NoFap And Fasting – Amazing Benefits!

NoFap And Fasting / Intermittent Fasting And NoFap

NoFap and fasting, what's the deal?

Well, in this article you are going to discover why fasting and NoFap go so well together…

…in many ways!

For example; fasting can really amplify the NoFap benefits and speed up your PMO recovery. In addition to this, fasting while doing NoFap can help you avoid relapses.

Let's jump in and take a closer look…

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Fasting Can Speed Up Your NoFap Journey – You Get The Benefits Faster

Fasting and NoFap can both play a role in how well your dopamine system is functioning.

Perhaps you already knew that fapping a lot to online adult entertainment is so stimulating for your brains reward system that the dopamine receptors can get knocked out?

This is especially true if you develop an addiction to it and build up a certain level of tolerance, also known as desensitization, but the receptors can suffer even if you're not addicted.

The dopamine system loves novelty. It also loves sex. Combine those two and you've got: unending porn clips with more hot babes than your grandfather could see in his entire lifetime. Your reward system thinks you can keep impregnating new hot babes with each new click on your mouse button…

..therein lies the problem!

Fasting – Noap And Dopamine

You see, when fapping to porn your dopamine levels are elevated and each time you click the mouse button to watch the next video (let's face it, no one watch just one video) with some new porn scenes, the dopamine levels shoot up again.

The novelty of new videos with new babes keeps your dopamine buzzing and with the help of clicking your mouse button, it is possible for you to keep out dopamine levels sky high far longer than it would be possible without the internet…

…think about it, you can't “click to a new girl” in the middle of real sex.

Dopamine levels spike with each new porn clip

The problem is that when dopamine stays sky high for a long period of time, your brain starts to protect itself from all the high levels by killing some of the dopamine receptors.

This is called “desensitization” and almost every guy who are a heavy porn user is affected!

The symptoms of this are many, but some of the most common ones are…

  • Low motivation
  • Depression and dull senses (like the colors are gone from life)
  • Feeling numb
  • Anxiety

Fasting to the rescue…

The good news is that when tearing yourself away from the screen and you stop using porn, those receptors will grow back. However, it will take a long time.

Now, here's where fasting enters the picture…

Fasting also helps your brain regrow those receptors. In fact, fasting is like fine tuning your dopamine system and many experience this as sudden increased alertness and heightened senses. This is why fasting can help speed up the time it takes to heal your dopamine system.

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So how much faster will you recover if you do intermittent fasting?

Everyone is different and there is no one who can give you an exact answer to this. However, here are a couple of quotes from two guys who have experience with intermittent fasting and NoFap.

Guy number 1

I have had so many NoFap streaks now with a lot of relapses that I start to know my streaks very well, and one interesting thing I noticed is that if I do intermittent fasting while rebooting I seem to get the benefits about 30% faster. In other words, with fasting it takes me about 6 weeks to get the benefits I otherwise would get in about 9 weeks time. I'm doing 18 hours of fasting every day, followed by an eating window of 6 hours.

Guy number 2

Fasting definitely helps me get the nofap benefits faster. I also recover from relapses faster if I fast for 48 hours after a relapse, otherwise I do two 24 hours fasts a week. Not only does it speed up recovery, but the nofap benefits also seem to become stronger when I incorporate intermittent fasting.

Well how about that…

…sounds pretty cool, right?

So what more happens if we combine fasting with NoFap?

Well, let's take a look…

Intermittent Fasting Amplifies The Effects Of NoFap

Did you know that according to Gary Wilson, the creator of the site “Your brain on porn”,  a relatively new study has shown that when we ejaculate the dopamine producing nerve cell shrinks a bit?

If interested you can here him talk about it in this radio show right here. You can find it at the 23:45 mark. He does not talk much about it, but mentions it briefly.

That sounds kind of bad, but before you freak out, it's not THAT big of a deal, but for some people it is definitely noticeable!

Think about it. If the dopamine producing nerve cells shrink a bit, then lower amounts of dopamine will also be squirted into the synapses during normal, every day activities such as reading, working on a project, eating food, listening to music and so on…

…and according to Gary Wilson, who really knows his neurobiology it takes 3-4 weeks for the dopamine producing nerve cell to return to normal.

Fasting + Nofap = “Super powers”?

Could this explain why some people start feeling amazing while on semen retention, simply because it allows their brains dopamine system to function on a higher level?

No one knows for sure, but it could certainly be possible…

…I mean 99,9% of men ejaculate more often than once every 3-4 weeks, and if we need 4 weeks for the dopamine producing nerve cell to grow back fully, then obviously most mens dopamine system is not running on 100%

 And when we add the heightened senses that fasting can give WITH the boosted dopamine system that semen retention gives us, it is no wonder that some guys use big words like “super powers” to describe what they are feeling, because sometimes fasting + Nofap can actually feel pretty damn AMAZING!

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Growth of new nerve cells…

In addition to all of this, fasting also increase something called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which is a protein that helps promote the growth of new nerv cells and protect existing nerve cells in the brain. It is actually so potent that experts refers to it as “BDNF” miracle gro for the brain”.

Not bad huh?

Let's move on to my personal experiences…

My personal experiences…

If you have followed my YouTube videos for a while, you know that I have a lot of experience when it comes to NoFap and PMO rebooting. Both personal experience as well as helping guys overcome their addiction…

…so, here are my experiences with combining NoFap and fasting.

If I do semen retention alone without fasting…

  • I would estimate my energy levels to be about 25% higher than normal
  • I would estimate my motivation and drive and ability to be productive to be about 30% higher than normal
  • I would estimate my clarity of mind to be about 40% higher than normal

If I combine semen retention with fasting…

  • I would estimate my energy levels to be about 35% higher than normal
  • I would estimate my motivation and drive and ability to be productive to be about 40% higher than normal
  • I would estimate my clarity of mind to be about 80% higher than normal

To clarify the above; I'm free from porn and fapping nowadays. I have not fapped to porn since January 2019. So when I compare my semen retention streaks with not being on semen retention it means I have ejaculated with a real life girl and not through fapping to porn. I will never go back to fapping to porn. As far as the fasting goes, I like to do frequent 16 hour fasts and sometimes a bit longer, as in 24 hours.

As you can see, for me, there is a clear difference between NoFap alone and NoFap combined with intermittent fasting.

Let's take a look at what a few other guys have to say about intermittent fasting and semen retention.

What others are saying….

Guy number 3

Whenever I fast for more than 24 hours when I'm doing nofap my brain becomes super sharp. It's simply amazing! My thoughts are so clear and doing mental arithmetic is much easier. It is also like I'm having a better “mind body connection”…hard to explain, but I just have so much control over both my body and my brain.

Guy number 4

If you want an edge over other guys, do NoFap. If you want and edge over guys who are doing NoFap, combine Nofap with fasting! I'm telling you, my cognitive abilities are just out of this world. Throw in physical exercise as well and you will really be on fire!

Guy number 5

If I do intermittent fasting and nofap at the same time I honestly feel the super powers guys on NoFap talk about. Girls pay way more attention to me and my senses are just sooo sharp. Try it guys…just try it!


I feel a word of warning is in place here. Do not take fasting to extremes. There is no need to go for many days in order to get the benefits. Intermittent fasting combined with NoFap is good enough. Also, don't go for 24-48  hours or longer your very first time. If you want to go for as long as 48 hours, start small and build up to it. Start with 16 hours a day and build from there.

Also, don't do it if you are underweight or if you have a history of any form of eating disorder. That could be dangerous.

NoFap And Fasting Final Words

Ok, so I hope I made it clear that NoFap increase mood, drive and alertness for many people and so does fasting. When combining the two some people experience benefits so strong that when they describe the benefits, well, they sound almost magical. Now, that may sound silly, but who are we to argue with guys getting results?

One thing is for sure, I'm not going to argue and if you are, well go ahead, but why not at least give it a try first?

Thanks for reading.

Scandinavian Bob

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FAQ's About NoFap And The Brain

Q: If I do semen retention for only 3 weeks and then take a weekend off when my girlfriend is visiting me, will I still get brain benefits?

A: We are all different and it depends on the individual, but most likely, yes. But why even ask? Why not try it? Then you'll know for sure. If we are not talking about doing a PMO reboot, as in trying to overcome addiction to online adult entertainment, it could even be a good idea to ejaculate in cycles like that. When it comes to abstaining from ejaculation, longer is not always better. But, again, if you're trying to overcome addiction to adult website, then make damn sure to stay away from adult websites for…well, forever!

Q: Does wet dreams destroy my dopamine receptors?

A: No! And neither does ejaculating without adult sites. It is fapping to today's super stimulating adult sites that causes downregulated dopamine receptors.

Q: Can I do NoFap if I dink alcohol every weekend?

A: Yes. However, if you are getting seriously hammered every weekend then don't expect to get massive benefits from NoFap. Excessive alcohol consumption does indeed also knock out your dopamine receptors.

Q: How far into my reboot do I have to go before I get rid of my brain fog?

A: It depends on the person, and also, one very important thing to note is that, even if it's a common symptom, not every case of brain fog is caused by fapping to adult sites. Brain fog can be caused by a number of things. However, IF your brain fog is caused by your history with using adult sites, then I'd like to point out that many people start seeing a lift somewhere in the second to third month. Some guys need more time though.

Q: Does NoFap increase my testosterone levels?

A: Take a look at this this article right here.  In that blog post I explain it in detail.

Q: If NoFap and fasting go so well together, how about combining keto with NoFap?

A: Well, that is what I personally do, or shall we say, I cycle in and out of ketosis using carb cycling in addition to intermittent fasting. Keto and fasting are related since both of them produce ketones. You can often reach a bit higher levels of ketones by fasting though, but again, yes, I do think that keto also amplifies the NoFap benefits.

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