NoFap And Insomnia – What’s Up With NoFap And Sleep

NoFap And Sleep

What's the deal here, can NoFap affect your sleep?

… if so, in what ways, and why does it happen?

Well, this is what we are going to explore in this article and we will also take a look at a few pretty powerful solutions for getting a better sleep.

NoFap can indeed cause both insomnia as well as other deviations from your normal sleep pattern. One reason for this is because of withdrawals, but another, more pleasant reason is simply because NoFap gives you more energy, and thus guys who go on a NoFap journey also find that they suddenly don't need the same amounts of sleep any longer. In general no PMO and better sleep is actually more common.

NoFap And Insomnia – Withdrawals

Let's face it, a big part of men who start doing NoFap are addicted to online adult sites and if you aren't aware of it by now, it's about time you find out; when you stop using, whatever you are addicted to, you may have to suffer through some withdrawal symptoms…

…and it does not matter what you are addicted to since all addictions share the same fundamental brain changes.

Granted, when it comes to withdrawals, of course some addictions are worse than others, for example opioids, benzodiazepines, some other heavy drugs or even alcohol can cause some extremely nasty withdrawals when trying to get of off them, sometimes even life threatening, but even behavior addictions, like for example gambling and porn addiction can cause nasty withdrawals.

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One of the most common withdrawal symptom is insomnia…

Yes indeed, while it may sound strange, there are still thousands and thousands of guys out there, from all around the world, who experience pretty severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit porn.

Some common withdrawal symptoms those guys can experience are…

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of libido

Have you recently started NoFap?

Do you recognize any of the above symptoms?

If so, chances are you are most likely going through withdrawals right now.

Does everyone who quit experience withdrawals?

It's important to note that not everyone who quit will experience withdrawal symptoms. Even if you have developed real addiction related brain changes it is not at all certain that you will have to go through them. However, the majority of guys who really are addicted will unfortunately get hit by at least a few pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms.

I can also add that, those who are not addicted will almost never experience withdrawals, other than maybe some cravings and perhaps a bit of irritability and pent up energy at most.

How soon after quitting does the withdrawals start?

Those who do experience withdrawals, though, will find out what it feels like very soon after they give up their porn use.

For many guys the withdrawals start within just a few days, while the majority of guys will have to face the toughest withdrawals around the days 10-30, with the more intense feelings (anxiety, insomnia, cravings etc.) in the first half.

In the second half it is common that the intensity converts more into a feeling of “void” or “emptiness”, often accompanied with a very low mood.

Keep in mind, though, that everyone is different and your NoFap journey may look totally different.

How long does the NoFap insomnia and the withdrawals last?

Speaking of different, when it comes to the length of the withdrawals it varies even more.

Some guys emerge from the hell hole in just a couple of weeks, while others may have to push through for many weeks. There are even some long term rebooters that have to suffer for several months.

If you happen to be going through withdrawals right now, just remember that it WILL pass and don't fall for the temptation to go back to using adult sites, because even though that may temporarily get rid of your withdrawals, you'll just end up in a never ending dopamine cycle – from highs to extremely lows – and you'll never properly heal your disrupted dopamine system…

…you have to push through the withdrawal phase in order to emerge on the other, more sunny side, of your dopamine prison.

What other guys are saying about sleep problems during their reboot…

Here are a couple of quotes form guys doing NoFap.

They also share how long it took for them before they started sleeping better.

Guy number 1

My sleep problems started in the second week. After that it was a constant struggle, sometimes with nights where I had almost no sleep at all. Sure there were better nights as well, but these ups and downs went on for about 3 months before I started seeing improvements. Today I am 5 months in and now my sleep is great. I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow and I also sleep through the whole night and wake well rested. I also seem to be needing less sleep now. Maybe that is due to the increased energy nofap gives you or maybe it is because of the increased sleep quality. Who knows, but it's a nice “bonus”.

Guy number 2 

The insomnia I had in the beginning of my reboot was awful. It lasted two months. My girlfriend kept telling me to take sleeping pills, which I never agreed to. I kept pushing and in my third month it was like something just snapped in my brain and I could start relaxing again.

What To Do If you Can't Sleep

Let's take a look at some sleep solutions.

Since I've personally been struggling with stress, anxiety and insomnia for most of my adult life I have of course also been searching like crazy for helpful tool for this. Tools that we can use for helping us sleep when going through rough times, like for example the first weeks of a NoFap journey, when the withdrawals are raging.

I have found many things to be helpful, but if I listed all of them here, this blog post would become long as a hangover day with relatives visiting.

So, let's keep it short and sweet…

Top 3 Most Powerful Tools For Helping Sleep

Here are the top 3 most effective tools I have found for helping sleep.

Try them out and see which one works best for you…

…or, if you really want to help your sleep, combine them all.

#1 Cold showers…

Ok, so now some of you may be thinking; how could cold showers possible help with sleep?

For sure they must ramp you up, make you all cold and jittery and be the exact opposite of relaxing, right?

Well, not exactly!

Here's the deal…

Yes, cold showers will stress your body in the heat of the moment, or wait, maybe I shouldn't say “heat of the moment”…

…is there such a thing as “cold of the moment”?…

…ah, let's start again;

Cold showers will stress your body in the very moment you are taking them, but did you know that as soon as about 30-60 minutes after taking them your stress hormones will be lower than before you took the shower, but not only that, your blood pressure will also be a few points lower. But here comes the most impressing thing, your heart will start beating about 8-18 beats slower per minute than before you took the shower and calm everything down.

Yes indeed, your body and mind will descend into a state of calmed focus. By this I don't necessarily mean sleepiness, but your monkey mind and your thoughts stop racing and that in combination with a lower pulse and lower blood pressure will make falling asleep so much easier.

How cold should they be?

So how could should they be for best effects?

Well, that one's easy; as cold as they get!

Sure you might get some positive benefits before you reach the coldest water, but the colder the better, so instead of messing around with a thermometer trying to find the minimum effective pain threshold, it's much easier to just turn the knob to the coldest setting and suck it up.

Sure, they are very unpleasant, but so too is insomnia…

…so pick your pain!

Cold showers could also help you get the NoFap benefits faster or speed up your PMO recovery…

Besides, the feeling you get after taking a cold shower is nothing short of amazing.

This is especially true if you start taking them regularly as the hormetic response seems to be cumulative.

By the way, cold showers help up-regulate your dopamine receptors as well. This is another huge benefit since fapping to adult sites tend to kill of those receptors due flooding your brains reward system with excess dopamine.

Yes, this means that, in theory, cold showers could potentially help speed up your PMO reboot or they could potentially help you get the NoFap benefits faster.

Take a look at this video for more information about that…

How long should the cold showers be and how to do them properly?

For best effects they should be 2-3 minutes long.

In order to not make them any more painful than necessary, you don't have to jump in right away (although a few badasses actually do so), but instead take a normal hot shower first and then at the end of your normal shower you just brace yourself and turn the know all the way to the coldest setting.

It is going to suck, especially the first couple of days, but it get's a bit easier if you keep going. Also, you want to build up to the 2-3 minute mark so don't try to go for a full 3 minutes in your very first try.

Instead, your progress could for example look something like this…

Monday: 7 seconds
Tuesday: 16 seconds
Wednesday:  32 seconds
Thursday: 44 seconds
Friday: 60 seconds
Saturday: 71 seconds
Sunday: 120 seconds

…and so on, you get the picture.

For best results, I'd say you should take your cold shower about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Let's move on to the next tool, which is a lot less painful…

#2 ProVanax…

Click image to check current pricing at online vendor…

ProVanax is my favorite natural anxiety supplement when it comes to calming the body.

For years now, I have been using it with great success for the following…

  • Stress
  • Insomnia and better sleep
  • Performance anxiety
  • Panic attacks and anxiety in general

I feel the effects as soon as 45 minutes after taking it, but the strongest effects kick in after about 2-3 hours. Even if I have very high anxiety levels ProVanax gets rid of about 70-80% if it (rough estimation), which is absolutely incredible for being a natural product.

If interested, you can click here to check the price and read other real user reviews over at the vendor.

#3 Take A Long Walk

Simple, huh?

Well, sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones, and I have to tell you, few things relaxes you as much as taking a long, slow walk in the evening.

The cross movement of your arms and legs create a more relaxing brain state and hundreds are the times I've seemingly walked my problems away…

…or perhaps not my problems, but more accurately, walked my anxiety and worry away.

Combine a long walk with the cold shower…

For best effects, talk your walk in the evening. Walk for 50-90 minutes and then talk a cold shower when you are done.

I firmly believe it is impossible to do this without feeling significantly more relaxed afterwards.

NoFap And Sleeping Problems
After a Few Months in – NoFap Actually Makes You Sleep Better

NoFap helps most guys sleep better.

That's right, better sleep as a result from doing NoFap is actually more common than insomnia.

In general, NoFap often reduces cortisol, stress and anxiety and as a result many guys find that their sleep quality improves quite significantly.

It is only in the first phase, the withdrawal phase, of NoFap that sleeping is a problem for some guys. In addition, not everyone who experience withdrawals will have to battle insomnia.

We are all different, and the withdrawal symptoms affect guys differently. Some guys get nasty withdrawals, but are lucky enough to dodge the insomnia bullet…

…other lucky bastards get no withdrawals at all.

Here are a couple of quotes from guys who saw big improvements in sleep pretty much right away…

Guy number 1

I'm sleeping so much better whenever I do a nofap challenge. I often wake up before the alarm because I just feel so well rested.  I'm pretty sure this is because I just feel more confident and more relaxed while on nofap. Like everything is okay and the world is less of a scary place to be trapped on.

Guy number 2

Improved sleep is one of my favorite nofap benefits. My sleep quality is so good now that I need about 1-2 hours less sleep per night. This always starts in the second week…about the same time when I notice the other benefits roll around. I wouldn't consider myself addicted to porn, so guess I'm one of the lucky ones that get benefits pretty much right away. My friend had to struggle for 4 months before starting to see any benefits whatsoever.

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NoFap And Sleep
Final Words

In general, NoFap will make most people sleep better, but in the beginning some guys will actually have to go a period with worse sleep than they had before they quit fapping to adult site.

This is pretty normal and if you belong in that unlucky group, just know that things will improve.

Use the tools I have shared on this page, pursue patience and keep pushing…

…before you know it, you will be sleeping like a baby.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Are you struggling with relapses? If so, click here to get my help.

F.A.Q's About No PMO in General

Q: I lost my morning wood when I started nofap. If I don't go back to fapping, will it still return?

A: Yes it will. It is a textbook case of what the recovery process looks like. Most guys that have developed some brain changes by years of fapping to adult site will experience a temporary loss of morning erections. They morning erections will come back though, and more often than not, much stronger than before you started rebooting.

Q: I just can't stop relapsing. If you could give me only one single tip, what would you say the number one most important thing would be for overcoming this fucking thing?

A: Knowing your “why” and your “why not”, and then being super aware of when the triggers are about to make you go on “autopilot mode” and then, at that very moment, vividly picture your “why” and your “why not”. Your “Why” means, where could you be in three years from now if you stop. Your “Why not” means, what could your life could look like three years form now if you DON'T stop. If you need my help with this, consider signing up for a 1 on 1 coaching session.

Q: Are you following a nofap lifestyle yourself?

A: Yes I am!

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