Does PMO Lower Testosterone?

Does PMO Lower Testosterone Levels?

Three questions guys often ask me are…

  1. Does PMO lower testosterone levels?
  2. Does fapping lower testosterone?
  3. Does NoFap increase testosterone levels?

Well, those are all some interesting question and this article will give you the answers.

So, does PMO lower testosterone?

PMO does only lower your testosterone levels a bit right after your PMO session and then it comes back up again within just a few hours, however, long term PMO can actually lower your testosterone in two different ways. First, because excessive ejaculation can cause a downregulation of androgen receptors. Second, because frequent porn use can cause a downregulation of dopamine receptors. Let's take a look at how this affects your testosterone.

PMO Reduces Androgen Receptors – And With Less Receptors – You Can Not Utilize Testosterone That Well

Some people out there argue that ejaculating, NoFap and PMO has no effect on your testosterone whatsoever.

If we take deeper look, those people are wrong.

While it's true that testosterone is not significantly altered by ejaculation, we should not forget to look at what happens if we do too much of it, and if there is a difference if porn is involved…

…and guess what, there is a difference!

Reduced androgen receptors…

Studies on rats have shown that excessive ejaculation cause their androgen receptors to down regulate. Now, the androgen receptors are what testosterone itself binds to.

It has to bind to those receptors in order for it to be able to do it's job.

If you have less of those receptors, tesosterone itself won't be able to do it's job as effectively has if you have more of them.

Testosterone has to bind to androgen receptors in order for it to work.

In other words, if you masturbate and ejaculate several times a day, you might be left with a sub optimal hormone system and this is why a PMO addiction actually can decrease your testosterone, since you may be shooting your loads just a few too many times for optimal hormone health.

Can the androgen receptors grow back? Yes – but it may take 15 days…

We know that the androgen receptors grow back if you stop busting your beloved nuts for a few days, but how long does it take?

Well, as far as I know, there are no specific studies made on humans, but a rat study found that the poor rats had to wait 15 days to fully upregulate their androgen receptors.

But what about NoFap – Can NoFap Increase Testosterone Levels Above Baseline?

Before we get into how and where porn enters the picture, and how porn also indirectly lowers your testosterone production, let's tackle the question, does NoFap increase muscle growth and testosterone?

Take a look at this video I made a while back. Not to sound cocky or anything, but in my honest opinion, it is the most detailed video I have seen on the internet about this subject.

Take a look at this video to discover the truth about abstaining from ejaculation,
testosterone increase and muscle growth…

The Video I talk about in the end of this video, can be found further down on this page…

Okay, so if you watched the video above, we have now pretty much covered everything you need to know about androgen receptors and how too much ejaculation can actually make you weaker and how NoFap can indeed give you a bit of a boost in strength and muscle growth….

…so let's move on to PMO…

…how does PMO affect your testosterone then?

How PMO Can Lover Your Testosterone And Make You Just A Shadow Of A Man

Let me start by saying, I'm not religious and I'm not “anti porn” or anything like that. No, this is strictly written from a neurobiological point of view.

The problem with today's porn is that it is extremely stimulating. It is what biologists call a “supernormal” stimuli.

Porn is a supernormal stimuli…

A supernormal stimuli simply means a natural stimulation now magnified to levels that can never be found in nature. If you think about it, in one porn session you can today see more extremely hot women that your cavemen ancestors could see in several  life times…

…and that's the problem!

Today's online porn has the capability to make you stay glued to the screen for a very long time, all while skyrocketing your dopamine levels to very high levels, and keeping them on a very high level far longer than the reward system in our brains came equipped with being able to handle.

What happens if the dopamine stays high for too long?

Every time you open up an adult site your dopamine levels spike. So far, that's not bad, because dopamine in and of itself is not bad. In fact, we need it….

…and dopamine also spikes to high levels during real sex.

So what's the problem?

Well, here's the deal…

With real sex, your dopamine levels start to come back down after a while. This also happen when you are visiting an adult site, but on the adult site you have the option to click to a new video as soon as you get bored. And then after just 30-40 seconds your 2'nd video gets boring and so you click to your 3'd video… and you keep going like this, clicking from scene to scene, video after video. By doing this you keep your dopamine levels elevated far longer than your cavemen ancestors ever were able to, and thus, your are overriding your natural satiation mechanism.

Every time you click to a new scene your dopamine levels spikes. This is why porn makes it easy to override your brains natural satiation mechanism…not good!

When you override your natural satiation mechanism your brain kills off a few dopamine receptors

Just like excessive ejaculation can cause downregulated androgen receptors, excessive dopamine levels can and will cause a downregulation of dopamine D2 receptors.

When it comes to your dopamine system, the problem with overriding your natural satiation mechanism is that the brain will start protecting itself from all the excessive dopamine, and it does so by reducing the number of dopamine d2 receptors.

Ok, so now you understand that PMO can not only cause downregulated androgen receptors, but it is even more certain that PMO causes a reduction of your dopamine D2 receptors in your brain…

…but how is dopamine and dopamine receptors related to testosterone?

Dopamine Promotes High Levels Of Testosterone


Now the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together.

Dopamine is primarily the brains drive and motivation chemical, but it has a whole lot of other functions as well. Several studies have  shown that dopamine also promotes high levels testosterone and growth hormone. It strengthen the gonadotropin-releasing hormone messenger…

…and this gives a direct signal to your testicles to produce more testosterone.

If high dopamine levels (but not as high as when using PMO ) promotes testosterone production, then obviously, having a disrupted dopamine system will be bad for your testosterone levels and since PMO causes a disrupted dopamine system then PMO will probably also  reduce your testosteron levels in the long run.

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 A Disrupted dopamine system can also cause a host of other negative symtoms…

This is especially true if you become addicted to it, in other words, if you develop addiction related brain changes.

Some of those negative side effects are…

  • Porn induced ED
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Concentration problems
  • Loss of libido

As you can see, PMO is something you should be careful with not just because of testosterone production. Either use it in moderation or stay away completely because the fact is…

…it can indeed cause you to become a shadow of the man you used to be.

Especially if you become addicted to it.

With All This in Mind What Would Having Real Sex Without Ejaculation Do For You?

Since real sex increase dopamine, but to healthy leves and not in a way that override your reward systems satiation mechanism, would abstaining from ejaculation while having frequent sex help raise your testosterone levels?

Answer: Yes!

In fact, this is a great way to increase your testosterone levels as well as your energy levels and if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do so.

Here is what I personally notice if I practice ejaculation free sex…

  • Much more attraction to real life partners
  • A sharper focus and better concentration
  • A significant boost in energy and drive
  • Harder erections and a big increase in libido

The practice of non ejaculatory sex is often called “Karezza” and it something that can be a very interesting experience. For some people it can take the relationship to a whole new level and for the guy it can even serve as a cool “biohack” considering the aformentioned benefits.

Since we are on the interesting subject of increasing testosterone and libido, let's take a look at a few other ways to boost them.

Other Interesting Ways To Significantly Boost Your Testosterone Levels


There is an interesting product on the market called AlphaViril.

It significantly increase libido and testosterone and if you are interested, you can read a full review I made a while back in the in the blog post AlphaViril review.

In that article I also share my  before and after blood tests I took when I wanted to see just how effective it was.

If you want to check pricing and read real user reviews for AlphaViril, you can click here to check their website out.

Also watch the video I made a while back to discover why and how AlphaViril works and what I notice in my body, brain and in my nether regions after taking it. I share my full experience in the video…

Watch this video now to discover more about that product…

You can click here now to check current pricing over at the online vendor.
I'm not going to talk more about AlphaViril for now, as you can get all the details in the video above.
If you want to learn more and check out other real user reviews, you can click here to go to the original website for more information.
Let's move one to some other interesting ways to boost your testosterone…

-Walking With A Better Posture-

Yes, that's right. Studies have shown that, not just walking with a better posture, but also standing tall and taking up a lot of space with your body instantly increases you testosterone levels by 20% and decrease the stress hormone cortisol by 25%…

…that's pretty cool, right?

And it's easy to do.

Well, it's easy to do, but pretty hard to remember. It is to keep doing it that is the harder part.

So try making a habit out of…

  • Walking tall and holding your head up .
    Imagine an invisible rope pulling your head straight up and lengthening your whole spine. But do it in a natural way.
  • Chest out, chin in and take up space.
  • Having an open and relaxed posture.
    Don't hunch over and don't cover your stomach and chest. Open up and take up space with your body, again, in a natural way. Don't make it look like your an asshole with attitude problems.
  • Move, talk, act and feel confident.
    We all know that our feeling affect how we use our body and it works the other way around as well. Make your body and mind work together. By acting and feeling more powerful, your endocrine system will respond by making you produce more testosterone.

-Do Heavy Deadlifts-

It's hard to find a more badass exercise than heavy deadlifts, and sure enough…

…heavy deadlifts will ramp up your body's testosterone production.

Deadlifts work your entire body and that is also the reason why your body responds by making more manly hormones.

If you are not used to deadlifts, however, don't start with heavy weights. It is absolutely crucial you get the technique and your from down first or else you could really hur your back…

…often causing lifelong injuries.

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What Other People Are Saying About Abstinence – Energy Levels And Testosterone

We have now gone through some scientific reasons behind PMO and testosterone, so lats take a look at a few short anecdotal stories in terms of quotes from guys who are experiencing massive benefits from abstaining from ejaculation.

Although these quotes are far from scientific evidence, they are still interesting, and as people from all over the word are reporting similar benefits, it would be foolish to not at least listen to them…

Guy number 1

“I have not taken any testosterone tests on myself, but I just know that abstinence increase my testosterone levels. And by abstinence I mean abstinence from ejaculation, not abstinence from sex. Heck, I'm never going to abstain from sex…lol! I know this because I don't practice abstinence all the time. I cycle on and off and every time I'm on I have such an abundant amount of energy and drive that I don't even know what to do with it. I guess this is what, for example, Napoleon Hill meant in his book when he said that we should transmute our sexual energy, because on weeks I manage to channel all my energy I can literally get in a month's work in one single week. It's amazing!”

Guy number 2

Whenever I get two to three weeks into my NoFap streak I start feeling amazing. My testosterone levels must be higher because I get super driven and my workouts are insane. I also notice more pump and energy in the gym. This is not just  placebo effect. This is happening because I know my body.

Guy number 3

I can confirm that avoiding orgasm increase testosterone levels. I have actually done a before and after blood sample and the second one was 18% higher. Granted, I could have altered other variables as well, but I notice more energy and it's the same every time I stop orgasming. Something must be happening in the body.

Does Fapping Lower Testosterone Levels ?

So to sum up the whole article into one short answer. Yes, in the long run PMO will cause lower testosterone.

Not only that, PMO can cause a whole lot of other negative things as well.

Personally, as being a guy who indeed developed addiction related brain changes, I choose to stay away from porn for the rest of my life.

When it comes to orgasming in a natural way, (real sex) well that is something I can do every now and then, but I still like the increased energy from abstaining from ejaculation so I moderate my “nut busting”.

I Hope you found the article informative.

If you want my help with how to stop relapsing, or anything in regards to no PMO, you can find my contact page right here.

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FAQ's About PMO And Testosterone

Q: My friend tells me that fapping can lower testosterone and that NoFap builds muscles. If I want to become big and I mean big as in muscular do I have to do NoFap?

A: No you don't have to do NoFap to become big. And also, NoFap does not build muscle. Gym training builds muscle. NoFap can help a bit, for several reasons, like I pointed out int this article, but don't expect NoFap to be some kind of miracle drug for raid muscle growth. It can help a bit, yes, but there a millions of super strong bodybuilders out there who do not practice NoFap so don't fall for the lies that you HAVE to do it in order to be able to become strong.

Q: Is it true that not ejaculating for 7 days cause a big increase in testosterone levels?

A: Yes and no. If you don't ejaculate for 7 days there is actually a spike in testosterone levels on day 7. And it is a big spike as well, but unfortunately the testosterone levels drop back down on day 8 and pretty much hover around baseline from there on forward (even if you continue to abstain) albeit they are perhaps a tiny bit higher than if you would keep ejaculating. Especially during periods of arousal, then there is a markant different in levels. Also, stay away from fapping by using PMO, as that can indeed mess your testosterone levels up in the long run as I pointed out in this article.

Q: Will no pmo make me live longer?

A: I don't know. Maybe, but don't count on it. Some experts suggests that the production of sperm is a very energy taxing process for the body and that perhaps reducing ejaculations could lead to a longer life, but so far there are no clear evidence for this.

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