you have more of those receptors, would that mean that you are able to utilize testosterone better, and thus the net effect would be as testosterone itself were higher?

Well, maybe!

It's not impossible.

To discover more about both how testosterone itself and the androgen receptors respond during NoFap, take a look at a video I made a while back. Just click the little play button below.  

Summary of the video…

So, as you can see in the video, semen retention does make a bit of a difference, particularly on day six, seven and day 8 (with day 7 giving the biggest testosterone spike) but as far as long term effects, there is really not that big of a difference.

If I haven't misinterpreted the study, which is certainly a possibility, it looks like the long term effects on testosterone, when abstaining, are biggest during arousal. Now, this doesn't necessarily make it insignificant, as guys are undoubtedly more often aroused when refraining from ejaculation.

Is the long term differences big enough to make a significant difference in strength gain though?

Probably not a significant one, but it could plausible have slight effect.

Again, there are no scientific evidence out there on this other than anecdotal data.

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Huge increase in testosterone on day 7 – Should you take advantage of it?

Now, on day 7 there is a real big increase in testosterone. On this there is real studies backing it up, and the increase is not small either. Certainly big enough to make a real physical difference in strength if the testosterone levels were to stay elevated like that.

Unfortunately, as you saw in the video, they don't.

However,  if you are lifting weights, there is still a way you can take advantage of the 7 day spike.

I have shared an example of how one could structure a strength training program that takes the increased testosterone levels that happen around day 7 into account. That example can be found in my article NoFap and muscle gain. So, if you are interested in how to hack your body's hormone levels in order to optimize strength, go check that article out.

In the End, Just How Much Big Of A Difference Does NoFap Make on Lifting Weights?

There have been no studies made on this so all we have to go by is what the guys are telling us, when they share personal stories.

Some guys say they notice almost no difference at all, while others claim the differences are almost as big as if they were taking illegal chemicals.

Now, while It's certain that we are all different I personally believe that the truth is somewhere to be found in the middle. I believe that NoFap really does make a difference in strength from most men, but that it's not a night and day difference.

After all, as you saw in the video a few paragraphs up (you did watch the video, right?), the difference in testosterone levels are not that big and this would make it hard to understand why NoFap could make you several standard deviations stronger than guys who happily keep busting.

Bonus Tip For Testosterone Increase

While NoFap do seem to help build strength and put some one muscle, at least to some degree, if it's more testosterone you want then go read another blog post I made where I review of what I consider to be the best natural testosterone booster currently out there.

In that post I even show my results from blood tests I did before and after using it.

If this sounds interesting, you can find that post here >> AlphaViril – My experience

Additional No No-Nonsense Strength Building Tips

A lot of younger guys like to try to find all kinds of fancy stuff to train, like for example…

  • Grip strength with special fore armexercises.
  • Different curls to try to “attack” the biceps differently.
  • Wrist curls
  • 100 different shoulder exercises

…and they are trying to find some form of “magic bullet”, trying to find the “secret”. Not only that, they put a lot of energy into it as well. This is counterproductive, since most of your effort needs to be put on what really matters.

Use the Pareto principle to your advantage, which in short means, 80% of your results will come form 20% of the causes, whichin this case means that at lest 80-90% of your results will come from the good old trustworthy exercises like…

  • Bench press
  • Squats
  • Pull ups
  • Dead lifts

Those are the ones that need to get at least 80% of your attention, or even more.

All the additional fluff, like vrist curls, are only to be added as a little bous, if you feel like it and it's not even necessary at all.

Also, don't train too often!

You grow when you rest. Somehow a lot of people don't understand that or the do not want to believe it, but is is indeed the case so just be smart about it and it will pay huge dividends in the long run.

NoFap And Weigh Lifting

Conclusion And Final Words

In conclusion, it is safe to say that many men find that NoFap and weight lifting really go well together. The increased energy you get while doing NoFap will for sure help you in the gym, jus like it can help you within other domains of your life.

And as you saw in the video earlier on, there could also be biological factors at play related to your androgen receptors and hormones.

On thing is for sure, it's very easy to find guys who swear that NoFap makes them stronger. And on the other hand, you will have a hard time finding guys who tell you that they became weaker in the gym from doing NoFap.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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F.A.Q's About No PMO And How Your Body Reacts

Q: Is there a risk that I gain weight if I start doing NoFap? And by weight I mean body fat.

A: Well, not really. However, guys do often report lower anxiety levels after having been on NoFap for a while so the reduced stress could increase you appetite, but not to the point that it would become a bigger problem than walking around with high anxiety levels or high stress. In fact, most guys get more energy from doing NoFp and they work out more when living a no PMO life style, so most of them actually become much fitter. Consider heading over to the site Reboot Nation and read all the success stories there.

Q: Could nofap help me become physically stronger?

A: Yes, it could. Not a night and day difference, but it could.

Q:When I do NoFap my body starts shaking more easily. Why? I thought it was supposed to help anxiety?

A: I would have to know a lot more about you in order to know exactly what's going on, however, it could be that you just have too much energy now and that you are not using that energy. Pent up energy often leads to shakiness, tension and even panic attacks. Everyone who is serious about NoFap and are building up some good streaks have to learn how to use or redirect the newfound energy. Go for a run, go to the gym, work on achieving your goals. Use NoFap like a form of rocket fuel to propel you forward in life. That's the way froward!

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