How Long Does The NoFap Flatline Last? (Poll Showing Answer)

How Long Does The NoFap Flatline Last?

So, you are wondering how long the NoFap flatline lasts, huh?

Well, I can give you the answer right away…

Answer: The NoFap flatline typically lats anywhere between 10-70 days. It's highly individual, because there are just so many factors involved. For example, how much porn you used, in what way you used it and how early you started using it. And also, how addicted you were to porn when you gave it up.

I realize that many of you would like a bit more meat on the bones here so let's start by looking at a poll I made on my YouTube channel Project Stronger Self, where I asked my subscribers about the length of their NoFap flatline.

How Long The NoFap Flatline Lasted For My Subscribers…

I presented the following question to my subscribers…

“For those of you who lost your sex drive after quitting porn, how long did it take for you to regain your libido?”

Here's how they responded…

As you can see, more than 1300 people voted…

…and for them, the NoFap flatline lasted…

  • 58 % say less than a month
  • 19% say between 1-2 months
  • 7% say between 2-3 months
  • 4% say between 3-4 months
  • 13% say over 4 months

You've gotta feel sorry for the last group there…the 13% group 🙁

58% of people who are doing NoFap say that their flatline lasted less than a month, while 42% say that their flatline lasted longer than a month.

The Length Of The Flatline Depends A Bit On How Addicted To Porn You Are…

Keep in mind that not everyone who voted in the poll have a severe porn addiction.

Most of them do have some form of addiction related brain changes (I've tested this with several other polls), but many of them have a very mild addiction.

And sure, then there are also a few who have no addiction related brain changes at all.

This is important to note if you're wondering how long your NoFap flatline will be, since your flatline will probably be deeper and longer, the more severely addicted to porn you are.

To find out how addicted you are, find a pen and a piece of paper, and take the porn addiction test in the video below…

Did you find your score?


The lower your score, then more likely it'll be that you'll have a flatline on the shorter side. The higher your score, the more likely it'll be that your flatline is going to be deeper, longer and heavier.

There are exceptions to the rule…

That said, there are exceptions to the above.

You will definitely find guys who were severely addicted, that still manage to get away with a light and short flatline. Heck, there are even a lucky few who didn't face a flatline at all (yes, it is possible).

So, always keep in mind, when you're reading about time frames in regard to rebooting, that you need to take everything with a grain of salt and not as something that is written in stone.

When Does The Flatline Typically Start?

Let's take a loot at a few more common questions about the NoFap flatline.

I can start by telling you that for me, personally, my flatline almost always started in my second week.

I have talked about this in many of my YouTube videos, and if you're familiar with my channel, you probably already knew that. But let's, again, take a look at what my subscriber have experienced…

I asked them the following question…

…”For those of you doing NoFap, when did your flatline start?”

More than 1500 people voted.

And as you can see, the majority of guys say that their flatline started somewhere in the first or second week.

9% say that they descended into the flatline in their third week, while 16% said that it happened somewhere after their third week.

So, as you can see, it is pretty normal for a flatline to happen later on in your pmo rebooting journey as well.

Which brings me to the next subheading…

The NoFap Flatline Can Come And Go – Several Times…

Another thing to be aware of is that the flatline can come and go several times during a reboot.

If this happens it's easy to get discouraged because, well, tackling the flatline can be both scary and draining in the first place. So when we finally, seemingly beat it,  the last thing we would want is to descend into another one just a week or two later on.

However, you may find this comforting: the first flatline is almost always the longest. So, if you happen to face several flatlines, as you trudge forward on your journey, just know that they will most likely be much shorter and less intense than the first one you had.

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Signs That The NoFap Flatline is Ending…

Speaking of getting out of a flatline, let's take a look at some common signs that your flatline is ending…

So, how do you know that your flatline is about to end…

…or that it already ended?

Well, here are some good signs that you're finally about to beat the dreaded flatline…

  • You start to have more frequent night / morning erections
  • Your night / morning erections also become harder (if you're otherwise young and healthy)
  • You start to notice increased sensitivity in your penis
  • Your libido and your penis no longer feels detached from your sexuality / sexual thoughts
  • You're starting to appreciate the beauty of real life women more (or real life men, if you play on that team)
  • You find yourself starting to fantasize about real life women more often (or men)
  • You start to get random, spontaneous erections (don't expect this one to happen that often, especially not if your a bit on the older side).

The more signs, the better.

Morning wood is actually not that good of a sign, as it is still possible to experience morning wood while being in a flatline. However, it is more common to experience it regularly outside of the flatline. So, that's why it can stil be used as a sign, but it's just not that reliable on it's own.

Progress is not linear…

Also, you should know that progress is often a ‘two steps forward – one step back' phenomenon. I.e. you might one day find that your libido is starting to wake up, only to have it go away again the following day. This is normal. For many guys it comes and goes like that, until it starts becoming stronger and more frequent.

How To Get Out Of A Stubborn Flatline And Speed Up The Process?

Ah, the million dollar question!

I could give you a lot of tools and tips right here, but since I have made several articles on this, I will simply just link to a couple of those.

So for the readers that are interested in that, just use the links below and read my other blog posts about how to get your libido back quicker…

Find related posts here…

What Guys Are Saying About The Flatline…

Let's take a look at what a few of my subscribers have to say about the NoFap flatline.

The comments are from that same community section where the NoFap flatline polls were posted.

“My sex drive came back to me when I was around day 60 or something. That's the time where I also had the most wet dreams and stuff.”
-Major Zonvolt-

“Day 117. After 2 weeks my libido was completely gone. Its still not here again. Im scared that Im asexual and it will never come back. I made significant improvement in self love and confidence but nothing seems to change in terms of libido. I feel like an old man. I cant no more😭” -Jkb-

“Weird, my flatline usually only lasted 1-2 weeks. I did no fap once and relapsed and did no fap again, but the first time was about 2 weeks and second time about a little over a week” -Zenon Chovich-

After tried so many times failure after failure. i usually get the flatline between 2-3 weeks, and last for various of time, the first reboot flatline last 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, but i feel the flatline is somewhere between 3-6 weeks mark.

3 weeks + 6 weeks flatline = 9 weeks of no pmo untill i regain my libido bit by bit.” -Arie Reynaldy-

“It took me between 1-2 months and i suppose it's due to the fact that i had started watching from a very young age” -Vito Scaletta-

“Flatline at 230 days in. No relapse and I'm on day 268 now” -Magnus S-

“I am at flatline for 52 days and i have very little to none urges and s*x drive!! I will fight through it and finally get out of it! Also something that i would like to add is that due to an injury i cant workout so i have understood that because of that my flatline is much more worse”. -Manos G-

As I pointed out earlier in the article, the length and the severity of the flatline is highly individual….

…as you can clearly see from the comments above, as well.

How Long Does The Flatline Last?

So to sum it up, it's highly individual, but the flatline typically lasts about 10-70 days.

It most commonly starts in the second week or in end of the first week. Although, for some guys, it can happen much later on.

Also, you can have several flatlines. If you do, your first flatline will probably bee the longest one.

Thanks for reading,

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. Need my help with rebooting? If so, you can find my contact page right here.

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