NoFap And Coffee – Will Coffee Hurt Your Reboot?

NoFap And Coffee

Since coffee is the most loved beverage to this date, millions of people around the world are taking a coffee break several times a day. But is this something you should be doing if you are on Nofap?

Could coffee make you relapse more often?

Or, if you are trying to reverse the brain changes caused by fapping to online adult entertainment, could coffee even slow down your progress?

Well, this is what we are going to talk about in this article, so grab a cup of coffee (see what I did there?) and stay for a while…

…because here we go:

Is Drinking Coffee Bad For NoFap?

Whether you want to admit it or not, coffee is a drug. Now, it may not be a dangerous one, but it is still a drug that affects your brain and your nervous system in several ways.

The caffeine in coffee increase both adrenaline and cortisol, two very powerful stress hormones, and depending on the individual, this can result in racing thoughts caused by increased signaling in the nervous system.

This happens in your body…

In fact, studies have shown a that the adrenaline levels in people who drink coffee are 32% higher on days they drink coffee compared to days they choose a non caffeinated beverage, and not only that…

… right after our beloved coffee break there is an increase in cortisol and adrenaline to levels similar to those experienced during an acute stress.

Drinking Coffee Can Make You Relapse

So what does this mean for a coffee loving guy, happily walking the NoFap journey?

Well, my NoFap friends, this means that drinking coffee re-creates stress conditions for the body, and do you know how many people respond to stressfull situations?

That's right, many respond to stress by desperately going for some form of “comforting behaviors” that raise dopamine levels, like for example junk food, alcohol, cigarettes or…

…yup, you guessed it; fapping to porn!

So, Do I Have To Quit Drinking Coffee Then?

Now, before you, angrily, smack your computer and run out of the room, shaking your fist at fate for shoveling this unfairly shitty situation in your face, let me calm you down a bit by saying…

…it may not be necessary for you to quit drinking coffee!

You see, due to a certain gene variation some people are extremely sensitive to coffee, while others can drink large amounts without it affecting them almost anything at all, and then there are people in between those extremes, of course.

So the answer to if you should quit or not depends on where you fall on that scale…

…and here's how to tell…

How to know if you are sensitive to caffeine…

Grade these statements from 0-100.

Zero being I don't agree at all,  and 100 being a fully agree…

  • After a cup of coffee I can feel my heart beating a bit faster…
  • If I drink coffee late at night I have a harder time falling asleep…
  • Coffee sometimes makes my hands or some other part of my body a bit shaky…
  • I have noticed that coffee tend to make me more restless and sometimes even give me a bit of anxiety…

Ok so grade each of the statements from 0-100 and add up the numbers. (A max score would put you at 400)

Here's how to interpret the results…
  • (A) 0-70 You are not sensitive to caffeine at all
  • (B) 71-100 You can tolerate caffeine pretty well
  • (C) 100-130  You have normal caffeine sensitivity
  • (D) 130-200 You Are pretty sensitive to caffeine
  • (E) 200-400 You are very sensitive to caffeine

Ok so if you are in category “E” or “D” then yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you stop consuming caffeine altogether, because drinking coffee will hold you back in several ways if you are this sensitive and it will especially hold you back on your NoFap journey.

If you belong in category “C” then I would recommend that you limit your consumption to no more than 1-2 cups a day.

If you, on the other hand, belong in category “B” and “A” I'd say you can enjoy your coffee just the way you want to be doing.

Your options…

If you find yourself in the sensitive categories, and if you now feel that this is a pretty harsh blow, then I feel your pain as I too had to give up my beloved coffee. I am very caffeine sensitive myself and nowadays I almost exclusively drink decaf coffee, but you know what…

…one can actually get used to that pretty fast. In fact it's much easier to switch to decaf than switching to tea or some other beverage, but of course, I'll leave that up to you.


Coffee and dopamine…

A couple of years ago when I was still struggling with relapses I noticed a strong correlation between my coffee consumption and my NoFap relapses. I am convinced this is due to the increased stress response in the body as studies have clearly shown that stress makes addicts much more prone to relapses, but not only that…

…I believe dopamine could also be involved.

You see, coffee increase dopamine levels a bit and for some people that may trigger the reward center to want more of it, from any source possible, like for example fapping to porn. Now, I don't think this is an issue with small amounts of coffee, but it could be a factor if you have a tendency to drink 2-3 cups in one sitting.

What Other Guys Are Saying About Coffee On NoFap

I'm not the only one noticing a link between drinking coffee and relapsing on NoFap. Here's a couple of quotes from two other guys…

Guy number 1

Man I used to suck at rebooting. Relapsed several times a month for years. Then one day I decided to try going without coffee for a few months to see if that would help my anxiety. It did help a bit, but after about a week or so without coffee I started to relapse a lot less. I didn't expect that as anxiety was the reason for me giving up coffee, but hey…I'll take it!

Guy number 2

When I gave up caffeine my NoFap streaks tripled in length. This is so obvious to me now, because if I drink coffee again on some family gatherings, I almost always relapse within a day or two so I have really started avoiding it as much as I can.

Coffee And No PMO Final Words

Coffee and NoFap…

…so what's the final verdict? Is drinking coffee on NoFap a bad idea or not?

If you are sensitive to coffee and if you struggle with relapses then why not try going without coffee for a month or two as an experiment and then see if your situation improves? If it does, that's great. If it doesn't…

….well, then you can always go back to your beloved hot cup of coffee 🙂

Thanks for reading.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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F.A.Q's About Things That May Mess Up The PMO Reboot

Q: What is your opinion on drinking alcohol during nofap? Will it prevent me from getting the benefits?

A: The dose, and the reason for using, determines the poison. It is certainly possible to indulge a bit without it being a problem, but if you use alcohol like many guys use porn, in other words as escapism, it will definitely hold you back. You got to be honest and ask yourself why you are drinking. If it's a matter of one or two drinks just because you enjoy it then that's all fine, but if you need a twelve pack of beer every Friday evening to numb the pain of loneliness, it's a problem.

Q: Is there any way to speed up the reversal of the brain changes caused by porn use?

A: There might be a few ways. They are not guaranteed though, but take a look at this article here ==>NoFap how to recover faster

Q: Will smoking pot mess up my reboot?

A: In excessive amounts amounts, probably. I would guess that excessive amount of smoking may at least slow it down a bit. And here too, just like with the alcohol, if you use it to “escape life” then you are not dealing with the root cause of your problem behaviors. However, a small amount here and there will probably not hold you back.

Q: Can I play online poker during my reboot?

A: Well if your not having a problem with it, as in you feel a compulsion to gamble or you continue to gamble despite negative consequences, then a moderate amount is probably fine. But do know that dopamine is highly involved with gambling, so if you are hunting those royal flushes for several hours on a daily basis, it will prevent the dopamine receptors in your reward system to grow back.

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