No PMO For A Year!

No PMO For A Year – Here Are My Benefits!

My name is Scandinavian Bob.

If you are familiar with the No PMO rebooting community, you may perhaps have seen some of my videos on YouTube.

My YouTube channel is about building a stronger self and over there I often talk about living a No PMO lifestyle.

Anyway, in this blog post I thought I'd share my personal experiences from rebooting, and in particular, my no PMO one year benefits!

So, if this is something that you could find interesting, grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while…

…because here we go!

Short History

Now, it's been a good while since I reached the one year mark, but I never made a specific blog post about that so…

…I guess it's about time. Besides, this website wasn't even started back then.

In order to make more sense of this, I'm going to start by giving you some background.

My History…

  • I'm born in 1976
  • Started fapping to adult sites at around 24 years old (before that I used DVD's and VHS tapes and magazines).
  • Discovered Gary Wilson's site “Your Brain On Porn” at age 36 and started rebooting.
  • Relapsed for many years until I finally got the hang of it.
  • Had developed real addiction related brain changes.

Why I wanted to reboot…

  • The adult sites had hijacked my libido and thus libido for real life women was low.
  • I had problems with delayed ejaculation (DE) due to desensitization.
  • I had sluggish erections that were nowhere near as strong as they should be.
  • I had low energy.
  • I had low motivation ad drive.
  • I suffered from pretty severe anxiety.
  • I had brain fog, concentration problems and short term memory problems.

No PMO 365 Day Benefits

I had my last relapse in the end of Januari 2019, and as I'm sitting here today and writing this, that is now almost two years ago.

However, in front of me I have my rebooting journal with the page I wrote when I had done one year of No PMO, and I'm now going to share what I wrote down on that page with you.

No PMO 1 Year Benefit #1
-More Energy-


I used to be tired all the time. When the alarm clock went off in the morning, my first thought would be…

…”not again!!!”

If I use the word “drained”, do you know what I'm talking about then?

Well, many people do!

It turns out that supernormal stimuli, like excessive video games, smartphone use and porn really robs you of energy. Those digital stimulations hammer your reward system in the brain and drains you of dopamine.

In addition to that, if you constantly keep wasting your life force, into a paper tissue in front of your computer, then of course your body is going to have less energy, because producing new sperm is actually a taxing process for the body.


When the alarm clock goes of in the morning today, my first thought is…

…”yes, a new day…I have so much I want to do!!!”

I have so much more energy and “life force” now compared to back when I was in the midst of my addiction.

Of course I can still get tired, but the differences are huge. I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say that I now get about 3x more work done during a day.

No PMO 1 Year Benefit #2
-Less Anxiety-


I have a genetic predisposition for anxiety, so I'm always going to have to keep working on it, but back when I was PMO'ing my anxiety was so much worse.

On my worst days I would even have a hard time going to the grocery store when my food run out, because of panic attacs and social anxiety.


Today my anxiety is much much better.

Of course it is very hard to put it in numbers, but if I had to make an estimate, I'd say that my anxiety is at least 50-60% better today, and while this may sound like “not too big of a deal”, it actually is a very big deal, because those “%” are what often makes the difference between me being able to do what I want versus, having to navigate my life around my anxiety.

Yes indeed, my anxiety is so much better today, but since I have a very strong predisposition, I know I will still always have to keep on top of my game, by living healthy, using anxiety hacks and working with my thoughts, in order for me to have control over it.

Bonus tip…

If you suffer from anxiety then you might want to try out a natural supplement called ProVanax.

I remember the first time I tried it myself. I took it before going to work and that day turned out to be pretty amazing. I was so social and my social anxiety levels were maybe 60-80% lower than they used to be that day.

Well, needless to say, since that I have been using it on and off on many different occasions. For example, dinner parties, music gigs (I play the trumpet), and other social interactions.

If interested, you can click here to check pricing over at the online vendor.

No PMO 1 Year Benefits
-Harder Boners-


Yes, this was a big one! (no pun intended)

As I have talked about in my own personal success story, which you can listen to in the video below by the way, I never had full blown ED, but in the midst of my PMO addiction my erections where very weak.

Sometimes I could just barely perform, and I knew that that was not normal for an otherwise healthy man in his prime.

You can listen to my story on how I find out I had problems by listening to this video now!


Well, after successfully being free from adult site for a year there were absolutely no longer any problems in that department.

It's real assuring to know that a middle aged man can function as well as he did back when he was 20, just as long as he has a healthy lifestyle and as long as he doesn't mess himself up by fapping his brains out in front of his beloved digital harem on the laptop screen…

…who would have thought?

Bonus tip…

If you are struggling with weak boners then know that it will get better with time. However, if you are in a hurry, then there is this natural product that may, or may not, help you. Even though I was very desensitized it was actually very helpful for me, as I kept dating suing my reboot.

If interested, you can click here to read more about it >> AlphViril Review – My experiece.

No PMO 1 Year Benefit
-More Confidence And Self Esteem-


In my darkest moments I never really felt like a grown man, even though I was old enough to be able to do so. I often felt like an overgrown child that often broke his own promises, his intentions and thus I never fully trusted myself.

Never trusting ourselves is the price we pay for constantly breaking our own intentions.

I was just not happy about my own being and I was not comfortable in my own skin.


Both my confidence and my self-esteem have increased…

…more so, my self-esteem.

Living a No PMO lifestyle gives me this sense of core manliness. This grounded feeling that my self esteem and confidence can stand steadily upon.

It's a great feeling, really!

No PMO 1 Year Benefit
-More Motivation And Drive-


Before I started No PMO I had almost exclusively a “fear based motivation”, meaning I would almost only get things done if I knew there would be some kind of negative consequences if I didn't.

Obviously, this is very limiting and won't get you very far in life.


After a year of No PMO my motivation and drive is so much stronger and now I often do things because I WANT to do them. Because I want to see how good I can do that task, achieve that goal or how good I can become.

This, I believe, is probably one of the biggest reasons why NoFap can be so incredible as a self-development tool, because it makes you want to improve in several areas of your life. It's a wonderful keystone habit, that more often than not, also makes you develop other good habits as well.

Not to mention that your whole dopamine system starts working better, and naturally it's going to be easier to get stuff done if you have your neurotransmitters in balance, working for you, rather than against you.

No PMO 1 Year Benefit
-I Need Less Sleep-


I always felt tired, even if I got 8-9 hours of sleep.

This, obviously, ties in with my increased energy benefit as well.


I can now sleep 6 hours and do just fine.

Now, I'm not saying you should start cutting out 2 hours of your sleep after you have done your reboot. I'm just sharing my experience here, and that I myself need about 2 hours less sleep today than I did back when I was in the midst of my PMO addiction.

When thinking about it…

…how cool is that?

It is like I get 2 hours of more life, every single day.

In a year that is 730 hours, which equals 30 days!

And in 20 years, it is 600 days!

You can >>Download<< my Quit Porn Guide for FREE right now!

Final Words

Those were my biggest No PMO one year benefits. I hope you found it at least somewhat interesting and perhaps even a bit inspiring.

Remember that it has now gone much longer than a year for me, and things have continued to get even better, but as I pointed out, those where my biggest benefits I noticed after I first made it past the one year mark.


Today, as I'm sitting here, I can honestly tell you that No PMO helped me quit my job (that I didn't like) and to start my own lifestyle business, which I can operate from anywhere in the world, if I feel like it.

I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I have a lot of exploring to do so I will definitely start traveling the world as soon as this whole pandemic, the world is going through right now, calms down.

I no longer suffer from crippling anxiety, or crippling depression, that I so often did when I was PMO'ing and I feel better than I have done done in, well, perhaps more than 20 years.

Quitting PMO was perhaps the best decision I have ever made in my whole life.

If you are on the fence whether or not to start rebooting yourself, then give it a shot…

…what do you have to lose?

You can always go back and make up for all your missed fapping sessions if it doesn't work for you. Besides, when you're sitting there in your rocking chair at age 95 I doubt you are going to think…

…”I wish you would have spent more time watching more p*rn”.

…but then again, what do I know what you will think 🙂

Need my help?

If you are already rebooting and you keep relapsing and feel that you would need some help to stop relapsing for good, then you can click here to check what kind of help I'm currently offering.

Also, do follow me on YouTube, as I make all kinds of videos with helpful rebooting tips and other self improvement videos as well.

Thank you for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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