Feeling Lonely On NoFap (Here’s Why That’s Good)

Feeling Lonely On NoFap
(Here's Why That's Good)

In this article you're going to discover why some guys are actually starting to feel more lonely on NoFap.

And why the NoFap loneliness can do wonders for your life…

…if you learn how to cultivate it.

Let's jump in and take a look at it…

Why do I start feeling lonely on NoFap?

A lot of people don't understand that NoFap can be so much more than just trying to avoid busting nuts.

The thing is that so many men have used fapping to adult sites almost like a coping mechanism, trying to escape their lives, albiet for a short moment.

Now, I'm not saying everyone is using online adult sites as an escapism. There are many guys who just use it just because they feel horny and like to look at hot videos, but the number of people who try to mask some form of problem are plenty enough.

Something is painfully wrong about their lives.

It could be things like for example…

  • Lack of friends and family
  • Por self-esteem
  • Por health
  • Social anxiety
  • Loneliness

Using adult sites to mask a problem…

If you look at the last two there, social anxiety in combination with loneliness, it's abundantly clear how a combination of those can cause a deep feeling of hopelessness and a feeling of some kind of dark void.

We have an incredible powerful, biological, drive to connect with the opposite sex. And not just that, but to to connect with people in general.

You want to connect, but the social anxiety and / or lack of self esteem is keeping you from doing so.

No wonder some guys want to escape into video games, alcohol and online porn.

I should know, because I was in that exact situation myself.

When going on NoFap many things get better – except for, sometimes, the loneliness…

Then, when guys read about NoFap and decides to try it, some interesting things can  start to emerge.

If they manage to go long enough, they sometimes get surprised that not everything is all sunshine and rainbows, like so many NoFap YouToubers promise.

What they instead find out is that, sure, somethings get a lot better, but somehow that feeling of loneliness is now even worse. That deep longing for connection is almost screaming at them.

So, why does this happen?

Your porn brain thinks you have girlfriends…

Well, just think about it.

Fapping to online adult sites is the perfect way to mask a “loneliness problem”, because a part of your brain thinks you are already spreading your genes. Not only that, you are spreading them left and right as fast as you can with thousands of girlfriends….

…granted, they are digital GF's, but your reptilian brain doesn't know the difference.

If some of you now say, “hey, my reptilian brain isn't that stupid that it thinks porn is real sex, so just stop it!”

Well, then I would like to ask, ok, so why do you get turned on and get an erection by it, then?

Of course that's going to mask feelings of loneliness in several ways.

First, because biology has made it so that spreading your genes is the most important thing you can be doing, and since you're already spreading your genes, you must be doing great right?

Second, the sheer amount of time you spend looking for the perfect one to finish on, so to speak, is time away from sitting by yourself with just your nagging thoughts. You're constantly running, not taking time to sit down and feel what's going on.

But when you stop – all hell is breaking loose…


Then when you start doing NoFap and you stop escaping into the digital world something starts to happen.

Your brain will start seeing your true situation and it will slap you in the face with the trut….

…and it suddenly hit you hard just how lonely you truly are.

Everywhere you go you see couples holding hand, and on social media you see guys partying and having fun with their “perfect lives” (which aren't perfect, but since people only post good stuff, we easily get that impression).

And at the same time you are sitting there, with no place to escape any longer. Your biological drive screaming at you, all while having social anxiety. Man, this can be a rough place to be in…but the solution is coming up next!

So what do you do about it?

Time to start waking up…

I know I know, now some of you are shouting, but isn't NoFap supposed to kill social anxiety?

Look, NoFap isn't supposed to do jack shit. NoFap doesn't “owe you” anything. Sure it is true that NoFap often come with A LOT of benefits. And indeed a lot of guys get rid of social anxiety by doing NoFap, but not everyone.

There are still a lot of guys who are genetically predisposed to social anxiety and these are often also the guys who are  lonely on NoFap.

Take for example yours truly, Scandinavian Bob. Well, I had social anxiety even before I started using online adult sites. Sure my anxiety got better by quitting, but it wasn't good enough. I had to start putting in some god damn work myself.

The loneliness feeling on NoFap is a call to action…

You see, feelings are not bad.

They are there for a reason…

  • When we haven't eaten, we're supposed to get hungry.
  • When our boundaries are not respected, ve are supposed to get angry.
  • When we lack connection, we're supposed to feel lonely.

That dark and empty void you are feeling is serving a purpose…

It's a call to action for you to go out into the world and start interacting with people. And perhaps get yourself a romantic partner. If not that, then at least to form social connections.

NoFap just gave you the biggest realization of your life…

If you are doing NoFap while reading this, and if you have noticed how you started feeling more and more lonely…


You're mask is finally off and now you know what you must do.

It's time fore you to start putting yourself out there.

If you have social anxiety, it's time buckle down and start attacking your fears with everything you've got.

  • Watch inspiring videos on people who overcame their anxiety.
  • Buy books on how to overcome social anxiety.
    The solution to social anxiety – By Dr. Aziz Gazipura is a very good book for that (See pricing on Amazon – I recommend you choose the audiobook version by signing upp to Audible as they have a 3o day free trial).
  • But most of all, start taking massive action!

Start putting yourself out there, several times a weak.

Build with small steps, but go at it like crazy.

Overcoming the worst of you social anxiety is going to take some time, but it can also happen sooner than you think.

Check out the best porn blocker & accountability software CovenantEyes
(Use promo code STRONGER when signing up to get 30 days FREE…)

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NoFap gave you the gift of a kick in the ass…

If our lives are not in place, we're not supposed to feel that good and if it hadn't been for NoFap taking your mask off  where would you be 10 years from now?

Even more lonely and even more porn addicted, of course 🙁

Maybe Nofap gave you the best gift you could ever get? A kick in the ass to make you go out there and tackle the world.

Now, if you think I'm sounding blunt and heartless right now, know that I'm one of the guys who had to fix my social anxiety after doing NoFap myself. So, I'm actually writing a blog post I, myself, would have needed to read a few years back.

I know it's hard and scary.

But you have got to put yourself out there.

Step by step, keep…getting…out…there!

NoFap and loneliness
Final words.

NoFap is a stepping stone to success…

For me, and for thousands of other men out there, NoFap is a stepping stone to success.

Unlike so many YouTubers want you to believe, NoFap is not a magic pill that will fix everything that is wrong with your life.

It is, however, more often than not, a keystone habit that leads to other good habits, and before you know it, you have improved and fixed a lot…

…and before you know it, you actually have pretty good life.

NoFap can help you get a girlfriend / boyfriend…

Yes, NoFap can help you get a partner.

For some it does it by massively increasing confidence and making them more talkative. Other's swear women become more attracted to them when they do NoFap.

Then there are those who NoFap rips the mask of, making them realize how lonely they are. That in combination with the biological drive almost forces them to start taking action…and action almost always brings results!

In addition, overcoming a destructive addiction, like PMO addiction, is so very important if you want all cylinders to be running, in your life engine.

So, if NoFap makes you feel lonely…


That means it did its part.

Now it's time for you to do yours.

Take action!

Before you know it, you will no longer be lonely.

Thanks for reading

-Scandinavian Bob-

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