How To Not Relapse On Nofap – NoFap Relapse

How To Stop NoFap Relapse

So you fell down again huh?…

…and now you are searching for some help on how to stop relapsing on NoFap?

Well, you just found the right website because this article will be full of helpful tips.

The article will be in two parts….

  • PART 1: here you will find 6 general tips on how to avoid relapsing
  • PART 2: in part 2, you will discover a specific technique called “cue exposure therapy”

…I urge you to read everything, come back to this page over and over, because there’s a LOT of gold here. And also, don’t just read the tips, really implement these tips into your PMO reboot. They are all very powerful…

…especially the cue exposure technique in part 2. When you master that one ,oh man, you will be on fire!

So, grab a cup of coffee and take your time because, again, these are all very powerful and you are doing this to get a better life after all, aren’t you?


Good, because here we go…

– 7 Helpful Tips –

Tip #1 Learn The Relapse Cycle

This is the relapse cycle, take a good look at it…

PMO reboot relapsing

Every relapse starts with a “cue” or a “trigger” of some sort. They both mean the same thing here so let’s use the word “trigger” from now on. Then we do the routine, in this case fapping, and then we climax, which is the reward.

What exactly is a trigger? A trigger is what sets of the whole relapse cycle and a trigger can come in many forms. It is something that always precedes the relapse. A trigger can be for example…

  • An emotion, like for example loneliness.
  • A certain time of the day, like for example nighttime when your choirs are done and you sit down in front of the laptop.
  • An object or a place.
  • A popup ad with a hot chick.
  • A situation.

Let’s take an example. You have been single for a long time and when the weekends come you have always felt lonely. To get any form of connection, even if it’s only in from of pixels on a screen, you turn to online adult entertainment…

…you do this again and again, over several years. Well, guess what, when we repeatedly do something long enough, we are programming out brain.

And now you have programmed your brain to associate feelings of loneliness with busting a nut to some weird stuff you found on some website…

…in other words, the feeling of being lonely has now become a trigger for fapping.

Need help? check out a good online course for quitting porn here

You Start Fapping Automatically

This means that now, even if you are NOT horny, if you get hit by a feeling of being lonely on say Wednesday afternoon, you automatically turn on your laptop and start doing the deed.

The key word there is AUTOMATICALLY, because that is precisely how addiction and the nasty relapse works.

The trigger starts the whole addiction routine and when we get hit by that trigger, we just start acting out the addiction, without us even thinking about it…

…it is like we have left the driver seat!

Here Is What You Should Do…

  • Identify You Triggers

Sit down and think about what you always do the moment BEFORE you relapse. You probably have several triggers…

…We all do!

What time of the day do you usually relapse?

Under what circumstances does it happen?

Are there certain emotions or thoughts you are having just moments before you start fapping your brains out?

  • Memorize them

Take a piece of paper and write down all your triggers. Read it a few times and really think about them. Then, put that paper somewhere close to your computer, where you can see it clearly. Read it often!

  • Become aware of your triggers when they happen

This one is the most important one of them all…


Well, remember that I said that the relapse happen almost automatically right after the trigger, it’s like you are on autopilot. By becoming aware of WHEN your triggers starts an urge, you are 60% cured…

Let me say that again: by becoming aware of every trigger, EXACTLY AT THE MOMENT THEY START YOUR AUTOPILOT, you are already 60% cured!

Yes, this is because awareness puts a crack in the whole relapse mechanism. It is like it stops the autopilot from starting. It may sound so simple, but the fact is, most of the time we are not aware of that “tipping point” when a trigger is setting of the autopilot.

But Here’s The Deal…

When you start to become aware of when you get triggered, and you become mindful of that very moment, you will notice something unpleasant…

…enter: THE URGES!

Here’s You Next Step. This is IMPORTANT!

After you noticed the trigger and the urges hit you, now ACTION is needed.

Yes, and by action I mean physical action and not just mental tricks. When the urges hit, you have to swap your normal routine (fapping) for something else…

…this is VITALLY important because this is what is going to train you How to NOT relapse anymore.

Take a look at the picture below, where the craving hits and you break the circle by doing A NEW, healthy habit.

PMO Reboot relapse

As you can see above, the cycle is broken (red X) by creating a new habit instead of fapping. Here you should be creative and find something that works for you. It can be for example activities like…

  • Do 10 pushups
  • Go out for a walk
  • Read 3 pages in a book (a book you have meant to read because you know that particular book is good for you)
  • Call a friend (this is good because more often than not, loneliness is what makes us relapse)
  • Go to a cafe and drink coffee (no risk of relapsing there ey? 🙂  )
  • Create a todo list for tomorrow, and think about what the smartest ways to achieve the task would be…

…and so on, I think you get the picture. Be creative here and use something that is good for you and your goals.

Every time you become aware of the trigger, notice the craving and do a NEW, HEALTHY routine. You now get to feel pride and joy, instead of the guilt (look at the circle again…see the guilt there?…

…and your self-esteem will grow for every single time you do this new habit…

…isn’t that great?!?

Tip #2 Know Your “WHY” And Your “WHY NOT”

Take a piece of paper and draw two columns with the head lines…

  • Where could I bee three years from now if I get rid of this destructive habit?…
  • Where will I bee three years from now if I continue and if it get’s even worse?…

writing down the goal of his pmo reboot

Then start filling the first column with all the good things you could have in your life three years from now, and also who you could become as a person. Really see it vividly and write everything down….

  • All the drive…
  • Energy…
  • Confidence…
  • Attractiveness…
  • Aggressiveness

….that nofap, rebooting  and nofap gives you, where will it take you?

This is what I mean by “know your why”. You see, we have to know why we are doing the things we do, in order to become good at them. Just doing stuff without having a strong “why” behind you, will make you quit as soon as the going get tough…

…this is of course especially true when it comes to addictions, which are even harder to quit than bad habits.

Now Write Down Your Hell – Your “Why Not”

In the second column, you should now write down how miserable your life will be, three years from now, if you don’t get yourself together….

…this is equally important. We need both the carrot AND the stick.

Get detailed and describe the worst case scenario on how things will turn out if your addiction gets 5x worse….

  • You get a complete dead dick that is ruined beyond repair
  • You have literally burnt out every dopamine d2 receptor in your reward center and can no longer feel ANY pleasure from anything in life
  • You have developed severe social phobia and can no longer even leave your home.
  • You can’t study or keep a job.
  • This has lead to other addictions, such as alcoholism
  • No girl in their right mind would ever even look at you
  • You are a mental wreck beyond hope…

…not very appealing you say? Well, damn right, but you also need this “why not” column because whenever that voice of addiction is starting to play tricks on you, you need a strong “why not” picture in your brain…

…clearly reminding you “oh yeah, that’s why I’m not supposed to fap right now”

Know This…

The reason why it’s so important to know your “why” and your “why not”, is because motivation will never last forever.

There will soon come a day when you are not motivated to do the right thing and you start to ask yourself questions like “what’s the point?”…

…well, if you have done a good job with writing down and memorizing your “why” and your “why not” then your subconscious will INSTANTLY serve those pictures from the two columns as an answer to the question “what’s the point”…

…I think you understand how valuable this will be in the long run, so again…

….know your WHY and your WHY not!

Tip #3 Eat More Salt!

WHAT!?! How could that possible help you to avoid a PMO relapse ? (PMO stands for porn masturbation orgasm).

Well, fair question, and I asked myself the same just a couple of years ago, so let me explain…

Not getting enough salt makes the arousal center in your brain overactive

Did you know that if we eat too little salt the arousal center in our brain will be hyper active?

Yes, this is true and not only that, the guidelines we have been given about the dangers of salt is also complete bullshit.

I have experimented with this and noticed the difference first hand, so many times. The days I eat more salt I have much more control over myself, and this is true for every habit / activity you can think of. Struggling to muster up the willpower to get to the gym…

…same thing. It helps with that as well…

…strange huh?

So, yeah, finally a practical tip that is incredible easy to implement, that will also help you avoid relapses. I know it sounds strange, but too little salt does indeed make your arousal center hyperactive and thus every craving you get is even stronger than normal…

…making you much more likely to relapse.

If you want to get some super smart “doctors point of view”, then take a look at this video
for more info about salt and addiction:

Tip #4 Shift Your Focus To Post Relapse

If you become aware of when you are about to relapse, and you are having that inner fight, you know that one where a part of you goes…

“Come one, just one quick wank, it’s normal and a short session won’t be that harmful…”

…while another part of you goes…

“Oh You know what’s going to happen, you’ll end up in a marathon session, fapping to weird shit for 5 hours straight”

…well, then it is important that you realize that you are now focusing on the pleasure of the activity. You are focusing on how good it will feel to open your favorite adult website and start treating yourself with some nice and juicy / jizzy self-love…


…shift your focus to how you will feel after your relapse. When the guilt comes for breaking your streak. God damn it man, you were on day 23 and now you are back to ZERO!

Not to mention you broke your own promise and this makes you feel like a man without integrity…

…like a loser.

This is what you have to focus on when temptation hits. So again, shift your focus AWAY from how good it would feel to how you will feel AFTER you gave in.

Tip #5 Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

Did you know that more than 80% of all relapses happens when your blood sugar are on its way down, after having been high?

No?, well, now you do, and this is valuable information because now you can prevent it…

…and 80% is a lot.

Why does it happen?

You see, when your blood sugar crashes your adrenal glands pumps out a lot of cortisol and noradrenaline into your bloodstream.

It does this in a desperate attempt to get your glucose levels back up, as part of your brain interprets the sudden drop as something dangerous.

The sudden drop is misinterpreted by your brain, as it now thinks it is running out of fuel (since your brain is running on glucose)

When this happens you are 5x more likely to relapse because noradrenaline and cortisol are two powerful stress hormones.

It is so much harder to control yourself if you you have elevated levels of stress hormones in your blood stream, and there are several studies to back that up.

What to do about it

So how do you keep your blood sugar from spiking and then crashing?

Well, you have a few options here…

  1. Eat a low carb diet
  2. Eat a strict ketogenic diet
  3. Eat a low GI (glycemic index) diet
  4. Use intermittent fasting

Personally I cycle between all of these and I have become somewhat of an expert on them all, but I can not go into detail about all of them here, because that would make this blog post 20.000 words long…

…that said, for optimal self control, I highly recommend a ketogenic lifestyle.

If you adapt a keto lifestyle then I can guarantee that your relapses will drastically reduce, just by doing that…

…do a little google research, or YouTube research to learn more about the keto diet, if you are not familiar with it.

Tip #6 Try To Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep decrease your willpower and self control fast. Next to the blood sugar thing, being tired is the most common reason for relapsing…

…it makes you just give in right away, when hit by a trigger.

This point is short, because it’s not rocket science, just get more sleep…

…It will help you!

Part 2
How To Stop Relapsing On NoFap
-Cue Exposure Therapy-

Watch this video about how to use cue exposure to become bulletproof!
Also, read the text under the video, you need to discover a few things…

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Cue Exposure Therapy For PMO Rebooting / NoFap

So what exactly is cue exposure therapy?

Well, by now you know what a trigger is and the word “cue” is just another word for trigger…

…so cue exposure trigger basically mean that you should DELIBERATELY expose yourself to your triggers, but then NOT follow the trigger by acting out your addiction (fapping).

So instead of acting out you are doing a another activity, BUT the key word here is “deliberately”. You see, instead of being hit by a trigger, whenever they come, YOU are now the one taking control by seeking out a trigger. What you are doing is basically practicing…

You Are Literally Practicing How To NOT Relapse

…you are practicing, or better yet, programming a new behavior pattern into your brain. By doing this repeatedly you will get a new “autopilot”…

…one that takes over and does a healthy behavior whenever a trigger hits you, instead of that old, destructive behavior.

Now, watch that video for detailed instructions on exactly how to do this. It is really very powerful and I highly recommend you start doing it. It’s not a lon video and, hey, it is your future we are talking about here.

If you found the video informative, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more helpful tools and tricks. You can do so ==> by clicking this link here.

How To Stop Relapsing On NoFap
Final Words

Ok there you have it. I really hope you found all of this informative and I recommend that you bookmark this page and come back to it repeatedly, as we tend to forget things as time goes by. Also, you have to be willing to give it a bit of time before you start seeing results, as with everything in life we need to practice in order to get better…

…that said, if you do all of the tips, I can promise that you will see results very fast. I am also confident that, by learning and implementing these tips,  you will be able to break the addiction and adapt a 100% pmo free lifestyle, should you so desire.

Thanks for reading, keep going and stay strong!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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NoFap Relapse F.A.Q’s

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about nofap relapse, with just some very short answers…

Q: How many relapses on nofap?

A: Most people relapse on nofap. Many times, over and over again, before they finally get the hang of it. The key is to try to learn something from every relapse and then get right back up on the horse.

Q: What counts as a NoFap relapse?

A: Well, in the online community NoFap generally means to not masturbate, but hey, this is not an exact science and what’s more important is, it is your life. In your life YOU set your own rules. What are you trying to quit? Sex, porn or masturbation? I would not recommend quitting real sex, but porn does not do any good and neither does excessive masturbation. Set your own rule and then, if you break that rule, you have relapsed.

Q: How long until I get the nofap benefits?

A: It is different for everyone, but take a look at this video ==> NoFap Timeline

Q: Will sex break my NoFap streak?

A: Again, depends on what YOUR rules are. There is nothing wrong with real sex as it is a natural thing.

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