How Long Should I Do NoFap?

How Long Should I Do NoFap?

So you're doing NoFap, but you're not really sure how long you should be doing it, huh?

You're thinking…

“Just how long should I be doing NoFap?”

“Should I do it for 90, or some other number of days, or is it for life?”

Well it's a great question and here's your answer.

How long you should do NoFap depends on your goals. If you're trying to overcome an addiction to adult sites, then obviously staying away from porn for the rest of your life should be your goal. In short, you can overcome an addiction to porn while still ejaculating from normal  activities i.e. real sex or porn-free masturbation, but you can not overcome your addiction if you just limit your porn use or go back to porn after 90 days.

What's your goal…
NoFap – semen retention or overcoming a porn addiction?

So you got to ask yourself, why are you doing NoFap in the first place?

For example, among my YouTube followers there are  3 camps…

  1. Those who try to overcome a porn addiction and do a PMO reboot
  2. Those who try to follow a strict semen retention lifestyle
  3. Those who do a NoFap challenge and want to experience some of the NoFap benefits.

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A PMO rebooter and his goals…

Those who try to do a PMO reboot are guys who try to quit using adult sites in order to fix, or reset, their dopamine system. For a lot of them rebooting also includes trying to heal their sexuality by rewiring it from pixels on a screen towards real life people, like it's meant to be.

Many do it to fix things like…

  • Porn induced sexual dysfunction
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Low libido for real life people
  • Social anxiety, poor concentration, poor short term memory, depression, low energy, motivation and drive (these are things that a dysfunctional dopamine system can be causing).

These guys often also eliminate ejaculation for a time because it has been shown that the healing process is quicker that way.

Since NoFap mens not using porn and not masturbation, then obviously that's one reason for why NoFap content is attractive for the PMO rebooters as well. Even though many of them never plan on doing semen retention for life.

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Recommended on a PMO reboot…

Stay away from artificial arousal stuff and spend more time with real life people.

Going back to using porn after you are starting to feel better is not a good idea.

Even though moderation would perhaps not be that harmful, most of the guys can not go back due to having been addicted to it. If trying to go back to using in moderation, they find that they inevitable start using more and more, until they wipe out all the healing from the reboot and become stuck once more.

How long should a PMO reboot take?

Well, in one way, since it's not recommended to go back to porn again, one could say that rebooting is for life.

As far as the ejaculations go, some guys choose to eliminate orgasms for 90 days – sometimes more – sometimes less -after which they slowly strat trying to reintroduce porn-free ejaculations.

It's also important to note that some guys keep doing porn-free ejaculation during their reboot and still manage to reset their dopamine system.

Some choose to never masturbate again and only ejaculate with a real life partner. Others choose to go back to porn free masturbation. But all of them would do best in leaving out porn for good.

NoFap as a challenge – How long?

The so called NoFap “rule” is simply: no porn and no masturbation.

Many guys are certain that they are not addicted to porn, so they decide to do NoFap just as a cool little challenge.

A common goal they shoot for is 90 days.

During this time many of them start seeing benefits like…

  • Increased energy
  • More motivation and drive
  • Less anxiety
  • Harder erections
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Increased confidence
  • More attraction to, and from, real life people

There are also those who experience little to no benefits so they, understandably, choose to abandon NoFap and go back to their old life.

Others, however, experience such profound benefits that they choose to stay on NoFap and make it a lifestyle. They either try to limit porn and ejaculation completely. Or keep staying away from pron while they do semen retention in cycles.

Semen retention as a lifestyle…

There are also those who believe that the best way of living is by wasting as little of their seed as possible. These can be religious people, but also people born in regions where they just believe strongly in the power of retention.

It's very common in for example India, but make no mistake, people doing semen retention as a lifestyle can be found all over the world.

The goal here is simple, wast as little of your seed as possible.

Since there are a lot of overlap between these camps, the benefits here are then naturally the same as in the NoFap category. Provided that the people who do semen retention also eliminates, or drastically reduce, the use of online porn.

Semen retention + adult sites = not a good idea…

Since today's online porn is so stimulating for your brain, it means you can indeed still desensitize your dopamine center by overconsuming it, no matter if you do semen retention or not.

This means that semen retention won't give you all the benefits if you keep using porn, even if you manage to keep your hands of your penis.

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For how long should I do NoFap

As you could read in the article, it depends on your goals.

If you don't think you have a problem with adult sites, then why not try a 90 day NoFap challenge as an experiment.

Leave out porn and masturbation for 90 days and see what happens.

If you start experiencing massive benefits, great, maybe you'll keep going (most people do). If not, hey, you can always go back and make up for it later on.

And if you try the 90 day challenge and find you keep relapsing back to porn over and over again, then maybe it's time to start considering the possibility of you having developed an addiction to it. If you're unsure, you can take the porn addiction test right here.

Thanks for reading,

Scandinavian Bob

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