NoFap And Dopamine – Does NoFap Increase Dopamine?

NoFap And Dopamine – Does NoFap Increase Dopamine?

Ever wondered what happens to your dopamine when you abstain from fapping to porn?

Or what happens to your dopamine system when you are frequently fapping to those porn sessions, where you jumping fromvideo to video,  sometimes for hours at end?

Well, this post is going to be all about NoFap and dopamine.

Let's start by answering the question, does NoFap increase dopamine?

Short answer: yes, NoFap can increase your dopamine signaling by up-regulating your dopamine D2 receptors, so that you become more sensitive to whatever dopamine your brain is making. I.e. your perception of dopamine changes. Staying away from over-ejaculation could potentially also help the dopamine releasing nervcells.

Fapping To Online Porn Can Cause A Disrupted Dopamine System – Making Your Less Able To Feel The Effects Of Dopamine

A while back I made a video on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self, explaining how over consumption of porn can cause your dopamine system to become messed up…

…and how that, in turn, can make you more timid and shy.

Sounds, crazy, I know, but there really is something to it…

Just watch the video right now, and you'll see what I mean… 

If you found the video informative, consider checking out my YouTube channel here..


More Confidence and less social anxiety….

Have you ever tried going for more than 30 days without fapping to porn, and suddenly you started noticing how you felt more confident and seemingly less socially anxious?

You have?

Well, if you watched the video above you now have a pretty good understanding of the potential biological reasons behind that very phenomenon.

But it doesn't end there…

…besides shyness and anxiety, a disrupted dopamine system can cause other negative effects as well…

A Disrupted Dopamine System Can Have Many Negative Effects…

Some of the most common symptoms of low dopamine signaling ( you have low dopamine signaling when you have a disrupted dopamine system) are the following…

  • Low motivation and drive
  • Low energy
  • Poor concentration (hard to keep focus for an extended amount of time)
  • Poor short term memory
  • Feelings of fear
  • Feelings of shame
  • Low libido
  • Lack of interest in life
  • Depression / anhedonia

…now, here you need to know that having poor dopamine signaling won't necessarily make you have all the above symptoms. Some people only notice one or two of them, while others have almost all of them…and, indeed, some unlucky bastards have all of them.

NoFap Can Increase Your Dopamine By Up-Regulating Your Dopamine System
– And Thus Make You Start Leveling Up in Life…

I realize the above subheading sounds a bit childish and “naive”, but you know what?…

….it is 100% true.

With a dopamine engine that is running on all cylinders, life becomes so much easier.

In fact, one of the most common benefits guys who are successfully doing NoFap (and quitting porn) start reporting is how they noticed improvements in other areas of their life as well.

This comes as a direct result of having more dopamine, giving them more motivation to start fixing things in their lives that they always knew needed to be fixed. Yet, while in the grips of being a heavy porn user, they never found the energy, drive or courage to fix it.

For another interesting video about dopamine, and that very phenomenon on improving once live, take a look at yet another video I made…

…called, 3 Signs NoFap is working for you.

Take a look now to discover what NoFap can do for you…

If you found the video informative, consider checking out my YouTube channel here..


We want the motivation and drive that dopamine can give us…

If you've watched both of the videos, by now you are probably starting to understand just how beneficial it is to have a healthy dopamine system, with high levels of dopamine running through your brain…

…and that NoFap can increase your dopamine.

But what are some other things you can do to increase your dopamine levels?

Well, let's take a look at a few very potent tools…

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Take Cold Showers…

Yes, there is indeed real research backing up the dopamine raising properties get by engaging in cold water immersion.

Now, I'm the first one to admit that cold showers are painful. And that they take a lot of self discipline to do. But the benefits can be nothing short of amazing.

Just turn the shower knob to the coldest setting…

The very first time you try this, you're probably only going to be able to do it for a few seconds. Especially if you live in a cold country like me (Finland).

Maybe you'll only be able to muster up enough strength to let the icy water butalize you for 4-8 seconds, or something like that…

…that's OK!

It was your very first time. So be proud of that. My guess is that, even those few seconds were enough to show you a glimmering thought about just how potent a 3-4 minute shower could be.

You can >>Download<< my FREE Quit porn guide right now…

Work you way up…

Your glimmering thought is correct.

Once you master the art of staying in the cold shower for 3-4 minutes, you will feel amazing for many hours after the shower is done. Sometimes for the rest of the day.

Yes, they really increase your dopamine, in a healthy way, making you feel like a beast.

You will quickly be able to start adding seconds to the length of your showers, and within two weeks or so, you can probably go for 2 minutes if you want to…

…just try it…experience it…and be amazed!

I personally take cold showers, several times a week, and I do indeed find that they make me much more driven. Which in turn helps me be able to achieve my goals at a faster pace. Dopamine, right there, my friend…dopamine…dopamine..dopamine!

Oh, and by the way, cold showers increase both your dopamine levels (instantly) as well as you up-regulate your dopamine receptors (long-term), which really makes them a “double win”.

Word of warning: do NOT do this if you are on the older side or if you have a heart condition. At least not without talking to your doctor first.

Try AlphaViril…

Click image to check current pricing at the online vendor

AlphaViril is an over the counter product that is designed for increasing your dopamine, your testosterone, your libido and erection quality. And boy does it work.

I have never, ever, tried another pill that increase my drive (both sex drive as well as drive to work on my goals) as this very product. And believe me, I have tried A LOT.

AlphaViril makes me feel like a beast, just like the cold showers, and if you combine the two…oh man, oh man, it's almost like you've found a secret super power!

In addiction to the increased motivation and drive, here are some other things I notice when taking AlphaViril…

  • Sex feel amazing (it makes me more sensitive, down there. It's almost like I can feel the puls beating at the tip of my penis).
  • I notice faster gains in the gym (not a night and day difference, but it is noticeable)
  • I'm happier and have more energy
  • I feel a stronger desire to talk and chat up girls
  • Significantly harder erections (not strange at all, since dopamine and testosterone are the two key players behind powering your boners. In addition, AlphaViril also contains a few ingredients that boost nitric oxid levels and as a result you get significantly increased blood flow to your nether regions). 

Needless to say, this is the best supplement I've ever ordered, tried and fallen in love with, in my entire life.

If you would like to learn more about this product, you can click here to read other user reviews over at the vendor site.

Word of warning: the product is very potent, so if you decide to try it, be sure to use it in cycles. Just to make sure you avoid any potential down-regulation of your bodies own capability to produce dopamine / testosterone (there are instructions on the bottle).

Do Physical Exercise…

If you're not already doing some form of physical exercise, you need to start as soon as possible…

…in fact, start today!

You will probably not find anything else that's more healthy for your dopamine system (and brain in general) as physical exercise.

What kind of physical exercise is best for your dopamine system?

The short answer: the one you will actually keep doing.

The more detailed answer: studies points toward more intense physical exercise being more potent for up-regulating your dopamine system. E.g high intensity interval training – like for example incorporating a few sprints into your jogging routine – or doing sets of high rep squats in the gym.

That said, all physical exercise increase dopamine, and I personally think you should just go ahead and pick whatever you feel most interesting and fun.

As the saying goes, a less than perfect routine you actually keep doing (long term) is better than the perfect routine you can't sustain.

Does NoFap Increase Dopamine?
Conclusion And Final Words

So to sum everything up, yes NoFap does increase dopamine. Or, to put it another way, fapping to porn can decrease your dopamine signaling by causing a disrupted dopamine system.

In addiction, there are some evidence pointing towards that ejaculation themselves, could cause a temporary shrinkage of the dopamine producing nerve cells…

…but more studies needs to be done on that nerve cell thing, so don't quote me on that one. And, if it's the case that ejaculations really can do that, it can't be anywhere near the effects over consumption of porn has on your dopamine system. Which is now proven by several studies, for your information.

Thanks for reading,

-Scandinavian Bob-

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