Is Sperm Retention Same As NoFap (Here’s Your Answer)

Is Sperm Retention Same As NoFap?

A lot of people who are new to this journey are wondering if sperm retention and NoFap is the same thing.

Here's the answer:

Sperm retention and NoFap is not the same thing. People who are doing semen retention, as their main thing, have exactly that as their goal; to retain their sperm. While guys on NoFap are mainly focusing on quitting a destructive porn habit, where obviously masturbation was involved, of course there are then going to be overlaps and combinations of these out there as well.

NoFap vs semen retention – It's also a matter of how you define it…

Obviously it's also going to come down to how people define it.

For example, you will find YouTubers who use the word “NoFap” when the only thing they mean is how far they can go without busting a nut.

But I need to let you know that “NoFap” is actually a word that is tradmarked. And the founder of the NoFap forum, Alexander Rhodes, specifically defines NoFap as the act of overcoming a destructive porn habit as a mens for self improvement.

You will find overlaps…

Naturally, you will also find a lot of overlaps out there.

For example, many guys who are doing semen retention, as their main goal, are also trying to avoid looking at porn. And the other way around is true as well, i.e. many guys who are trying to overcome a porn addiction are also doing semen retention.

This is not surprising at all since, well of course there is a relationship between them. I mean, not that many guys are watching porn without masturbating at the same time. Sure guys like that are out there, but they are in the minority…

…so since busting nuts and porn so often go hand in hand (no pun intended) of course there's going to be an overlap.

Are semen retention benefits the same as NoFap benefits, then?

Again, you will find different views on this depending on the definition, but generally, no!

Since NoFap is focusing more on quitting porn, then by using the term NoFap benefits, we most often refer to benefits you see in your day to day life after your dopamine system starts working better.

Overconsumption of porn can cause a disrupted dopamine system…

You see, overconsumption of porn can cause a disrupted dopamine system in your brain. And when you then stop all your porn use, your dopamine system will “reset” and start functioning better again.

This can then manifest itself as…

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • More drive and motivation
  • More energy
  • More libido
  • Increased confidence
  • Etc…

Another way to look at it, and perhaps the more correct way, is that by doing NoFap your brain is simply returning to its natural healthy state.

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But doesn't semen retention alone give you all those benefits?

Definitely not to the same extent.

Sure there are guys who report all those benefits from retention alone, but it's nowhere near as noticeable as when a guy who has been heavily addicted to porn overcomes his addiction and gets a better functioning brain in the process.

Why not do both?

Here's a suggestion, why not try to do both?

Stop using porn and then try doing semen retention in cycles. For example only ejaculate one day out of 7 or one day out of 14 or one day out of 30.

That is how I personally do it. I no longer watch porn, I.e. as a former porn addict I have a “zero porn policy” on my own journey – and then I experiment with different semen retention lengths as well. I do feel that the retention gives e a bit of extra added energy and drive, on top of the improved dopamine system giving up porn has brought.

The zero porn policy on my part is not because I judge or deem porn users as doing something morally wrong  – it's simply because, as a former porn addict, I can not do moderation without falling back into the grips of the addiction.

This is interesting, check it out..

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Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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