Does Semen Retention Really Attract Women? (Answer Found)

Does Semen Retention Really Attract Women?

Well, you've finally found it.

The answer to, probably the most talked about subject in the NoFap retention community…

…does semen retention actually attract women?

I have made a two part video serier about this, and for your benefit, I posted them on this very blog post, right beneath this text.

So, start by taking a look right now. I'm sure you'll find them both interesting, entertaining an informative. Some of the things I say might even strike you as mind blowing.

Semen retention and woman attraction

Hope you found the first part interesting.

In the second part I will go a bit deeper, discussing more abstract and more hard to grasp things. But in my opinion, the second video is perhaps even more interesting.

Oh, and by the way, after you have watched the videos, you might want to check the article below the videos as well. As there are some complimentary stuff there that might be of interest to you.

Semen retention and attracting women

Man oh man,  this whole semen retention and attraction phenomenon is perhaps one of the most interesting things about this whole journey, and we have so much more to discover and learn about it that it truly motivates me to keep on thinking.

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Subscribers sharing their experience with semen retention and woman attraction

Let's start by looking at a small poll I made on my YouTube channel.

I asked my subscribers…

….”Do you feel that NoFap has made you more attractive? And do people notice?”

More than 3000 people voted and you can clearly see some interesting things going on here.

  • 23% voted negatively, saying they do not think so
  • 77% voted positively, saying they think NoFap increases your attraction

And out of those 77% as many as…

  •  33% think it does something ‘mysterious' to your energy
  • 12% think it makes you more attractive because NoFap often lead to other good habits as well
  • 15% think it is because of the confidence increase that NoFap is giving you and tat people then pick up on that
  • 16% think it's a combination of the above two things…

Pretty cool, huh?

Different proportions of different factors for everyone…

As I said in the first video (PART 1) above, I am personally convinced that the increased attraction people see when riding on a good streak is caused by, not just one, but by many factors. A combination of many factors.

In addiction, some of these factors may play a bigger part for some, while for other it's mostly about the increase in confidence etc. (just as an example).

It's almost like a smorgasbord of factors helping to increase the attraction, and each and every guy has their own unique attraction sandwich, made out of different ingredients (if you didn't know, smorgas is actually a Swedish word for sandwich).

Let's take a look at a few comments from the guys, where they share some of their experiences with this whole NoFap / semen retention attraction thing.

What guys are saying about semen retention and attraction…

“I've been at this for over a year now, and it definitely seems like I get more attention from both men and women. I feel and walk more confident, and even will give a quick “hi” when making eye contact with people I pass. I can finally respect the person I'm becoming, so maybe others pick-up on that.” -Rez Boa Dog-

“I been on retention for about 20 days or so now and literally the only way I can describe it is I feel like the main character in a movie of tv show” -Zeke Mashana-

“I think it also just makes you more aware so you pick up on people checking you out. +confidence +energy” -Jake Shneider-

“After doing nofap for around 3-5 weeks I noticed that more girls start checking me, and that's maybe to the fact that I was more comfortable holding long eye contact, and feeling confident to be myself and not giving a damn about what people think about me.” -Night Wolf-

“I used to be a heavy pmo addict. Found the p part when I was 8, started the mo part at about 11, today I am on the road to be a free man – a man on a mission, maybe that is what people notice, the dedication towards a greater existence in a man’s eyes” -Emile Steyn

Been practicing it for 6 months. Female attraction-increased severely Respect from others -increased Muscle growth increased Depression-gone I thought it was placebo, got to try it coz had no other choice, 25 y. o – had no gf, no respect from people, no hope for future. Now I'm confident af, having real intimacy with females, and feel good about my future.” -кажется мир замер-

“For me at day 57 on no fap its a combination of retention itself doing something to my energy, which in turn I've picked up other good habits like starting to work out, eating better. Which in turn is increasing my confidence because I'm not fapping. I've noticed female attraction as well as in general people seem to respect me more. I recently out of the blue I had someone tell me that I had a certain glow about me, it was really random.” -Zachery Pack-

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“I stopped smoking by going hard mode, confidence level through the roof. More motivation to workout because I have so much energy. I started to realize problems I had with myself and started to face them head on. The way I talk walk act is completely different. My baby moms actually noticed the difference as well and was telling me everything she sees. I been noticing female attraction is a lot more consistent as well as eye contact and assertiveness” -I. Caceres-

I would say it depends on how long have been doing Nofap and what type or mode of Nofap you are doing. For me, I stayed clean for 33 days and I really realized that I am in a boss mode. Even people around me told me that I became more energetic. Girls at work started to be more interested in me and one of them actually started giving me compliments that seemed like flirts.😂” -Laith-

“Honestly when I started No Fap I found myself being way more confident talking to girls. I also memorize the school lessons a lot easier. I can defiantly say it has a positive impact on me.” -Joygulplay-

“Women give off a much more submissive attitude towards me.” -HaroldoD-

“These girls in my high school are all over me and my friendship with my bestfriend ended cause I stole his girlfriend's heart.” -Teejay-

“Everything in the world is vibrational. Everyone is vibrational. Once u realize that spilling your energy and watching p lowers your vibration, you’ll get why the world treats you better when u retain it.” -JayBishop-

“It's funny how I look in the mirror and see the same guy. However being on SR for 43 days has caused the same women at the gym to see me differently. It definitely make you more attractive.” -Whoa-Mack-

Source: these comments can be found under the poll in the community section of my YouTube channel….

Additional -interesting- stuff about NoFap / retention and woman attraction…

I hope you watched the second video at the top of this page as well, the PART 2 video?

Anyway, in that video I talk about how things that make you highly present seem to amplify the semen retention attraction phenomenon.

If you didn't watch the video, I highly recommend you to do so right now. Anyway, here is a short summary of things that I think might potentially add to, and amplify the semen retention attraction…

  • Meditating
  • Taking a slow walk in the nature and being present (without listening to any podcast or music)
  • Certain forms of yoga
  • Fasting
  • Cold showers
  • Taking AlphaViril
  • Eating clean whole foods (and being mindful when eating it)

Obviously having good social skills, social status and and being in good physical shape helps as well, but that's a bit beside the subject of today's blog post, so I won't go deeper into that right now.

Again, if you watch the video (PART 2) the top of the page, you'll discover why the above activities in the bullet point list may help amplify the attraction.

But, AlphaViril, is something I didn't mention in the video, so let's take a close look at that.

Testosterone and dopamine further amplifies the NoFap woman attraction phenomenon…

As you heard me say in the end of PART 2, I'm absolutely 100% convinced that both dopamine and testosterone have a say in this whole attraction phenomenon. Not just a say, but a BIG say.

I also think that, not just dopamine itself, but the dopamine receptors play a part.

AlphaViril boosts both your testosterone and dopamine, and thus may further amplify the attraction…

Even though AlphaViril is an over the counter product, it is still very potent, and it really does raise both your testosterone as well as dopamine.

Well, it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise, then, when I say that I've had some pretty interesting experiences with using AlphaViril as an additional tool during my retention streaks, along side of fasting, meditation, lifting weights and being present in the nature.

I have found that taking  AlphaViril (click to check pricing over at the vendor) while doing all those good things even further heightens the NoFap  female attraction…

…sometimes almost to the point of blowing my mind.

It's quite a faschinating journey, really, this whole NoFap thing.

Thanks for reading!

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