Feeling Bad After A NoFap Relapse – What To Do?

Feeling Bad After A NoFap Relapse – What To Do?

Almost everyone who do NoFap has been there – feeling that deep feeling of guilt and regret after a relapse.

Sometimes even to the point of feeling physically ill.

In this article you will discover 5 steps that you should do after you relapsed on NoFap.

Step 1
Forgive yourself…

It's important to be kind to yourself after a relapse.

Know that if you are addicted to PMO then you are actually dealing with real, physical brain changes (addiction related brain changes). This is hard and expecting perfect rebooting without one single slip is not realistic.

Sure, some people have done it, but the majority relapse several times.

If you're not addicted, well guess what, NoFap is still not easy. We are dealing with the strongest force in human nature here, our sexuality. So relapses will happen here as well.

But isn't being kind to yourself counterproductive?

Some of you may think that you need to beat yourself up after a relapse in order to send a message to your psyche to never do it again.

Logically, that makes sense, but in reality it tends to backfire.

The more you beat yourself up, the more your self-esteem  suffers. And the more your self-esteem suffers, the more often you'll want to escape. And where's the first place a pmo addict escapes to? You guessed, back to those wonderful adult sites.

So beating yourself up will only make your situation worse.

On the other hand, you shouldn't just shrug your shoulders either and let it slide without any though.

Which leads me to the next step…

Step 2
Analyze what went wrong…

This is something few people do, yet it's so very important in order to prevent future relapses.

After a relapse you should sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down the following.

  1. What  steps led to the relapse?
    (What did you feel earlier that day and what were all the triggers? Oftentimes a relapse starts earlier than we think. For example, seeing a super hot chick in the morning while getting a painful thought like “Damn, I will never get a girl like that” – immediately followed by a state of low mood – can plant a seed of escaping into porn later that evening)
  2. At what point did I start to act in a unwise way and what could I have done instead?
  3. What can I do to prevent a similar relapse from happening again?
    (What steps can you take the next time a similar pattern happens? Can you put a system in place to reduce the risk of a relapse happening again?)

Now this is a productive thing to do, unlike beating yourself up about it.

Step 3
Take action immediately…
(Go against your intuition)

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During our more productive streaks we often do healthy things like…

  • Meditating
  • Doing physical exercise
  • Taking cold showers
  • Working on our goals
  • Eating healthy foods

Let's say you're on day 17 when you have a really nasty relapse and you go…

…”Oh man, I blew it!”

…you feel that deep feeling of regret and suddenly all those healthy things feel extremely pointless.

Well, guess what?

Now – more than ever – are they needed.

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Immediately do something that go well in line with who you want to be…

Right after a relapse, you should immediately do something that is good for you. Something that go well in line with who you want to be as a person.

For example…

  • Going for a 30 minute run
  • Meditating for 20 minutes
  • Working on a project

Immediately after a nasty relapse you're going to feel like that's pointless and you right then is when you least of all feel like doing it.

However, if you can make yourself do it anyway it will be extremely beneficial for you. Not just on a biological level  but more from a psychological point of view.

By immediately taking some action towards your new, healthy, streak it sends a powerful statement to your subconscious mind that what happened was merely a slip and that you've already adjusted your life's GPS so that it once again is pointing towards a bright future.

It's going to make you feel so much better than to follow your intuition, which means wallowing in self pity while going for that junk food.

Trust me on that.

Step 4
Go spend some time with friends or family…

Again completely counter-intuitive.

After a nasty relapse your intuition is going to be to withdraw from society and everything that has to do with people.

Don't do that!


Well, just think about it…

…what signals are you sending your brain if you withdraw?

  1. You're a bad person for having done something shameful.
  2. You're a person that is not worthy of showing to the world.

So, even if you started feeling really bad after your NoFap relapse, it's important that you do not skip school – or work – the following day.

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Yes, you might perhaps perform a bit worse. Yes, you might perhaps be more anxious. Yes, you might perhaps feel like staying home, but again, now is the exact time to go against your intuition and avoid withdrawing from people.

Also, if you report sick leave and stay home for a day or two, you are telling your subconscious mind that the relapse was indeed a terrible thing. And even though a nasty porn binge is bad for your dopamine system on a biological level you are not doing yourself any favors by amplifying the psychological side of that as well.

I.e. you run the risk of making it worse than what it already is.

So just do the steps in this post and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

Step 5
Recover faster like this…

This last step is just a bonus step and not something you feel you have to do in order to recover from a NoFap relapse.

That said, on a biological level (dopamine system) you might potentially recover faster if you do the things I talk about in the video below.

But again, just know that this is not something you have to do and that you will recover just fine if you don't

If you found the video informative, consider checking out my other videos here.

If you do want to try the things I'm talking about in the video, obviously you can modify and change things around a bit.

It's not like everything is set in stone.

NoFap Feeling After a Relapse
Final Words

I hope you found the blog post helpful.

The key thing to remember is, everyone falls down from time to time and expecting things to be perfect will, not only make you feel worse after a relapse, but will probably also make you relapse more often.

Also, you never, ever, want to put your life on hold because of rebooting.

You have to keep on living, no matter what happens in, aside of or around your reboot.

-Scandinavian Bob-

P.S. If you keep relapsing a bit too often, take a look at my article How to stop NoFap relapses (10 Easy steps).

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