NoFap And Hair Growth

Can NoFap Regrow Your Hair?

If you were looking for answers to some of the following questions…

  • Can NoFap help with hair regrowth?
  • Does NoFap cause balding?
  • Does fapping CAUSE balding?
  • Does NoFap increase facial hair?

…well, then you just find the right article, because today we are going to take a look at all of those questions.

Starting right now…

NoFap can potentially help with hair regrowth just a tiny bit, but probably not in the way you think. This is more so due to healthier living, that often accompanies a NoFap lifestyle, than any hormonal or other biological factors…up to a point. And we also need to consider a few other things.

NoFap And Hair Regrowth

Now, right from the start I have to point out that, yes, there are guys out there that claim that NoFap has helped them regrow their hair. Keep in mind, though, that it was not like they were 100% bald and then suddenly got a head like Samson, but that they suffered from thinning hair and when they started doing NoFap their hair got noticeable thicker.

So, is there any truth to this?

Yes and no…

…but unfortunately, mostly no!

There are no scientific evidence for this whatsoever unless we turn the question around.

So, how do I mean? Well, if we instead of asking…

“does NoFap regrow your hair?”

…we were to ask:

“does too much fapping cause thinning of hair?”

…then we could be on to something…

Frequent fapping could potentially cause thinning of the hair…

You see, with each ejaculation your body looses a certain amount of Zink for a while, until it builds up again. Too much ejaculation, no matter if it's caused by fapping or real sex, can actually cause a Zink deficiency.

And one of the symptoms of Zink deficiency is…wait for it…

…hair loss!

That's right.

This is probably only a risk if you have a very poor diet…

This, however, is probably only true if you have a very poor diet and on top of that are masturbating daily, or several times a day.

You see, although we do lose a bit of Zink with each ejaculation, it's not a huge amount…

…however, combining a poor lifestyle with a bad diet and busting a lot of nuts could indeed make it possible.

So, yes, considering the above,  it could indeed be the case that some guys who are eating a poor diet are fapping so often that they are fapping themselves into a thinning hairline…and even baldness.

NoFap and hair regrowth? It maybe possible, considering a few factors…

This means that when guys start doing a NoFap lifestyle they also stop over-ejaculating and thus recover from the Zinc deficiency. This is especially true since most men who start NoFap also start improving other areas of their lives, which often means a healthier diet as well.

That combination is probably what's going on when we see guys reporting thickening of hair.

It's more the combination of a healthier diet + no longer ejaculating to excess and not NoFap in and of itself…

Yes indeed, NoFap is a keystone habit that, more often than not creates other healthy habits…

…so it's not really NoFap in and of itself that causes the hair to grow a bit thicker for some people.

And remember, for most guys, unfortunately it does not seem to make a difference at all.

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How much ejaculation is too much then?

Since excessive ejaculation, in combination with a poor diet, could cause a Zinc deficiency, the next obvious question logically becomes…

…”how much is too much then?”

Well, there are no studies made on this, but it would be fair to assume that a regular – moderate amount of 3-7 ejaculations / week would probably not make any difference at all, as far as your hair goes.

Now, it could indeed make a difference in your overall energy and focus. And if adult sites are involved then now your could really do potential harm to your brains reward system…

…but that's a subject for another blog post, as this one is focusing on NoFap and hair growth…

…moving one…

If you have been ejaculating less that once a day don't count on NoFap helping your hair…

So unless you have ben going at it like a crazy person and ejaculated several times a day, don't have such high hopes that NoFap will make your hair thicker.

And if you are predisposed to balding, then your chances are even more slim.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing NoFap myself, and there are a lot of benefits to it, but it's not magical and unfortunately too many guys become absolutely dogmatic about it, which is not good. If you are genetically predisposed to lose all your hair around say 25 years old, then no amount of NoFap will help you there.

Could NoFap Even CAUSE Balding?

Since NoFap do increase your testosterone levels a bit, as well as increase the amount of androgen receptors, see the article does NoFap increase testosterone, and since higher testosterone levels often leads to more DHT, which is linked to hair loss, could NoFap even be making hair loss worse, rather than helping it?

Well, don't worry. Except for on day 7, when the testosterone levels for some reason spike to very high levels, NoFap does not make your overall testosterone levels that much higher. There is a small difference, but again, it's almost negligible. However, the increase in androgen receptor density, might potentially also play a small role, but no one really knows how that affects hair growth.

I'd estimate that the risk of losing your hair quicker is about 1-2% higher if you have a NoFap lifestyle. But that is just my own estimation and needs to be taken with a big grain of salt…

…again, no one really knows.

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NoFap And Hair Growth Conclusion

So at the end of the day, doing NoFap does not really seem to affect your hair growth one way or another. Don't stop doing NoFap if you fear it will cause you to lose hair faster, because that is probably not the case. On the other hand, if you are already suffering from a receding hairline, don't count on NoFap to help you either.

For some people it may help just a tiny bit, but keep in mind that that is probably because they were “over ejaculating” before they started NoFap.

A NoFap life style is great, but it can still not perform miracles.

The 2 ‘Solutions' For Thinning Hair…

So is there anything at all you can do to get a thicker here then?

Well, you are basically left with three options here.

  • Hair transplant

A hair transplantation is when a skillful surgeon removes hair follicles from one part of your body to a bald or a part of the head that is thinning. The procedure takes about 5-8 hours. This can actually work pretty well and has been done now for decades now. It usually takes about 3-6 months after the operation to start seeing results…

…the bad news, though, is that hair transplants can be somewhat painful and very expensive. Depending on where you live they can range up to 10.000-15.000 dollars.

The surgery can fail as well and cause something called “shock loss”, where you lose all your hair because the scalp had to go through a biological “shock” during the procedure.

The good news is that if the transplant is successfully dine, it can last a lifetime. The reason for this is because the genetic predisposition for balding resides in the follicle and not in the scalp itself,

What about real medications?

If you go talk to your doctor you may also find some prescription options, but since I'm not a doctor myself my policy is to never talk, or write, about any medications whatsoever on either my YouTube channel or in my blog posts. Juts know that, with prescription options, side effects are also a concern, of course.

  • Acceptance

Lastly, you could just accept the situation and embrace yourself and your thinning hair.

I know I know, this is probably not what you want to hear, but it is not a bad idea. Acceptance, when it comes to anything in life really, is a source of true power.

Few things can be more comforting than embracing everything about yourself, all the “positives” as well as all your so called “flaws”.

It takes time to be able to do this, but man it brings peace of mind once you master it.

What About NoFap And Facial Hair?

So what about NoFap and facial hair then, is there any difference there?

Well, when it comes to facial hair, NoFap could potentially make a bit bigger difference.

I have been following a NoFap lifestyle for about 8 years now, however, personally I have not noticed any more facial hair from doing NoFap, which is a shame really since it would be nice to be able to grow a better looking beard than I currently can.

However, there are guys that do claim a better growing beard when doing NoFap.

Here are a couple of quotes…

Guy number 1

“After about 60 days on NoFap I noticed that my beard had become a bit thicker. When shaving it off I also noticed that my facial hair seem to grow faster then before I started NoFap. I don't know why this is…maybe due to an increase in testosterone?”

Guy number 2

“My facial hair is thicker after starting nofap. I' pretty sure this it's not just me imagining it because when I look closely it is like all the hair are close together. I didn't expect this benefit, but hey, I'll take it!…”

What could be going on?

First, we have to keep in mind that these are anecdotal “stories” and not real evidence.

However, anecdotal stories are not to be neglected, especially if there are a lot of them pointing at the same direction. Besides, who am I to distrust my fellow NoFap brothers out there?

If some guys really do see increased facial hair from doing NoFap I suspect the reason for that would be more so the upregulation of androgen receptors than increase in testosterone levels themselves.

As I already pointed out, NoFap does not alter testosterone levels in any significant manner, but according to some studies on rats, after about two weeks of abstinence the androgen receptors could be growing more denser.  If you were not aware of it, testosterone binds to those receptors and more receptors probably also means better utilization of testosterone.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you found the article informative.

Scandinavian Bob

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