No PMO 100 Days

No PMO 100 Days!

In this article we will take a closer look at the No PMO 100 day mark.

What are some common things you can expect right around here?

What are other guys saying?


…what is happening inside your brain?

Going 100 Days Without PMO is Not Easy

If you have managed to go 100 days without PMO then, congratulations, it's a big achievement!

While we often, rightfully, think that “time flies”, 100 days of starting a new habit, or doing anything new for that matter, is actually a pretty long time.

It's a real test of strength, especially if you are addicted to porn, but even if you're just doing NoFap as a cool little challenge, it's still a big achievement.

This is because in order to make it to 100 days, it takes…

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Smart planning

I would estimate that more than 90% of people relapse several times before they finally manage to go 100 days without PMO. That's ok, since relapses can help us get to know ourselves and how we respond to emotional triggers…

…IF we are smart enough to stop for a while and analyze what made us relapse, that is.

This is where the “smart planning” comes into play, but you can read more about that in the article 11 Tips on how to stop a PMO addiction, as this article is going to focus more on the No PMO 100 day mark and not so much on how to actually get there.

What Can You Expect At The 100 Day Mark


There are three things I have to point out right from the start…

  1. 100 days is long enough for most guys to start seeing benefits and improvements. And now we are talking improvements ranging all the way from a better functioning memory to improvements in PIED. (porn induced erectile dysfunction)
  2. Even though most have seen some benefits by now, the “recovery” will most likely continue to take place and more or even stronger benefits will continue to roll around for several months to come. Often for well over a year.
  3. There is nothing “magical” with the 100 day mark in and of itself, and 100 Days no PMO should not be your “finish line”.

100 Days in – is A Good Place To Be

As you can see, the 100 day mark on No PMO is not a bad place to be in. Chances are you are already enjoying some benefits, but not only that, the benefits will most likely continue to get stronger for a few more months…

…this is obviously very encouraging.


Well, because if could only use one word to describe hope and happiness, it would be the word “progress” and  progress is exactly what most guys are experiencing around the 100 day mark.

If this is not you, don't get discouraged….

I do have to point out, thought, that there are also guys who suffer from PIED and see absolutely no progress at the 100 day mark…

…they just need more time.

If you are one of those guys, try to not get discouraged and try to pursue patience. Keep going and take one day at a time. Even if you happen to belong in the “long term rebooter camp”  you will most likely start seeing some form of improvements in your second half of the year.

If you are experiencing a very slow recovery, here are a few articles that may potentially be helpful to you…

Some interesting Rebooting Timestamps…


Here are some interesting rebooting “timestamps” that could perhaps be of assistance during your rebooting journey.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, though, and that these timestamps are made from averages. You results may vary greatly.

Day 7  Transient testosterone spike!

There is a temporary testosterone spike on day 7. According to a Chinese study, the testosterone reaches 145.7% of your baseline levels during day 7 of abstinence. Unfortunately, the levels do not stay this high even if you keep yourself from busting.

They actually start to come back down on day 8. Nevertheless, due to the massive increase in testosterone on day 7,  many guys experience intense urges right around here.

Days 10-50 Flatline!

It's very common for guys to descend into a flatline, often starting in the second week, and lasting for a few weeks onward. Note that the length of the flatline is highly individual and can happen at different times during the reboot.

Some guys have to battle a much longer flatline than this, and the flatline can also come and go several times during a reboot.

If we had to look for an “average”, though, it would be pretty safe to say that this is the most common time frame.

Days 8-30 Sensitized pathways grow stronger!

Somewhere around the second week after stopping an addiction the sensitized pathways in the brain actually grow stronger. These are pathways in your brain that “remember” the pleasurable feeling you got when acting out.

You could call a sensitized pathway a “super memory of pleasure”

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This means that, if you are hit by an unexpected trigger right around here, you might experience incredible intense urges.

The sensitized pathways can be so strong that, some guys have even reported “jizzing” with a flaccid penis when hit by a strong craving right around here, even if they did not masturbate. Maybe all it took was a light touch in combination with those super urges. This can be scary, but know that this happens because of addiction related brain changes and that it is just temporary and not something that will continue to happen.

Days 45-60 Increased creativity!

For some reason, a lot of guys start reporting a noticeable increase in creativity right around here.

Now, disclaimer here: I have absolutely no science based data to back this up with, and I honestly do not know why this happens, but having been almost 10 year in the rebooting community, I have seen this happen to guys over and over again at the 5-7 week mark. I suspect it has something to do with the dopamine system starting to function better.

Days 90-100 Most guys see good results!

By now most guys see at least some progress and many, real good progress.

Many guys have emerged from the flatline and if they suffered from PIED they have started to notice “signs of life” down there. Some of them are even fully recovered by now and no longer have any problems performing in the bedroom.

The same goes with all the other benefits like…

  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased confidence
  • More motivation and drive
  • More energy in general

That said, a lot of guys do need much more time, but even those guys have most likely started to see at least some improvements by now. Still, there are also unlucky guys that need to go well over a year before they even start to see ANY improvements. They are in the minority though, but still, just because we are all so different you need to take these timestamps with a big grain of salt.

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What Others Are Saying About No PMO For 100 Days

Here are a few quotes from guys around the 100 days mark…

Guy number 1

“I'm on day 101 of no PMO today and I can safely say that this is the best thing I've ever done. It's also the hardest thing I've ever done, but I do not regret it even for one second. Before I started I had severe social anxiety, depression and no motivation to do anything about it. Today I can talk to anyone…literally anyone, and not only that, it all feels natural.”

Guy number 2

“The last four years have been a series of embarrassing ED experiences for me. I knew I was way too young to be having problems like that, (I'm 35 by the way), so about 3 months ago I decided to stop fapping to porn. Well, on day 100 I had successful sex and aside from shooting my load very quickly I'm happy to say that everything was working like it should. I was even able to go several rounds.”

Guy number 3

“Day 105 here and these are my benefits so far: Confidence is higher than ever before, I get much more attention from women, I'm feeling grounded and secure in myself and my energy levels have just skyrocketed. Never going back!”

100 Days Free From PMO Final Words

100 days No PMO is a good place to bee, because by now most guys have gotten a good taste of have good a porn free life can be. Relapse frequencies also drastically reduce after 90 days and it's much more “smooth sailing” from here on out.

That said, relapses can still happen and you should NOT get too confident. You need to stay on top of your game and not let down your guard, because if you start slipping, it's incredible easy to get stuck once more…

…and then it can really be hard to get the ball rolling again.

Lastly, if you're reading this on day 100 of NO PMO and you haven't seen any benefits so far, don't give up. Keep going because, as I said a few paragraphs up, there are a lot of guys who just need more time.

Thanks for reading!

Scandinavian Bob

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F.A.Q's About PMO Rebooting

Q: Hi Bob, could you please give me your opinion on wet dreams. Do you consider them relapses? Can they set me back?

A: I do NOT consider wet dreams relapses. A relapse is when you intentionally break your own rebooting rules. Wet dreams are natural and it's just your body's way of “cleaning the pipe”. Some guys can experience a slight drop in energy levels a day or two after they happen, but most guys do not. Wet dreams should not set you back at all in your recovery so don't worry about them.

Q: Can I date during my reboot?

A: Yes you can. It's actually beneficial. By spending time around real life people you are rewiring your sexual responses away from pixels to where it should go, real flesh and blood women, or men, depending on in what team you are playing. That said, if you have PIED or even mild PIED I would recommend you hold back on ejaculations for the first 3-4 months or so, as it has been shown that guys who start busting too much in the beginning may take a bit longer to fully recover.

Q: Can porn really cause negative brain changes?

A: Yes! There are 57 studies made so far, supporting the addiction model. If interested, you can take a look at theme right here.

Q: I don't think I'm addicted, could I still see benefits from quitting?

A: Yes. You don't have to be an addict to knock out some of your dopamine receptors, for example, and you don't have to be an addict for porn to cause reduced libido for real life women. But why ask? Why not just try it out for yourself and then make up your own mind?

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