Is Not Fapping Worth it? 14 Reasons Why Not Fapping is Worth it

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Is Not Fapping Worth it?

By now, almost everyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last couple of years have heard about NoFap.

NoFap is the word for giving up online adult entertainment and self stimulation as a means for self-improvement, but why would anyone in their right mind do this?…

…is not fapping really worth it?

Well, it depends on what you value in your life.

It is certainly possible to have a good life and to even become successful while fapping, but the truth is there are indeed some really interesting benefits people start noticing when they stop fapping.

Let's take a closer look at 14 of those…

…14 reasons why not fapping could be worth it.

Reason #1 NoFap Gives You Better Skin

This is a common benefit people who start NoFap are reporting.

The reasons for this is not 100% clear, but one reson could be due to NoFap giving you more stable hormone levels.

Every time you ejaculate your prolactin levels increase while your dopamine levels drop. In addition to this, if you are fapping with a few days in between, you will also have pretty sharp fluctuations in your sex hormones…

…this constant fluctuation in hormone levels could be a recipe for pimples and bad skin in general.

Don't believe me?

Fair enough, but let me ask you this; why do teenagers often have bad skin?

Well teenagers have more hormone imbalances then adults and as a result they often walk around with oily skin, some red rashes and an embarrassing pimple on their nose…

…and if frequent fapping can cause fluctuations in hormone levels then the results would probably be the same.

Here's a quote from one guy on NoFap…

“I have already noticed several nofap benefits and one of them is my skin geting so much better. I used to have these red outbreaks in my face and a bad skin in general, but after about two months on nofap it has cleared up…to the point of…well almost perfection”

Reason #2 Real Sex Will Become 10X More Pleasurable

This one is easy to understand.

When you give up fapping to porn your reward center in the brain will become more sensitive to real sexual responses. This is very logical, especially when considering that today's online adult websites are extremely stimulating and frequent use will cause desensitization…

…basically a numb pleasure response.

Millions of guys around the world are giving up fapping for this very reason.

They call the whole process “rebooting” and the purpose is to rewire the brain so that it will become more aroused by real life people instead of pixels on a screen, and guess what…

…it is working!

After being on NoFap for some time, sex in real life will start to feel better than it ever did back when you were fapping to porn.

Quote from a NoFap guy…

“I decided to put an end to my porn addiction once and for all in order to see if that would make me more attracted to girls in real life. It worked. After 90 days of nofap my attraction to girls has skyrocketed. Just a smile from a normal looking girl can be enough to turn me on. This was never the case back when I fas fapping to porn.”

Reason #3 You Will Get Harder And Longer Lasting Erections

Not bad huh?

And it is 100% true.

This has to do with what I told you in the previous point. When you quit desensitizing your reward center with frequent porn use, your sexual center in the brain will start sending much stronger signals down to your beloved penis…

…this can result in fuller, harder and longer lasting erections.

This is something I talk more about in the article Weak erections during reboot, and if you have problems with sluggish erections right now, I recommend you take a look at that blog post as, over there, I share 12 helpful tips on how to improve your situation.

Here is a quote from another guy doing NoFap…

“I was afraid that weak erections would be a permanent part of my sex life. I am 50 years old after all and so I thought this was just the way it would be for the rest of my life. Then I decided to give nofap a try and to my big surprise I noticed how I started to become so much more attracted to my wife. My erections were not late to respond either and today, 154 days into my nofap reboot, my erections are as strong as they were when I was 25. Quite amazing as far as I'm concerned.”

Reason #4 You Will Become Physically Stronger

The article I talk about in the end of the video can be found by clicking here.

It is no longer any secret that elite sports men have used abstinence as a means to improve their strength weeks leading up to an important event.

Not all of them, but many.

One reason for this is because you get  147% testosterone increase on day 7 after abstaining. Now, granted, the testosterone levels do drop back down after day 7, but then another study show slightly elevated levels again after 3 weeks of abstinence.

I can personally attest to the increase in strength on NoFap. This is because I have been lifting weights most of my adult life, and I know my body very well by now. I always progress faster in the gym if I keep ejaculating to a minimum.

If you want to dive deeper into this, there re two really interesting articles I recommend you take a look at…

Here's a quote from a guy doing NoFap…

“Whenever I'm on a long nofap streak I notice faster gains in the gym. The differences are actually pretty big. Building muscle is very important to me and this benefit alone makes me want to continue. Unfortunately I always end up relapsing after a few weeks.”

Reason #5 You Will Become Mentally Stronger

If not fapping can help you become physically stronger the effects on mental strength is even bigger.

The strongest force in human nature is the sexuality, and in order for you to control it, you need to be a mentally strong beast.

You see, if you were under the illusion that NoFap is easy, I'll tell you right now, you are sadly mistaken. NoFap is probably one of the most difficult things you'll ever do…

…but herein lies the power.

You will probably relapse many times, but little by little, you will start to master the difficult art of transmuting your sexual energy into other areas of your life, like for example building muscle or achieving your goals. It is IN the struggle, and during this long walk, that you'll develop mental calluses stronger than ever before.

Pretty cool, huh?

Here's another quote…

“I found that the discipline needed to abstain from fapping has a carryover effect in to other areas of my life. Nofap makes me a self disciplined beast and this makes me progress faster in whatever challenge I want to tackle…”

Reason #6 Your Anxiety Levels Will Drop

Yes, this is another big one.  It is very common for the anxiety levels to drop when we stop fapping. This is especially true when it comes to social anxiety.

Thousands of guys, from all over the world, are reporting how NoFap made their anxiety problems so much easier to handle…

…for some, even to the point of disappearing altogether.

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If you think this sounds too good to be true, there is good scientific evidence evidence for it. It has to do with how frequent fapping to online porn increase your dopamine levels to very high levels (during your porn sessions) and thus, in the long run, causes a disrupted dopamine system in your brain.

Now, what are the symptoms of a disrupted dopamine system?

Well, here are the most common ones…

  • Lack of motivation and drive
  • Feelings of shame
  • Feelings of fear
  • Por focus and concentration

Feelings of fear and feelings of shame? Well, that is a pretty good recipe for social anxiety right there, wouldn't you think?

If you want to take a deeper dive into the science behind NoFap and social anxiety, take a look at a blog post I made a while back. You can find it here ==> NoFap and Social Anxiety

Here's a quote from one guy…

“I have been doing NoFap for 3 weeks now and my social confidence is through the roof. Almost all my anxiety is gone…seriously! I started NoFap to reboot my sexuality, but this sudden anxiety reduction is a very nice “bonus”. I will probably never go back to fapping after having experienced this!”

Reason #7 Your Concentration And Focus Will increase

One of the symptoms of a disrupted dopamine system, that I talked about in the previous point, is lack of focus and concentration.

When guys give up fapping and go on a NoFap journey it is very common that they start noticing how they suddenly are able to focus one one task at a time, making it possible for them to concentrate like never before with this almost “laser like focus”.

The reason for this is probably, again, due to a better functioning dopamine system, but there could be more going on…

…semen retention in and of itself, could actually be helpful here for reasons we do not yet understand.

Here's a quote from one guy…

“I'm on day 67 of NoFap and I just LOVE how sharp my brain feels. It's like all of my senses suddenly are 3x stronger and my memory and focus have never been better. I almost feel like Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless!”

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Reason #8 To Prevent Getting Erectile Dysfunction

This is a pretty damn good reason to stop fapping to porn right?

If you're not aware of it by now, it's about time you'll learn that frequent fapping to toady's super stimulating porn can desensitize you so much that it can actually cause you to have erectile dysfunction when getting with a real life person.

It's not just the desensitization that causes it, but the high dopamine levels during your porn sessions also rewires your sexual responses to pixels on a screen.

The most common sexual problems people who are fapping a lot to online porn start to see are…

  • Delayed ejaculations
  • Morphing sexual tastes
  • Sluggish or weak erections
  • Total ED (this is the final stage, and sadly, often the only stage that is a real wake up call for guys)

If any of those symptoms sound familiar to you, then I highly recommend you stop fapping right away and do a real reboot. Take a look at the article Helpful tips for a 90 day PMO reboot to get started.

Here's a quote from one guy…

“Half of the time I would not get it up at all with my girlfriend and the other half I would have very weak erections. The weak erections sometimes even died completely I would go soft during sex. I decided to stop fapping and start rebooting. It took me 6 months of rebooting before I started to feel any drive for real sex at all. A long time, but it was totally worth it because after 6 months my erections started to become stronger and stronger and today they are as hard as they were back when I was a teenager. Rebooting really works.”

Reason #9 Women Will Become More Attracted To You

This is one of the biggest mysteries about NoFap, and I agree, it really does sounds strange…

…but the fact is; so many guys are reporting how, once they reach a certain number of days on their NoFap streak, women suddenly start paying them A LOT more attention.

So what's going on here?

Well, the truth is, no one really knows exactly what's going on.

Could it be that mother nature, and biology, somehow made women subconsciously just know when a man is walking around “fully loaded”?

Perhaps, but who knows.

I do me best to try to look at this, as well as other reasons behind this strange phenomenon in the article NoFap an attraction from girls. In that article I also share my personal experience with this mysterious thing.

Here's a quote from one guy…

“I honestly have no idea what's going on, but whenever I get about three weeks into nofap girls all of a sudden start paying way more attention to me. It is like I'm walking around with this masculine aura surrounding me. Can they somehow pick up on that? I have no idea, but one thing is for sure…I like it!”

Reason #10 You Will increase Your Chances Of Reaching Your Goals

In the famous book “Think and grow rich” the author Napoleon Hill has dedicated a whole chapter to something called “sexual transmutation”.

Now, this is not some weird woo-woo book written by some old lunatic. In fact, it is perhaps the single biggest book responsible for creating more successful men than any other book written in the history of time.

If you have not read it, I highly recommend you sing up to Audible, on Amazon and listen to it as an Audio book. By signing up you get 30 days free and can listen to it without paying anything. Just click this link right now to sign up and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Remember how I told you a while back how the sexual energy is the most powerful biological energy we have inside of us?

Well, when learning to not only control it, but to also direct that energy and to channel it into other areas of our lives your results could potentially skyrocket…

….this is known as “sexual transmutation”.

Here's one quote from a NoFapper…

“Since I started NoFap I have started taking piano lessons, I have started an online business and quit my 9-5 day job. I have attracted my dream girl and I suddenly have more amazing ideas than ever before. I'm having karezza with my girlfriend and I harness the power of sexual transmutation by having non ejaculatory sex.”

Reason #11 You Will Become More Confidence

This is the second most common benefit guys on NoFap are reporting (you'll find the most common benefit in reason #12)

From all the formus I've read and all the emails I get I would estimate that at least 60% of guys who stop fapping will start experiencing a big increase in confidence.

This could be related to hormones. It could also be related to being proud about the fact that you are able to do something that most men can not do (NoFap is not easy) and of course, it is related to a better functioning dopamine system in the brain…

…it is probably a combination of all of those factors.

If you want to dig deeper into the science behind it, check out the article; Does NoFap really increase confidence.

Here's a quote…

“Started doing NoFap one month ago just to see if I would see any benefits. Well I sure as hell do! My confidence is higher than ever. I literally don't give a fu*k about what people think of me anymore. I just feel so comfortable in my own skin I can't even describe the feeling.”

Reason #12 Your Energy Levels Will Soar

I should probably have put this as reason #1 because this is it. This is THE number 1 benefit guys who stop fapping are reporting…

…yes, when you stop fapping will see a BIG increase in your energy levels.

Being the most common benefit, this is something that perhaps 90% of guys on NoFap experience and it's really not that strange when you think about it.

Ejaculations contains the most concentrated energy in your body and when you stop wasting it into a paper tissue in front of your laptop on a regular basis, of course you will notice it.

Think about it. One single ejaculation contains enough sperm to father a whole continent!

Here's a quote from one guy…

“The first thing I noticed was a HUGH increase in my energy. Now I actually WANT to go run instead of having to force myself, like I used to. I also need less sleep and I do not get crashes during the day. It is like like I'm running on a new powerful energy source.”

Reason #13 You Will Be Happier

This one is a bit harder to understand, but it is still a common benefit guys see when they stop fapping.

Of course, the fact that high stimulating online porn causes down-regulated dopamine receptors, which in turn causes lower mood and all kinds of other negative symptoms is certainly easy to explain, but what I meant by “harder to understand” is that semen retention in and of itself seem to increase happiness.

Take a look at when Dave Asprey, a famous author and smart silicon valley entrepreneur, share his experience with semen retention and happiness in the video below.

There are thousands of guys experiencing the same thing.
Here's one quote from a guy…

“My baseline happiness if much higher when I'm on nofap compared to when I'm spanking my monkey. I always start noticing it around the days 17-20 or so…life just gets brighter.”

Reason #14 Increased Self-Esteem

When doing NoFap you will get this sense of a deeper core security inside you. Something that lifts your whole manliness. This is something that is impossible to explain and something that you just have to be experience in order for you to understand.

That “core manliness” is like a bedrock. Something that your whole self esteem will stand firmly and steadily upon.

In other words; you will feel much more comfortable in your own skin. This is also something that people around you will pick up on. Not just women…

…but everyone.

Here's a quote…

“I can't describe the feeling I now have. Since I quit fapping to porn I now have so much more self esteem and I have this strong feeling that I everything is alright and that I will be able to handle everything life throws at me. When talking to people I feel grounded and I can see that they notice that I'm secure in myself. I suddenly get much more respect.”

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Is Not Fapping Worth it?
Final Words

Ok, so is it worth it to stop fapping?

Well, you be the judge. This was 14 of the most common benefits guys are reporting and it's up to each and everyone of us to decide just how we want to live our lives, but what if you gave it a try?…

…at least for a couple of months or so?

Heck, you can always go back, making up for all the lost fapping, if it does not work for you. My guess, however, is; once you give it a try…

…you do not even want to go back.

Thanks for reading.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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