No PMO One Month Advice

No PMO One Month Advice And Tool Guide

On this page you will find incredible helpful tips on how to get through your first month of no PMO.

I recommend you book mark this page and come back to it several times as you can really use it as your guide and companion as you embark on your first No PMO month.

Look at it as you No PMO 30 day advice and tool guide!

It is a sort of No PMO 30 day timeline, showing you how it is typical to react during certain phases of your reboot and then giving you specific action steps for you to take in order to best deal with those phases.

Those action steps are created considering what would be the smartest thing to do from a psychological and neurobiological view.

You will also discover what common errors people do during specific phases of reboot. This is great because that will obviously help you avoid falling into the same trap yourself.

No PMO 30 Days

Now, just a short disclaimer to point out that everyone is different and this tool guide is created from an average of all the date I have gathered over the years.

That said, the different stages mentioned here is indeed very typical and I'm sure you will find it very helpful.

Ok, so are you ready for it?

Good, because here we go…

No PMO Week 1 – Survival Mode Week!


The first four weeks are the absolute hardest part of a 90 day reboot. In particular the first two weeks. Once you get past 4 weeks, for most people it will get a lot easier.

Common mistakes: 

One common mistake people make in the beginning is to make a rebooting plan that is WAY too strict. They are trying to fit in as many good things as possible, like for example a daily 10 mile run, two cold showers, 30 minutes of mediation, strength training etc. all on the same day.

 This is a psychological trap we fall into when trying to compensate for our last relapse binge and we so desperately want to see a better future. So, we come up with a plan and do not realize that we overcompensate and that the plan is way too strict for it to work in the long run. DO NOT DO THIS. It WILL backfire! 

Also, your testosterone levels spike at the end of the first week, which can cause massive urges, so be aware of that. They will drop back down in the second week though (this is not a mistake, but it is something you should be aware of).

Action steps:

  • Stay away from the internet as much as possible.
  • Do physical exercise in moderation.
  • Plan your day.
  • Take long walks in the evening to help you limit your phone / internet use.

The first week is all about survival and licking your wounds from your last relapse and the most important thing here is to stay away from the internet as much as possible. 

Do physical exercise in moderation and by all means meditate, if you feel like it, and do all the other self help things you want in moderation, but don’t be too hard on yourself with all the things that require an enormous amount of discipline at this moment. This is exactly because your main energy needs to be directed at just getting through the day. 

Even if you happen to eat more junk food than usual, and get less productive work done, that’s ok because, again, your main focus right now is to just survive the first week. In order to help you stay away from the internet as much as possible, take long walks in the afternoon and consider NOT using the internet at all when getting back home from your walk.

No PMO Week 2 – Clinging On Week!


In the second week it is common that some of the aggressive urges you experienced in the first week convert into a low mood instead. It’s now common to start experiencing a “deeper” lack of motivation that is often accompanied by depression. This is most likely due to low dopamine levels.

Common mistakes:

Forgetting your reasons for wanting to do a PMO reboot. Most guys do not keep reminding themselves of their “WHY” i.e. why it’s important for them to do a PMO reboot. It’s fresh in your mind during the first days, but the fact is that already in the second week, your “why” starts to pale. 

Action steps:

  • Remind yourself of your “ why” on a daily basis.
  • Daily physical exercise is a MUST in order to mitigate the side effects of low dopamine levels.
  • Plan your day.

If you didn’t write down why you want to reboot back when you first started your journey, now it's time to do so. It has to be done in the second week (by the latest). Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet. 

This is not enough, however, since you need to keep reminding yourself of it on a daily basis. Make a habit out of picturing yourself where you could be three years from now if you stop PMO’ing (this is your “why”) and then also picture yourself where you could be if you don’t stop ( this is your “why not”).

In order to combat the low dopamine levels, which are at their lowest level in the second and third week, you also need to be doing daily physical exercise. Right now, physical exercise is more important than mediation and cold showers, or any other tools out there. 

No PMO Week 3 – Sensitized Pathways Week!


According to brain science the sensitized pathways in an addict's brain actually grow stronger now than they were in your first week. These are the pathways in your brain that remember how good it feels to use “your drug of choice”.  

A sensitized pathway is basically a super memory of pleasure. 

This does not mean that your urges and cravings will be stronger now than in your first week. Most of the time they are actually weaker. However, IF you are presented with a trigger right around here, THEN those sensitized pathways can fire up and give you stronger urges than you’ve ever experienced.

Common mistakes:

Becoming too confident and underestimating the power of the addiction. 

The increased confidence from being able to go for more than two weeks, in combination with not being aware of the sensitized pathways actually being stronger by now, can completely knock them off their feet when suddenly presented with an unexpected trigger…and then, the relapse is a fact.

Action steps:

  • Have an “emergency” replacement activity planned for when the urges hit.
  • Daily physical exercise.
  • Plan your day.

By now you need to have an exact plan for what to do instead of relapsing when hit by an unexpected trigger. This is precisely because of the sensitized pathways being stronger by now. If you are hit by a trigger that completely overwhelms you with urges, then your replacement activity needs to be there, active and ready to be executed. It is a MUST have! There are hundreds of good activities you can come up with, just make sure it is something you do AWAY from your phone and computer.

In addition, your dopamine levels are still very low. They should start raising after about a week or two from here, albeit VERY slowly. But nevertheless, sunnier days up ahead so hold on tight. However, because the levels are still very low, you still need to keep up the daily physical exercise this week.

No PMO Week 4 – Reinforcement Week!


Hold on, it will probably get easier after this week!

Yes it is probably the last week of the excruciating lowest of the low dopamine levels and they should slowly start raising from here on out. For some people they may even have started doing so last week. 

Common mistakes:

Even though the dopamine levels should start raising after this week, they are still very low and a lot of guys simply get too tired of this depressing state, they can’t stand it and mess up. And so, they go on a complete destructive binge right around here. 

Action steps:

  • Keep reminding yourself of your “Why” in order to make it through to the next phase, where dopamine starts to raise.
  • Daily physical exercise.
  • On a daily basis, remind yourself that it will slowly start getting easier once you get past this week.  

Keep reminding yourself of your “why” and your “why not”. It is important to do this during your whole reboot, but now you are in a vulnerable place, having had to go through so many days with very low dopamine levels, that it now is especially important in order for you to be able to push through to the next level.

Also, don’t get lazy with the physical exercise. It’s even more important now than ever. In a couple of weeks from now you can cut back on it, if you like, but again, your dopamine levels are still very low and physical exercise really helps to combat this.

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Week 5 – Newfound Motivation!

WHAT HAPPENS? …the guide actually continues, but read this first…

Ok, so what you have been reading so far was the No PMO 30 day timeline advice and tool guide and since this blog post is only about the No PMO one month time frame, this will be all I share on this page.

However, the guide actually continues all the way to day 90…

The No PMO tool guide continues all the way to the end of month 3 and I have been giving that guide to my YouTube subscribers, as a reward for being loyal followers of my content. It would be unfair to them if I just posted the whole guide here on this page…

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No PMO 30 Days
Final Words

Ok, there you have it.

A pretty detailed guide on what happens during your first 30 days of your PMO reboot and what action steps you should consider doing in order to best cope with it.

I hope you found it informative, and if you did, I highly recommend you get the full 90 Day Guide as well.

Much Love

-Scandinavian Bob-

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