How To Last Longer On NoFap (5 Helpful Tips)

How To Last Longer On NoFap

Whether you're doing NoFap in order to reset your dopamine system, reboot and get a healthier sexuality or if you're just interested in the retention side of it, one thing is clear, busting too quickly on NoFap can be an issue for some people.

So, how do we last longer on NoFap?

Well, if busting to soon on NoFap is something you've been struggling with,  fear not, because in this article I'm going to share 5 tips on how to last longer on NoFap.

Biggest cause of PE for guys on NoFap…

Let's start by looking at the biggest cause for busting too quickly when it comes to the NoFap guys.

Hint, it's not what you think. Sure, horniness and going long between ejaculations is a also reson, but for many with a history of porn use, that is not the biggest issue.

It's your pelvic floor…

The biggest issue for why NoFap guys bust too soon is because they have tight pelvic floor muscles and have a PC muscle that clenches when the penis is stimulated.

First things first, you may be wondering, where are the pelvic floor muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles are located between your pubic bone and your tailbone. Just think, between your balls and you anus. This is also called your “PC muscle”

If your PC muscle is too tight, then premature ejaculation often becomes an issue.

Fapping in a sitting position can cause a tight PC muscle…

If you have a history of fapping to porn in a sitting position -like many guys do when they are sitting in front of their laptop-  then you've most likely created tense muscles down there.

Desensitization can indirectly cause tight pelvic floor muscles…

Even if you didn't sit during your fapping, if a lot of porn was involved during your sessions, you could still have created tense pelvic floor muscles.

This is because long porn sessions tend to cause a desensitized reward system, making guys start cleansing their PC in an attempt to try to force more blood into the penis and thus heighten the arousal.

More sensitive penis after quitting porn…

One think to note here is also that, while the reversal of desensitization is a good thing, it will also make you more sensitive down there. Thus many guys experience an inability to last as long as they'd truly want as a result. However, this reduction in the ability to last can be improved with practice and is often worse in the beginning of the NoFap journey.

The tightness does not necessarily go away just by quitting…

Even if you've quit porn and embarked on a NoFap journey, the tension doesn't just instantly disappear . It can last for weeks, months or even years, if you don't do anything about it.

This is a relatively easy fix…

Tip #1 – Loosen up the muscles in your pelvic floor + recondition PC muscle clench…

In order to last longer on NoFap there are two things you need to be doing here…

  • A) Recondition clenching of the PC muscle when penis is stimulated (IF you are clenching, that is)
  • B) Soften up your tight pelvic floor by stretching…

A) Recondition clenching of the PC muscle…

Before I share tips on how to stretch and soften up your pelvic floor, let's talk a bit about the clenching.

You see, after I embarked on my own NoFap journey many years ago, I started noticing that I had a bad habit of clenching / tightening up the PC muscle as soon as my penis got stimulated.

This was no doubt caused by my long porn sessions as I clearly remember me having to squueze the PC muscle in order to push blood into the penis. I.e. I had conditioned myself to clench.

It is a common problem…

Then after having had numerous talks with other men, during my 1 on 1 coaching sessions, I realized that almost everyone who has a history of fapping to online porn does the same.

This is a problem because it causes a tight pelvic floor both in the long run, but obviously also in the moment since, well, you're tensing them!

And here's the thing, the PC muscle need to be relaxed in order to last long during sex.

Become aware of your PC muscle…

In order to find out if you are clenching or not, the first thing that has to happen here is that you need to become fully aware of your PC muscle. You need to learn how it feels when it tenses and how it feels when it relaxes.

Imagine standing in your bathroom and urinating. Now, if you were to stop the flow of urin midstream, you'd have to clench your PC muscle. Go ahead, try it while you're reading this.

Got it?

  • Do it one more time and focus on the sensation of it…(clenching)
  • Then deliberately try to let go – instead try to imagine pushing out the flow of urine- (relaxing)

It is that relaxing movement we want to focus on in order to fix this, and more on that in just a moment.

Unconsciously clenching…

It is that exact clenching movement that you tried above that many guys are doing when the penis is being stimulated, often times without even being aware of it.

Even if you think that you're not clenching, you could still be doing it, because here's the thing, what I personally found is that I started clenching even before my penis was touched or stimulated in other ways. This means it was already tight when “the action” begun, and sure enough, busting too soon became an issue.

Try this…

The next time you wake up having night or morning wood, pay careful attention to whether or not you are clenching your PC muscle every now and then when you're lying there. It could be like small, half seconds clenches every 20 seconds or so, making the penis jump a bit,

If you are noticing clenches…

If you're noticing this, know that this is Pavlovian conditioning, formed during your porn session like I talked about a few paragraphs up. You need to make yourself stop this clenching by deliberately trying to relax your pelvic floor. And here doing a reversed kegel can be helpful (a reversed kegel is simply imagining you pushing out the flow of urine instead of stopping it).

This is what I was doing myself, and the first step for me was to learn how to start relaxing the PC muscle without doing those spasm clenches every now and then.

If you are not noticing any clenching…

If you are not nothing any clenching going on when lying there with your morning wood, then that's good. But you could still be doing it later on.

Try this: Pay careful attention to your PC muscle. Then slowly move your hand towards the tip of your penis (while it is erect) and touch it. You should be able to do this without any clenching of the PC muscle whatsoever.

If you can, then that's great.

If you can't then, again, you need to recondition yourself, by deliberately trying to relax when doing it (think relaxation and reversed kegel).

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Some people start clenching just before a stimulation is about to happen…

Some people tense up right before stimulation starts. That was actually the case for me as well.

When I had learned how to not do those spasm clenches while just lying in my bed, noticing my morning wood, the next problem for me was, I found that I started clenching my PC muscle just as my hand was about to touch my penis. I.e. I started clenching 1-2 seconds before my hand was about to touch the gland.

Progress towards relaxation…

I then started practice slowly moving my hand towards touching the glans of my penis (which is the most sensitive part) until I was able to do so without clenching and tightening up the PC muscle. Then when I as able to stay relaxed I started practicing touching the glans without clenching my PC.

Develop awareness of your PC muscle in order to take it further…

In order to take this further,  you need to learn how to be aware of your PC muscle just by quickly checking in on it with your mind.

  • Is it relaxed?
  • Am I tensing it?

Here doing a few kegels and reverse kegels are helpful, just in order to further help you develop that awareness.

After you've learned how to stay relaxed during morning wood and during touching the tip of your penis, then your next step is obviously going to be to learn how to stay completely relaxed during a bit more intense sexual stimulation.

Mindful masturbation helps you learn how to relax the pelvic floor….

This is actually when masturbation can be a positive thing, just as long as you stay away from porn, that is.

Logging in a few porn-free masturbation sessions, just so you can train how to keep the PC muscles relaxed during sexual stimulation can be of immense value.

If you do it in a mindful way it's almost 100% transferable to sexual intercourse.

Warning: Don't do kegel exercises…

A lot of guys are reading blogs about premature ejaculation online and find tips like “kegel exercises can help you last longer”.

Well, for some they can help, but if you're someone who has been consuming a lot of porn and you have problems with a tight pelvic floor, then doing kegels would probably only further aggravate the problem.

The only time you should be trying kegels is when you learn what flexing and relaxing your PC muscles feels like and when you  develop awareness about how tight you are down there. If you have a tight pelvic floor you should never be doing them the conventional way where you tense and hold for 20 seconds or so…no no no no no!

We don't want to do a kegel regimen where we keep squeezing and tightening the already tight pelvic floor.

There are other ways to keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy without doing kegels,

…which leads me to the second part…

B) Soften up your tight pelvic floor by stretching…

Now that you've learned how to stop clenching, which was causing the tense pelvic floor muscles to begin with, you also need to learn how to loosen up the already tense and tight pelvic flor.

You, see, tension builds up, almost cumulatively, in the body. So, even if you stopped clenching you need to get rid of that “old” tightness.

Sitting down in a squat position (without weights)…

Loosening up your pelvic floor is best done by sitting down in a squat position.

Here's how to do it…

  • Position your feet shoulder width apart – or preferably a bit wider than that
  • Slowly go down in a squat position while looking forward (don't bend your back)
  • Go down as low as you can – with your butt as close to the floor as possible
  • Breathe deeply and stay down for 60 minutes
  • Rest for a couple of minutes and repeat…

Repeat the above a few times every single day for at least 60 days.

Here are a few more things to consisder…

When you're down in the squat position, imagine breathing all the way down into your balls. When breathing in, try to feel how the air pushes and stretches the pelvic floor muscles. As you keep on breathing, imagine feeling warm and lose down there.

You can also try to put your elbows on the inside of your knees and gently push your legs apart a bit (towards the sides) to get  even more of a stretch of your inner ties and you nether regions.

How to last longer on NoFap
Tip #2 Regular squats in the gym will also be helpful…

Remember when I told you that we don't want to practice kegel exercises for pure strength, because of the increased risk of developing further tightness?

Well, regular squats in the gym actually builds strength in your pelvic floor as well, without you having to do static clenching. And since this is not a static clench, it's totally fine.

A strong and flexible pelvic floor (not tight)…

Stretching aside, doing regular squats with weights will help keep your pelvic floor strong and flexible. That, in turn, can help improve both your erection quality as well as improve control over your ejaculations.

If you're not a gym rat and you hate the idea of weight training, then know that even just doing body weight squats, without adding anything on your back, can help with this.

Just slowly go up and down 20-30 times and you'll be sure to feel it in your legs.

Remember though, these are not the same as the squat stretching exercises we talked about earlier. Those are more important when it comes to loosening up your pelvic floor, so if you feel that you have to choose, do those. But for best sexual health, however, by all means, do both.

Tip #3 Use thicker condoms…


If you didn't know this, it's about time you'll learn, condoms come not only in different sizes, but also in different thickness.

The thinner the condom, the more you'll feel, and naturally, the sooner you tend to bust.

Choosing a thicker condom can really make a pretty significant difference in how long you'll be able to last. The sensitivity is lowered in a way that can make it much easier to have control over the point of no return.

Tip #4 Breathe in for 3 seconds and out for 5…

Slow breathing helps more than you'd think. The trick is to make your exhale longer than your inhale.

By slowing down your breathing you are reducing the activity in the sympathetic part of your nervous system while simultaneously increasing the activity in your parasympathetic part and there are few instances where that would bring a more desirable result than here, as if you didn't know…

…the parasympathetic part is responsible for making you harder while the sympathetic part is responsible for making you blow your load.

Too difficult?

So try this breathing ratio the next time you're having sex.

If you feel that you can't bring yourself to do it in the heat of the moment, then at least breath like that the hours leading up to your love making session, as even just that will be helpful. Merely doing it in advance makes you have a slight more control over the two parts of your nervous system when time comes for fooling around.

Tip #5 Try ProSolution+

ProSolution plus is a natural product that is designed to increase both time before ejaculating as well as erection quality.

It works by reducing the signaling in the sympathetic part of your nervous system (Withania Somnifera) while simultaneously increasing nitric oxide, helping to relax the cavernosum (the two long cylindrical chambers in your penis that receive and holds blood). 

They have even done studies on the product, showing it to be efficacious. Researchers tested 148 men in a two-month triple-blind study. Half of the group got a placebo while the other half took ProSolution. The placebo group saw little to no improvement, while the guys taking ProSolution saw a significant increase in time to klimax.

ProSolution can be surprisingly effective for some people. It can literally be the difference between you ejaculating in under a minute, or giving your partner several orgasms.

If interested, you can click here to check current pricing over at the online vendor.

How to last longer in bed on NoFap
Final words…

I hope you found this article informative.

Tip number one is at the top of the page for a reason, it's the one that is most likely the cause of your problems and I would like to encourage you to really give it a good read.

The rest of the tools can be very helpful, but if your pelvic flor is way too tight, then merely buying a pack of super think condoms is not the way to go. While they might help you last longer, keep in mind that they also make sex less pleasurable.

Also, a super tight pelvic floor may indeed mess with the erection quality as well.

So, you really want to keep working on your stretching and the reconditioning of your PC muscle clenching.

Since loosening up your pelvic flor is something that can take a bit of time, why not try the tools while you're also working on your stretches? That way you get to enjoy longer sex while you simultaneously know that you are fixing the root cause of your problem.

Thanks for reading,

Scandinavian Bob

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