Does NoFap Really Increase Testosterone Levels?

Does NoFap Really increase Testosterone Levels?

So, does NoFap increase testosterone levels in men?

So many people claim that this is the case, but does NoFap REALLY increase testosterone levels?

Well, this is what we are going to take a look at in this article, and even if you watch the video, you also want to read this blog post because there are data in the article that the video does not touch on.

Does NoFap increase Testosterone?

Short answer, YES and NO, it depends on HOW we look at it.

First you should know that there are not many studies done on this, but the studies made so far show no significant changes in testosterone levels depending on when or how much we ejaculate…

…with a few exceptions.

There's always exceptions huh, why can things never be easy?

Testosterone Levels Spike on Day 7
A Whopping 47% Increase

The above graph is from a Chinese study made on a small group of men. As you can see the testosterone levels start to rise on day 6 and then there is a huge spike on day 7 and then the testosterone levels come back down on day 8.

It's not wrong to say that NoFap increase testosterone levels

So, when considering that graph, it's not completely wrong to say that NoFap increase testosterone levels, albeit the increase seem to only happen on days 6-8…

…ok, would this mean that the correct way to put it would be, “NoFap does increase testosterone levels, but only on days 6, 7 and 8 after ejaculation” ?

Well, perhaps, but not so fast…

Another Study Made On a 3-Week Abstinence Period

Another study examined the effects of a 3-week period of sexual abstinence on the neuroendocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm.

The results are a bit controversial as the wording from the study may be slightly misdirecting:

Wording from the study: “Although plasma testosterone was unaltered by orgasm, higher testosterone concentrations were observed following the period of abstinence.”

The black boxes represent the abstinence group after 21 days of not ejaculating

In the graph above, the black boxes show the abstinence group and the time stamp 10-20 min is to my understanding baseline measurements prior to masturbating to pornographic material. The 30 minute mark is during arousal and then the orgasm is at the 40 minute mark.

Just a minor change in testosterone levels after 21 days

So when looking at the baseline, 10 min, there are no significant changes in testosterone levels after 21 days of abstinence, HOWEVER, a small difference is definitely there…

…but here's where it gets more complicated…

Did the anticipation of masturbating to the erotic movie cause the difference?

Could the anticipation of orgasming to porn count for the slightly higher levels of testosterone in the abstinence group?

Since they had been without sexual stimulation for 21 days it would not be strange to think that those men were hornier before the final test, and thus their testosterone levels responded more to the anticipation of masturbating to porn.

Well, it is certainly possible, but there is no way of knowing this and in my opinion the study would have been much more interesting if they had tested the mens testosterone levels every day, leading up to the final “day 21”.

Unfortunately, now we only know that the men who abstained for 21 days had slightly higher testosterone levels right before the final test, which was 10 minutes prior to masturbating to porn, but we have no way of knowing if there were a difference in testosterone levels on for example day 20.

People have conflicting opinions about the results

Maybe I have misinterpreted the study, which certainly is a possibility OR the study was not conducted in a very smart way. It's no wonder that people interpret the results in different ways.

Conclusion: Abstinence definitely increase testosterone levels during arousal

No matter how you interpret the data from the study, one thing is certainly clear. After 21 days of NoFap testosterone levels are definitely higher during arousal…

…so what is the takeaway from all of this then?

Well, while there might be little to almost no differences in testosterone levels following abstinence in normal conditions, during arousal there is a difference. This, in combination with the 7th day testosterone spike makes it not totally far fetched to say that NoFap does indeed increase testosterone levels…

Considering the abstinence in combination with arousal leads me to the next, interesting, subheading…

72% Testosterone increase if having a lot of sex without ejaculating…

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In Dave Asprey's book “Game Changers” Dave Asprey says that non ejaculatory sex increase testosterone levels in men by a whopping 72%. Since I only have the audio book, I personally do not know where he got that info, but if you are interested “Game Changers” can be found on Amazon. Just click here to check current pricing.

The book has a whole chapter full of interesting stuff like…

  • The orgasm “hangover” (negative side effects that occur a couple of days after busting a nut)
  • How ejaculation affects men
  • How NOT ejaculating affects men
  • Some interesting ideas about the ideal ejaculation rate depending on what age you are
  • Semen retention and attraction from the opposite sex ( is it real? )
  • Semen retention and other “superpowers”

Is the 72% increase really true?

As far as the 72% testosterone increase if having lots of sex without ejaculation goes, I personally can not speak of it since I have not seen a study on it.

However, just because I haven't seen such info, does not mean that it doesn't exist. Dave could be sitting on some info that I'm not aware of. One thing is for sure though; he is a smart man and he certainly does his research, and it would not surprise me of our male hormones would respond in a way like that…

…whatever the case may be, I highly recommend the book for an interesting read and I recommend you get the Audible book listening service from Amazon. That way you get a 30 day free trial and can listen to the book for free. This is how I consume all my books nowadays, by listening to them. You can click here to sign up to Audible.

What About Androgen Receptors?

Now, then there is something you need to know about androgen receptors. I have talked about this in some of my other articles, for example in the following posts…

So what the hell are androgen receptors you might ask?

Well, you see, most of our bodies own “chemicals” does nothing on their own. They need receptors to lock onto before they can do their jobs. This is why we have dopamine receptors, insulin receptors, serotonin receptors etc…

…and, the receptors that testosterone binds to are called androgen receptors.

Here's the deal…

nofap androngen receptor
The male sex hormone “testosterone” binds to certain androgen receptors in the body and brain.

Studies on rats have shown that frequent ejaculation causes downregulated androgen receptors.

And if the rats really went at it, and ejaculated to exhaustion, it took them 15 days before the androgen receptors had grown back to normal density.

With less androgen receptors an animal, or a human being, will not be able to utilize all the testosteron the body is producing in an effective manner…

…see where I'm going with this?

Fapping and androgen receptors

If you are fapping to porn on a daily basis you will probably have downregulated androgen receptors and even if you were to have high levels of testosterone, you are not able to utilize all of it and thus the effects would be the same as if you have low levels of testosterone itself.

So, if a guy is having low androgen receptor density and he is going on a NoFap journey, he will regrow his receptors, probably in the second week or so, and suddenly he starts to feel the effects of the testosterone more clearly, even though the testosterone itself is the same…

…this would explain why so many NoFappers start to feel more aggressive and dominant in the second week of NoFap.

Does longer abstinence increase androgen receptors further once baseline levels are reached?

To be honest, I do not know, and I don't think that anyone else does either as I have not found one singly study made on this, but it is an interesting thought to say the least. It certainly would explain a lot of the benefits that guys are experiencing during semen retention…

…it would also explain why, for example elite fighters, for centuries have practiced abstinence for weeks leading up to an important fight.

If you want to know my personal opinion, I can just say that it wouldn't surprise me if the receptors really did grow denser after even more abstinence once baseline levels are reached. Given how sensitive the androgen receptors are to ejaculation, it would not be far fetched to assume such a thing…

…this is how most of the receptors (dopamine, insulin etc) in the body works, and  perhaps the androgen receptors work in a smilar way.

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NoFap And Testosterone Levels

When taking everything into account, (the 6th,7th, and 8th day testosterone spike, the 3 week study and the studies on androgen receptors)  it is safe to say that, yes, NoFap does really affect your sex hormones at least in some ways, depending on HOW we look at it…

…however, we can probably not go so far as to say that NoFap significantly alters testosterone in any way…

…no matter what way we choose to view it, there will probably be no major changes in your testosterone levels whether you choose to masturbate or not. A slight difference, yes, but not that much.

However, over-masturbation and reduced androgen receptors may indeed make a pretty big difference, so if you are someone who used to masturbate a lot, NoFap may make you better at utilizing whatever testosterone your gonads are producing, and so for YOU, the net result may be the same as if testosterone itself was higher.

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Besides NoFap
A Few Interesting Tips

If you are interested in boosting your testosterone levels there are  interesting ways, other than nofap, to do this. Ways that unlike NoFap really are proven by science to work beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If you are interested in how I personally managed to 4x my testosterone levels using natural tools and tricks, take a look at the video below…

The supplement I talk about in the end of the video can be found be clicking here

For all the info, make sure to watch the video. Here are a few bullet points though…

  • No alcohol
  • More sleep
  • Use a cyclical keto diet
  • Cold showers
  • Ice your testicles
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Garlic
  • Heavy strength training, but short sessions
  • Be careful with cardio
  • Grass fed beef, tuna, egg yolks, oysters, salmon
  • Walk with better posture
  • Use the natural testosterone booster Alphaviril
  • And A LOT MORE!

Those were just a few bullet points from the video. You need to watch the whole video to get all the details.

When it comes to the testosterone booster AlphaViril, that I also mention in the video, I have made a detailed review about it where a share how it works and what my personal results have been from using it.

One interesting thing to note about the AlphaViril, is that it significantly increases BOTH dopamine AND testosterone…

…I talk more about AlphaViril in the blog post AlphaViril Review – My Experience.

FAQ's About NoFap And Testosterone

Q: Do we really need testosterone for erections and libido?

A: There are two big key players when it comes to libido and erections. Dopamine and testosterone. For some guys it is possible to achieve an erection with pretty low testosterone levels, but there will never be a strong sex drive if your testosterone levels are low. Also, many guys really DO experience sluggish erections if they have low testosterone. For a strong libido, with full and hard erections, we need both dopamine and testosterone. If your dopamine levels are low, there won't be much fun going on in your bedroom and the same same goes for low testosterone. If you, on the other hand, have a well functioning dopamine system AND high testosterone levels, your erections and libido will be ON FIRE. This is also why I like the supplement I talk about in the video since it increases both your dopamine and testosterone at the same time.

Q: I'm a 26 year old guy and my testosterone levels came back at a pretty low 277 ng/dL. Is this too low for my age?

A: 277 is within range, but it is still a very low level for a man your age. I would NOT be happy with that result. If I were you I would go and take another test to confirm it (since levels fluctuate all the time). If the second test also comes back low, I would definitely start doing everything in my power to start raising them. Naturally, that is. I would avoid TRT as long as humanly possible. Go for natural solutions before turning to that. There are A LOT of tools and tips in the video I shared above. I personally managed to 4x my own levels, and today, at 43 years old my levels are around 1000ng/dl, just from doing all the things I talk about in the video.

Q: Does tribulus terrestris increase testosterone?

A: Studies show that it really doesn't. However, it might increase androgen receptor density, so that's a good thing since testosterone binds to those receptors. Oh, and even if Tribulus doesn't seem to increase testosterone, some studies have shown that it increases libido, which might be a fun thing.

Alright, that'll be all for now.

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Thank you for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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