NoFap And Cold Showers – An AMAZING Combination

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NoFap and Cold Showers

Do you like taking cold showers?

What's that you say, you hate them?

Well, you might want to reconsider your decision to only use hot water as we'll get into some pretty amazing benefits of cold showers in this article.


-Take a look at the video above to discover three reasons why NoFap and cold showers are like magic!


-After you watched the video, scroll down and take a look at a few other interesting things cold showers can bring you!

Are you ready?

Good. Let's get to the good stuff…

Cold Showers Can Make Your Erections Harder

Yes it is true, cold showers can potentially give you boners of steel.

As you discovered in the video at the top of this page, cold showers increase the number of dopamine receptors in your reward center. This makes you more sensitive to all activities that release dopamine and one of those activities is, of course, sex.

This is good because it means you'll get more enjoyment from it, and in turn the sexual circuits in your brain will send stronger signals to your penis, potentially resulting in fuller and harder erections.

Not bad huh?

Now, with that alone, there's a good chance I already convinced some of you to start taking cold showers…

…but there is more, much much more…

Cold Showers Increase Dopamine Receptors
But it get's even better…

You see, not only does regular cold showers increase your dopamine D2 receptors, but they also raise dopamine itself…

….and on top of that, they also boost testosterone.

Now, dopamin and testosterone are the two biggest key players in driving your libido and erections.

Yup, that's right, when dopamine and testosterone are balanced in an optimal way, your libido will skyrocket and your erections will follow…

…so to speak.

Take a look at this video where I talk about how dopamine and testosterone cooperate
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Cold Showers Can Reduce Anxiety And Stress

So now some of you may be saying…

“hell, no! when I take a cold shower I'm screaming, hyperventilating and jumping up and down in pain. That doesn't seem to be a very chill activity to me. What gives!?!”

Fair enough, but that is in the midst of taking them. Cold showers are indeed a stressor, meaning it activates your whole nervous system in the moment, however, AFTER you are done… then the magic happens!

Did you know that just by taking two minutes of cold showers in the morning….

  • You will have a lower heart rate for the rest of the day
  • Your blood pressure will be a bit lower for the rest of the day
  • Your HRV will be higher (the variations between heart beats…don't worry, it's a good thing)
  • Your stress hormone “cortisol” will be lower for the rest of the day
  • Your stress center in the brain will become less active
  • Your stress tolerance will be higher for the rest of the day. In other words, you become more resilient to stress

So when looking at all of those pointers, it's pretty easy to understand how cold showers can help reduce all forms of anxiety, from panic attacks to social anxiety…

…and everything in between.

In addition to this, cold showers can also increase the neurotransmitter “serotonin”, which is responsible for reducing anxiety and giving us a healthy self-image, amongst other things.

Not to mention, cold showers will teach YOU and your nervous system how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

When standing there, in the ice cold water on a regular basis, you will master the art of not letting uncomfortable situations get the best of you, and of course this will have a carryover effect into other areas of your life as well.

Cold Showers And Dopamine

No more depression?

Since cold showers can boost serotonin, increase the number of dopamine receptors and increase dopamine itself, they can also be pretty effective for reducing symptoms of depression. There are real studies made on this, for example one study is named…

…”Adapted cold shower as a potential treatment for depression”. (link to study on Pubmed here)

No more procrastination?

Since dopamine is the key player in drive and motivation, jumping into a cold shower could be the best thing to do when you totally lack the motivation for writing that book report, filing your taxes or whatever less interesting choirs you have waiting for you.

Personally, I notice it again and again; every time I get out of a really cold shower, it is like someone just gave me a pill with a mixture of antidepressant and caffeine because I immediately start doing things I have been putting off… or, I start working on my goals and other projects.

Cold Showers Will Give You Better Skin

If you wash your face and the rest of your body like normal, using hot water, and you end your showers by turning the knob to the coldest setting, you will probably get a healthier skin as a result. This is because the cold water will close your pores, preventing bacteria and other unhealthy crap to enter your skin…

…now, needless to say, you should use warm water when cleaning yourself, because then you do want everything to open up. It's when all your cleaning is done when the fun part starts…

…and you turn the knob to “cold as fu*k!”

Cold Showers Can Help You Become More Alpha

There are several reasons for this, the first one being what I talked about in the end of the video at the top of this blog post. Did you watch that video yet? If not, go do so now while it's fresh on your mind,  and then come back here after you are done.


Ok, the second reason why cold showers may increase your confidence and dominance is because of the upregulated dopamin receptors.

So, how can that make us more confident?

Studies on monkeys show that the alpha male of the group have more dopamine receptors than the other, more submissive monkeys. That's right, more dopamine receptors is linked to higher status in a group. This is also true for the human species.

In other words, cold showers makes you more “alpha”, and that in turn will of course also increase your confidence.

Cold Showers Reduce Inflammation

This one is pretty easy to understand, so no need for long paragraphs of me rambling here. Cold counteracts inflammation…

…simple as that.

The word inflammation actually comes from “In Flames”, which of course would indicate that things are too hot, and…

…what better way to cool something that is “too hot” than taking a 3 minute cold shower.

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Cold Showers Boost Your immune System

Some people are afraid that taking cold showers, particularly in the wintertime, will make them more prone to catching a virus infection, a flue or some nasty bugg of some sorts…

…well, nothing could be further from the truth because cold showers actually strengthens your immune system. It is like gym training for your immune system.

Now, that said, cold showers are a stressor, which means that immediately post shower, your immune system will actually be weaker, but that is only temporary, you know, the same way we are weaker right after a heavy strength training session. But then as soon as we recover, we grow stronger. So, in the long run cold showers significantly boosts your immune system.

How Do I Start Taking Cold Showers?

Cold showers are painful. They  will always be painful. Even when you get use to them, however, they will get a bit easier to handle after a few days of regularly taking them.

What you want to do is to build up gradually…

Build up gradually…

If you find the cold water unbearably cold, then just do 3 seconds your first time.

I'm not even kidding here….

  • Just do 3 seconds today!
  • Shoot for 6 seconds tomorrow!
  • See if you can go 10 seconds the day after that
  • And then 15 seconds
  • And so on…keep going!

…and so on, you get the picture.

Build it up like that until you are able to endure for 2-3 minutes. When it comes to the positive benefits, there is a point of diminishing return, which means that after about 3 minutes, going longer will not give you any more benefits.

Start with a normal shower…

Remember to start with your normal shower first and then finish with the cold shower. In other words, get all that normal shampooing and washing done first and then you put the cold shock at the end of your shower session.

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NoFap And Cold Showers
Conclusion And Final Words

Ok, so there you have it, the reasons why NoFap and cold showers go so well together.

The video on the top of this page was mostly about NoFap and cold showers and why they are like two brothers in the self improvement family, while the blog post was a bit more geared towards the rest of the benefits you can expect if you start taking cold showers on a regular basis.

So no I ask you…

…will you start taking them?

At least give them a try for 30 days and then make up your own mind.

If you really take them on for 30 days, my guess is…

… you'll never go back.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

F.A.Q's About NoFap And Cold Showers

Q: Should I use cold showers  as a nofap tool? Meaning to avoid relapses?

A: Cold showers are an excellent tool for dealing with relapses. As I mentioned in the video on the top of this page, the increase in dopamine that follows a cold shower, is very often enough to stave off cravings. This is because low dopamine itself will lead to cravings, and then your brain will try to quickly find “a dopamine fix” in some way. Well, what better “fix” than to blast it with a cold shower for a minute or so.

Q: Can cold showers help speed up NoFap recovery?

A: There are no studies made on how cold showers affect NoFap or PMO rebooting specifically. However, we do know that cold showers increase dopamine receptors. We also know that addictions reduce those receptors, so it's not far fetched at all to assume that things like cold showers, intermittent fasting, high intense interval training could speed up nofap recovery, as all of those also increase your dopamine receptor density. For more info on this, take a look at the blog post “How to speed up NoFap recovery”

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