How To Start NoFap

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How To Start NoFap

Before embarking on your first NoFap journey there are a few things you need to learn.

Be sure to watch the whole video to learn the most important stages, and then after you are done with the video, read this article for some additional bonustips…

Starting with NoFap can be exciting and a bit scary at the same time, however, this is somethingI believe every man should try at least once in their lifetime. For some men, the benefits can be nothing short of miraculous…

…and of course, if you are addicted to online adult entertainment, then all the bigger reasons to start NoFap.

Starting Your NoFap Journey
Day 1


When you first set out on your NoFap journey you are most likely very motivated. There are no shortage of internet stories of people experiencing a lot of impressive benefits and of course this inspires us.

For most people, day 1 is not that hard and urges to fap are not that strong. Most people will pass day 1 with flying colors, and so will you!


It's cool that you are motivated and eager to get going, but it is important that you know that your motivation will come and go during your journey. You will also have periods of no motivation at all…

…I'm not saying this to be negative. It is just a fact, and you are better of knowing it right from the start. When you are motivated, great, enjoy the motivation. When you are not, keep going anyway!


You must have a NoFap notebook…

….did you get one?

As you learned from the video you should already, from the very first day, have a few things written down.

  • Your WHY
  • Your HELL
  • What to replace your old habits with

By now your old porn bookmarks, cookies and search history should be deleted from your browser.

Any old porn clips in your waste basket? Delete them too…

…you see, it won't take many days before we get into a “seeking mode”, where our brains are searching for any old dopamine spiking images. Oh yes, this really happens…

…like a thirsty man, dying in the desert, searching for water.

How to start NoFap
Days 2-5


If you are used to fapping several times a week, it does not take long until cravings start to increase and for some they start as soon as the second day. It feels strange not to do your usual deed.

If you have developed a real addiction to porn then expect to get hit by withdrawal symptoms soon. A few common ones are…

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Concentration problems
  • Brain fog
  • Racing thoughts


Your brain will try to trick you in several ways. A common “trick” in the beginning of NoFap are thoughts like…

  1. Let's start this NoFap journey on Monday instead, you're only on day 3 anyway so it's no big loss.
  2. It would be better to make day 1 on the first day of a month. You can relapse now and start clean next month instead.
  3. You're not ready to start this challenge yet, you need to educate yourself a bit more first…

…and so on.

Don't fall for any of those!

Also, realize that even if you manage to not fall for it, the “voice of the addiction” will try again, many times…

…and it will try different sneaky tactics. Stay on your guard.


You did write down different activities to replace your addiction with, right? You can't just quit a bad habit without replacing it. Well, now it's time to start implementing the replacement activities and learn your brain that fapping is no longer on the menu.

How to begin NoFap
Days 6-8


Many of you already know what happens right around here. That's right, your blood testosterone levels will start to rise on day 6 and then it peaks on day 7. It's not a small increase either, but a significant spike….

a graph of testosterone levels after abstaining from ejaculation

…they will come back down on day 8 though, but during this time many nofappers experience intense cravings due to the sudden spike in sex hormones.


The temporary testosterone spike makes many people relapse on day 7. Know that your sex hormones will spike, so that you can make plans in advance. 


Why not plan some outdoor activities during this period, or at least stay out of the house. Go for long walks, go to the library, go to a cafe or spend time with your friends.

Whatever you do, the worst solution right now is to be bored in front of the laptop, aimlessly browsing.

How to start your NoFap journey
Days 9-14


You testosterone levels have come back down. Also, for many people the flatline has now begun. The flatline is a period where you feel little to no libido and everything in life is just grey and kind of…meh!

If you have developed addiction related brain changes due to all the porn use, the stress center in your brain is now hyper active.

In addition to this, the sensitized addiction pathways in your brain have now, unfortunately, grown even stronger. This means that a trigger will make you react even more now, then it did on your first NoFap week.

Some of the people who are not addicted, or only have a very mild addiction, are already starting to see an increase in confidence around this time.


For many people, the second week is the hardest. It is the biggest hurdle on your nofap journey and many people will experience relapses here. Once you get over the second week it becomes a bit easier though.


Now your rebooting is up and running, however there has not yet been enough time to make  all your replacement habits function automatically. In other words, you have to actively push yourself to do them on a daily basis…

…keep going!

Starting NoFap
Day 15


It takes about two weeks for the androgen receptors to fully restore after frequent ejaculation. At least if you are a rat, as this fact is taken from studies on male rats…

…this could perhaps be applied to humans as well, and if that's the case, then you should know that more androgen receptors means that your body is now better at utilizing whatever testosterone levels you happen to have in your blood.

The hormon testosterone binds to the androgen receptors and this means that, even though your testosterone levels are the same, it feels like they are higher, due to the better utilization. This would explain the increased confidence, energy, and aggressiveness that a lot of people experience right about now.

For more info on this, read the article Does NoFap increase confidence.


With better utilization of testosterone, your libido might shoot up. This does not apply if you are in a flatline.


Just keep going. If you are more horny now, meditation is a valuable tool to have in your NoFap toolbox. Meditation trains you to notice whatever you are feeling, without following it or judging it…

…highly recommended!

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How to begin NoFap
Days 16-21


Most of those who are addicted to porn are still in a flatline here.

For those who are not, it is common to see a drop in social anxiety in this period. Some people also notice an increase in female attention. This is of course nice to notice, so a boost in motivation might follow…



If you belong to the group that experience increased confidence and less social anxiety right about here, then be sure to enjoy it, HOWEVER, do NOT get too confident when it comes to your reboot, because being too confident about your reboot often leads to relapses.


You are far from being out of the woods, and this is especially true if you belong in the addicted group. In fact, if addicted you are now in a stage that the initial motivation is gone and you are getting a bit tired of rebooting. This is a dangerous stage and it's a perfect time for your “addiction voice” to try to trick you again…

…revisit what you wrote down in your notebook. Reread your “MY WHY” and your “MY HELL” several times a day.

I also, highly recommend daily journaling.

How to start NoFap
Days 21-45


Many nofappers claim continued increase in attention from women. This is something that is different for everyone though, and not everyone will experience it.

Many also repport that they have started to notice better results in the gym. Could this be due to the increase in androgen receptors? I don't know, but as far as my knowledge of the human body goes, it's very likely. It is no secret that elite sportsmen have used the power of semen retention for decades to make themselves stronger and more aggressive.

For the unfortunate, addicted group, it finally starts to get a bit easier here.


When you notice that it is starting to become a bit easier, you might lower your guard and start thinking that you don't have to put in any more effort. This is a big mistake. Sure, you have become a more skillful rebooter by now, but you can still relapse. A trigger can come out of nowhere and blow away all your good intentions.


Every now and then, remind yourself of your most common triggers. By doing this you are not as likely to automatically slip into “porn mode” when they hit…

…because the triggers will keep coming. They never stop. That said, don't let that fact get you down. You see, they will have less effect on you for every week you keep adding to your rebooting basket.

How to start NoFap
Days 45-60


Mood is increasing even if you belong to the addicted group. A lot of people notice even more increased concentration in this period and things keep improving. Many find themselves starting some new hobbies around this time, due to the increased energy and willingness to explore new things.

Keep in mind though, that we are all different and if you still haven't noticed any benefits at all, you just need more time. Addiction related brain changes take time to reverse.


Don't get too cocky. A lot of people still relapse here. Some common tricks your brain will start playing right around here are…

  • Masturbation is normal, even animals do it (well, it may so be, but remember your why)
  • Why am I even doing this, I'm too fat /shy/ ugly/ stupid/ anxious to get a girlfriend anyway


You should never do NoFap for anybody else. You are doing it for YOU and for improving your LIFE and not for the sake of any girl. Write that down and reread it a few times a week.

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How to start NoFap
Days 60-90


You are now at a point where cravings and urges become less and less frequent. Not only that, but they also feel weaker when they hit. This is good. Your brain is rebalancing.


Time has a strange way of making us forget. With more than two months under your belt it is easy to start forgetting the negative consequences fapping to porn had on you and your life. By now it is easier to remember your WHY than your “HELL”


Every so often, vividly imagine your worst days and how bad you felt two months ago. This is to remind you to never go back. Also, reread your “MY HELL”. Always keep your notebook close and know that strong people have relapsed after two months of perfect rebooting.

Day 90
A big milestone!

Big congrats, you made it to the big 90!

While there is nothing inherently special about day 90, it is still a big milestone with “the 90 day challenge” being one of the most common themes in the nofap community.

Most people have experienced several positive benefits by now, so much so that deliberately going back to a life with fapping to porn is off the table.

That said, we have to point out that there are people who became addicted to porn at an early age that need much more time than 90 days to fully recover. If you are one of those, then keep going and know that it will get better. Do not give up!

Some interesting biological facts to note is, that a study where they got rats addicted to cocaine, showed that after 90 days free from the drug, 60% of the rats had fully restored dopamine receptors in the reward center of their brain.

Staring NoFap
-Final Words-

Ok, there you have it, a rough guideline on what to expect when starting NoFap.

I hope that you also watched the video as it will give you the exact steps to take when starting out on your NoFap journey.

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F.A.Q's about starting NoFap

Q: Why should I start NoFap in the first place?

A: Well, did you know that masturbating to online porn actually can make it impossible for you to achieve an erection with a “Real life woman”?  This is due to it causing a numb reward center along with it rewiring your sexual responses to pixels on a screen. Now, granted, this does not happen to everyone, but the fact is, millions of men are suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction. Overindulging in supernormal stimuli can also cause other negative consequences like depression, anxiety, brain fog, concentration problems etc. I recommend you visit the website Your brain on porn  if you want to take a deeper dive into the science behind it.

Q: What age to start nofap?

A: Everyone can do nofap. I'm not saying everyone has to do it, but everyone CAN do it.

Q: When to start rewiring on nofap?

A: As soon as you like. You can start rewiring to real people from your very first day. Remember, just spending time with others is rewiring your brain as well. That said, for some people perhaps the first couple of weeks are just too stressful with withdrawals and high anxiety levels. In that cause perhaps waiting until a calmer part of the reboot is a better way to go.

Q: I think NoFap is stupid. Im going to continue to watch porn!

A: Ok, go right ahead.

P.S.  What day are you currently on in your nofap journey? And what benefits have you noticed so far? Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.


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